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    <div style="text-align: center;">I </span></span>hope I don't sound like a complete noob when I ask this, but it's not quite clear to me by reading what's available on the net.</font></font></font>

    What is the difference in a good trip and a bad trip with Salvia?</font></font>

    <div style="text-align: center;">(i.e. What makes it bad? What makes it good?)

    Trip reports, or trip report links would be very helpful. Thanks!

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    Nov 23, 2004
    well a good trip will incorporate some of the folliwing:

    - you came back to the world still psychologically intact

    - you gained some insights on life, relationships, etc or maybe just enjoyed the pretty colors and quantum leaps of perception

    - you didnt spend it scared to death
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    Hi! My personal experiences with salvia says that if you use it as an extract (e.g. 50x or 25x extract, so 1 gram = 50 grams, 0.1 gram 5 grams, it will get ur ego killed before you could finish smoking the bowl and you're somewhere else where that bong isnt really a bong anymore... or is it?
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    Only had 1 SUPER intense experience before and it was with 30X extract that I loaded into a small bubbler and took 3 huge rips off of, holding each in as long as I could. As soon as I took the last hit I put the pipe down knowing I was going for a ride, and sure enough as soon as I leaned back into my chair, I fell right though it and was back-flipping through some incomprehensible emptiness. The breakthrough felt like falling into water and expecting an impact, but just passing right through physical reality into some unknowable place where I no longer existed and my ego was so obliterated that I didn't even have a firm enough reference point to know I ever had an ego, or that I was ever an "I", rather than whatever this empty place was. This first place was dark, dynamic, frightening and difficult to remember much less describe.

    I have NO idea how long I was there but as I started coming back I realized I was grasping with both hands the hoodie I was wearing, which felt liquid and the wrinkles in it looked far to highly patterned to be a garment of clothing. My first thought back, which I uttered aloud, (if not somewhat incoherently), was "what the fuck?" I felt like I weighed 1000 pounds, and everything in my room was lined up in these strange perfect patterns, although I knew this was actually how it always was. Corners of chairs, my desk, the floor, the walls; all perfectly in line with me being the point of origin, like some strange perspective drawing or something. I moved my head from side to side to try and return my vision to normal, but the shapes seemed to now form strangely symmetrical faces like those smiling acid blotter bears, tilting side to side, smiling and singing "Ah, Ha, Ha Ha, Ha!" They were all beings, I knew somehow and they were all always here, I could just never see them or understand them as entities until this perspective shift.

    Feeling disturbed, overwhelmed and put on the spot by these laughing demon sprite beings that had manifested from my apartment furnishings, I tried to haul myself out of the chair but collapsed onto the floor as the perspective shifted, and my ability to navigate within the disorientation of what I was seeing seemed impossible. I felt like I was sinking and I knew the entities were still all around me, and I knew they could do whatever they wanted with me considering I was too fucked up still to move properly. I crawled through the insanely patterned room towards my bed and climbed up into it. The sheets felt like liquid, and as I rolled onto my back I saw the ceiling was flowing and breathing, all to the rhythm of a faint echo of the entities taunting. I guess they by that point were fading back into the proverbial woodwork but their echos lingered for quite some time, reminding me of their presence and making me feel like I was the but of some trans-dimensional joke. I felt like I had got his psyche's ass kicked down some dark alley and was laying there trying to catch my breath as I listened to the hooligans wander off down the alley, joking and shouting and laughing all the way into the inaudible distance.

    I was somewhat back in reality at around 20-30 minutes in but was still tripping and I remained somewhat twisted up for another 30 minutes or so. I felt an undertone of being deeply disturbed for the next day or two also. All in all, very unique and interesting, but very disturbing, and not pleasant in the least. Physically I felt majorly fucked up and psychologically I felt like a frog being played with by a group of unruly teen boys, and I felt like I might have counted myself lucky they didn't but a firecracker in my mouth just for kicks. I would seriously advise anyone to start with leaf, than 5X extract, than up from there if they enjoy it. My issue was that I had only had leaf and bad extract which was somewhat enjoyable, but went for the 30 to make sure to get a "solid trip out of it". Solid it was, but good? Not so much.

    As far as what differentiates a good trip from a bad trip, I think getting a feel for it with lower dose extracts first and going slow is how you have as good a trip as possible. Like most drugs, jumping in the deep end is likely to blindside you and fuck with your head. I started with leaf and had a lot of good experiences rolling it up into giant blunts but moved from the kiddie pool right up onto the high-dive. Most people I've talked to who have had really strong trips said it was unsettling at best, and horrifying at worst. I've never heard it described as "fun" or terribly "insightful" the way LSD or mushrooms often is. It is interesting and I think it is valuable to know something like this experience exists, but I can't relate with anyone wanting to do high doses regularly.

    It reminded me of something like a dark chemical counterpart to DMT's light. It felt about as strong as DMT physically and psychologically, but whereas DMT is full of playful humor, loving welcome, beauty and light, Salvia seemed to be more mean-spirited, unfriendly, and eager to fuck with you like some playground bully. I always left DMT experiences feeling like I had been showed something grand and majestic whose indescribable wonder left me with a sense of awe and peace days after the experience. Salvia felt like being showed something grotesque and wicked, and the disturbance from having experienced this stuck with me for days afterwards as well. Instead of DMT's contentedness and sense of unity, Salvia induced in me a profound separateness to the point where my furniture was personified so as to laugh at me for being so removed from object existence. DMT always seemed to say to me, "You are never alone because you are one with the universe" whereas Salvia seemed to be saying, "You will never know anything but to be alone".

    I think its like a yin & yang situation where both paradigms are true, but as far as taking a drug to experience something, I can't understand why people take Silvia again once they've had a breakthrough with it. Totally worth it all things considered, but similar to what Alan Watts said about his psychedelic use, (for me where salvia is concerned), I got the message so I've put down the phone and feel no urge to pick it up again.
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    My friend, as far as I've seen the feeling of melting is very present and intense (smoked with silk).
    But, did not last 1 minute and he already felt the trip dramatically lower.
    I'm no professional, so open to suggestions, how to use salvia and increase trip.

    [] 's
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    Salvinorin A, the main ingredient in salvia, is active at the kappa opioid receptors, which are involved in experiences of fear. Salvia makes bad trips, especially if you try to fight her. I've really only met a few people who claimed to love salvia and don't know how intense their experiences were, but I've never had a 'good trip' on salvia, only had incredibly intense experiences (which isnt a bad thing). Eat your heart out Terrence McKenna.
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    My first trip on Salvia was my greatest. I took a tripple bong rip and killed maybe .3 of a gram of 25x Salvia. It wasn't exacty enjoyable, but I do not regret it at all! It gave me insight in life and took me places that I never knew existed. I can't begin to describe what I saw while I was tripping. It was very intense and frightening, but I learned so much from so little. It was the first drug, and stands to be the only one, that "took me out of this world." It's not a drug I can sit down with a bunch of people and just chill and smoke it.

    Maybe a bad trip can be changed by antagonizing the kappa opioid receptors and the mu opioid receptors. However, that may take away the insight factor of the trip. Who knows :D
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