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    Ive smoked salvia 15 x out of a bong a while back it was cool and ive
    been thinking about doing it again, but i dont have a bong anymore, im
    looking for another way to get high with the extract if its possible,
    because i dont think i can buy leaves at the local place to make quid.
    Does anyone know if you can make tea out of extract?
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    Nov 19, 2004
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    I posted an instruction guide on how to make your own bong out of a few household items. Since you said you had no bong, I figured I'd let you in on an easy how-to guide. It really is easy :)

    What you'll need:
    2-Liter Bottle<BR style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; COLOR: rgb(0,0,204)">Tin Foil (about 6in. x 6in. -and- about 2in. x 2in.)<BR style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold; COLOR: rgb(0,0,204)">Sharp Pen Or Needle
    Glue or Bonding Substance
    Hollow Pen Hull

    <DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: center">First, take your 2-Liter bottle (Coke bottle or possibly even a shampoo bottle). Thoroughly wash the bottle out, leaving no sediment of coke, shampoo etc. and take a sharp pen or needle and poke a hole about as wide as an ink pen in the container about 2 inches from the bottom. Poke another hole about 2 inches from the top of the container with the same width as before (this top hole will act as a carb). Now take an ink pen and remove the ink cartidge and tips from it, leaving only a hollow shell that you could use as if it were a mini blowgun . Take your 6in. x 6in. tin foil and wrap it around your pen and make a longer "pen" - enough to elongate the lenght of the pen with the foil to about 5 or 6 inches out. Now take the 2in. x 2in. tin foil and make a small bowl out of it - you may want to wrap the foil around the tip of your pinkie-finger to help form it. Poke several small holes in the bottom of the bowl you just made with a needle. Don't get the holes too big or too close together, as you may inhale some of your sediment that you plan on smoking. Now, glue your bowl into the tip of your tin foil "pen" that you made, making sure that you'll have enough air space in the tin foil to breath from. This should make about a 7 - 8in. tube. Now insert this tube, hollow pen end in first, into the hole you made at the bottom of your container. The angle you insert it should be downward, about 60-75 degrees, and about 1in. into the container. Seal the tube with bubble gum or glue where it meets the container to prevent leaks. Congradulations! You've just made a bong! Now all you have to do is pour enough water in the container to go above the pen that's inside it, but below the level of your bowl (on the outside). It is recommended that you pour cold water with a few ice-chips into it to ease the harshness of the smoke of Salvia Divinorum. When you are inhaling the smoke from the substance you are lighting, inhale deeply while holding your finger on the carb. Then, when smoke has gathered in the chamber (air space in the container), release your finger and inhale until all smoke has been inhaled into your lungs. Remember to hold the torch lighter over the Salvia the entire time you are inhaling! </DIV>
    <DIV style="TEXT-ALIGN: center">Happy smoking!