Salvia Divinorum introduction.

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    Oct 20, 2003
    People generally have less success with dried leaves and most people I've spoken too and from personal experience, the full salvia experience is very difficult (if at all possible to obtain) by means of dried leaves. Extracts are far more effective.
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    It's a legal herb that will give you a trip so hard it makes LSD look like child's play. The thing is, it only lasts 20-30 minutes, but it's so much more intense. Smoking the extract works much better--sometimes it is hard to get high on the regular stuff. But the high powered stuff will knock you on your ass, sometimes before even exhaling. Read about my first experience here
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    Salvia divinorum is a plant from the sage family. Traditionally it has been used by the native in the oxana basin as part of religious ritual. For the time being it is legal but that will change as more and more immature and irresponsible teenages looking for something "fun" to get "f**ked up" on bring this plant into the media spotlight. Salvia is not something you do for fun or to get f**ked up, it is a sacred tool that should be treated with nothing but respect.
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    117 y/o from The Netherlands
    Introduction to Salvia divinorum
    Salvia divinorum originated in the Oaxaca region of Mexico and has been cultivated and used for centuries by the Mazatec people for healing and religious ceremonies. It is a powerful visionary herb, or "teacher plant", in shamanistic terms. When ingested properly, and under the appropriate conditions, it produces in the user a state of "divine inebriation". Salvia divinorum is in a class by itself, so it is difficult to compare it with other psychoactive substances. It is a unique and mysterious visionary herb.
    Salvia divinorum is a type of sage (genus Salvia). Approximately 1000 species of sage are known to exist. However, Salvia divinorum is the only type known to induce visions. It is of the very large Labiatae family of plants. Presently, neither Salvia divinorum, nor its active component, Salvinorin-A, are illegal anywhere in the world, with the exception of Australia. In every country except Australia, growing, buying and selling Salvia plants and leaves is completely lawful. Although the effects of Salvia divinorum are vastly different from those of alcohol, it profoundly impairs one’s ability to drive and decreases coordination. Do not drive or operate machinery under the influence of Salvia.
    Salvinorin-A is the chemical substance responsible for Salvia’s psychoactive properties. It is not an alkaloid; it is a neoclerodane-diterpenoid. Therefore, it is not chemically related to any other psychoactive compound. Although non-addictive, pure Salvinorin is extremely potent. It is the most potent naturally occurring psychoactive substance. There may be a reverse tolerance phenomenon, in which repeated use results in decreased dosage requirements. There are no known heath risks associated with using Salvia. Salvia is not a stimulant, sedative, narcotic, or tranquilizer. Like other entheogens, it can induce visions, but it works very differently from every other known entheogen. Until recently, it was not known exactly how Salvia affected the brain, as Salvinorin-A does not have any actions on the receptors responsible for the activities of classical hallucinogens. Salvinorin-A has now been identified as the first known naturally occurring nonnitrogenous opioid selective agonist. Salvinorin-A is chemically unique, and is not a chemical analog of any known substance.
    Salvia is a consciousness enhancing herb that can be used for vision quests and healing rituals. Given the correct setting, it allows one to experience visions. It is an herb with a long tradition of sacred uses; among these is deep meditation. It is best when taken in a quiet, dark room, or a peaceful, secluded outdoor setting. It is taken in silence, or perhaps with soft, soothing music playing. Anything grounded in this world will only prove a hindrance for those who are serious about their journey with Salvia. Distractions such as television, or idle background chatter from others present in the room, are not favorable to the Salvia experience.
    Salvia journeys range in intensity from very subtle to intensely powerful. This is true whether smoking or chewing the leaves. The strength of the session will depend upon the way one takes it, the quantity taken, and one’s unique body chemistry. Salvia experiences differ from those caused by other visionary herbs and drugs and choosing Salvia over these has many advantages. The primary reason among these is that no one has ever experienced a fatal or injurious overdose of Salvia. Furthermore, one needn’t worry about becoming addicted, or the journey lasting too long. Salvia will almost never produce adverse side effects or hangover.
    Because Salvia alters perception and behavior, it should never be used in public. Make sure that a sober "sitter" is there to insure a safe and comfortable experience. When smoked, the effects of Salvia are felt quickly, in less than one minute. When chewed, the first effects are felt after about 15 minutes. After about 30 minutes, the full effects should be realized. Typical Salvia experiences last 5 to 10 minutes on average, with noticeable after-effects lasting up to 1/2 hour. The only reported hangover symptoms from an experience are mild headaches. Sweating during the experience is also commonly reported. If smoked, it is likely to irritate one’s lungs; although Salvia’s smoke is mild when compared to that of tobacco.
    A water-pipe may be used to smoke the dried leaves, which must be smoked hot (vaporized). The smoke must be inhaled quickly, and held deeply in order for the Salvinorin-A to take full effect. Salvia should not be smoked in cigarette form because Her leaves need to undergo combustion by means of a much hotter flame than an ordinary cigarette lighter. For this, we have found that anelectrically charged, butane torch type lighter works best.
    To smoke Salvia correctly, hold the flame directly over the leaves of a medium sized bowl of a short pipe or water pipe. Draw it down into the leaves, igniting them for the entire duration of the inhalation. The amount used will vary from person to person. General starting guidelines are:
    <LI>Raw leaf – 3 to 4 inhalations
    <LI>5X – 2 inhalations
    <LI>10X – 1 inhalation </LI>[/list]
    These initial guidelines will need to be adjusted to each individual’s preference and tolerance. Make sure that a sober person is in attendance, particularly during the first session, since during the experience, one could drop the pipe or lighter, causing burns or a fire. About 5 or 6 minutes after smoking Salvia, the effects will gradually begin to subside. The total duration of the experience is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour, if the lingering feeling of relaxation is included in the total time.
    A sitter should remember, foremost, that no matter how unusually a Salvia user is behaving, Salvia journeys are relatively short-lived. Don’t panic if someone is having a difficult experience. Just keep the person safe from harm and wait it out. Strive to keep the matter private. Within an five to ten minutes, the effects will start to wear off, and the person will return to their usual self again. It is reassuring to hold onto this knowledge if things seem to get complicated. It’s a fair certainty that having experienced Salvia divinorum for oneself will enhance one’s ability to supervise others during their vision quest. Experiences with other visionary chemicals or plants will only be partially helpful. Remember, again, that Salvia is very different from any of these.
    These guidelines have been designed for maximum safety and minimal confusion and are intended both as an educational tool and as a convenient reference for those who desire a safe and fascinating meditative aid. Please respect our wish that Salvia divinorum be approached with caution, appreciation, and wisdom and may Salvia, Herself, respect all those who partake of Her leaves and guide them along their own spiritual path.
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    Sep 19, 2004
    this mesage helped alot becuse I was clueless about salvia thank you
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    from The Netherlands
    Salvia divinorum may be smoked in a pipe or bong, though it can be taken orally. Salvia grown in Mexico tends to be a lot stronger than Salvia grown in the UK.
    The level of high depends on the amount consumed. A small quantity can produce a mild enjoyable high. Larger quantities produce a stronger trip and if you smoke a lot of it then you can get severely twatted (not that we would endorse this).
    A few small tokes will not produce the same effect as one large inhalation. The best technique is to begin by emptying the lungs of air and then gradually breathe the smoke until the lungs are completely full. Then hold the smoke in as long as you can and release gently.
    Salvinorin A (the chemical that produces the high) has a relatively high boiling point so it is important to get it hot enough to remain a gas all the way down into the lungs.
    The effects of Salvia are weird and unique. It enhances sounds and colours, yet in a different way to other hallucinogens like LSD or mushrooms. Beautiful closed eyed visuals are experienced during a Salvia trip and users will feel altered senses of time and perception.
    Occasionally people find Salvia very frightening, usually because they are not prepared or do too much the first time (especially if they use the Salvia extract); yet at least the effects will wear off reasonably quickly if the trip is uncomfortable or unnerving. Generally, most people enjoy it, though it should always be taken under the right circumstances and in the right surroundings.
    The high lasts for about 30 minutes, though of course it is possible to continue smoking so the effects last longer and there's no real comedown or unpleasant side-effects.
    Salvia leaf is physically quite safe and no one has ever died from a Salvia overdose. Although the effects are stronger than marijuana, it is in no way related to the cannabis plant and contains no THC; neither is it related to acid (LSD).

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    I smoke pot and thats about it as well as the very rare drink, i dont like alcohol and i do love pot.

    With this said i would like to try Salvia Divinorum i like the idea of tripping it sounds kool and i have sorta tripped before on some things but never drugs and this sounds like the least harmfull way for me to trip and not feel bad afterwords meaning, I triped on butane and that frys brain cells i did it without knowledge althought i was awsome i think i triped i know i couldnt talk anyways and i was like totally zoned out.

    I tripped on albuteral asthma inhaler's also do not do this it hurts so bad you will regret it terribly my lungs were hurting one day so i decided to take a couple of hits of my friends inhaler which resulted in feeling a little wierd so i took more (stupid), the more i took i noticed i felt kinda shakingly nervous so i decided to take more i was high i dunno why i done this but it resulted in me sucking down the whole damn inhaler and getting this mind blowing outa body like feeling. Afterwords my lungs felt like they were to big to fit in my body and were pressing against my ribs terrible feeling i had to pull my car over even and get out and hold my ribbs it felt like my whole body was cramping eventually and i couldnt stop shaking it lasted about 2 days of side effects so from then on im kinda cautious about what i put in my body besides pot and ciggerrettes. Anyways back to my question.

    I would like to try salvia and i would like to have some information before i waste my money and some experienced user's help.

    How much should i buy and how much is it gonna cost? For X ammount of money how long should it last? How long does one trip have a effect on you? I would like to have a very intense trip i know i should start out low but im not made of money.

    A reliable source maybe a internet link directly to the stuff i need to buy perhaps from someone that has bought and used many times before? What kind should i buy?

    Thanks for any positive feedback concerning this post. payce
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    Allright, i guess ill take this challenge and get you up to speed on this wonderful drug.

    As for the amount you want to buy, this vary's ENTIRELY upon the X, the
    amount of the X, and how you are going to smoke it. THere are certain
    X's of Salvia. Let me explain further...

    X refers to the amount of potency. If you find some 5X Salvia
    Divinorum, then that means the power of 5 normal leaves has been
    crammed into 1 leaf, so to speak. 20X (quite powerful) means it is like
    20 leaves crammed into one leaf. Here are the common measurements for

    Straight Leaf - No x, just 1 leaf per one leaf. Common for beginngers, need to smoke a lot to get anything though.

    5x - What most people smoke, provides a mild hallucionagenic state with
    minor visuals and a nice feeling. Good for someone of your nature/skill.

    10x - The step up. Reccommended for those who have tried 5x a few
    times, although you can start on this and be fine. Might be a tad bit
    too intense for you though.

    15x - The next step up. NOT reccommended for first timers. Good for
    those who have a strong mind and have experimented with this drug

    20x - the big one. DEFINATELY NOT reccommended for first timers, this
    could TOTALLY blow you mind with its awesome power. One good rip from
    this will TOTALLY send you to salvia land and experience all the
    goodies with the icing on top. ONLY reccommmened for those who really
    know what they are doing.

    Now, knowing all of that, you probably want to know the amount you want
    to buy. Well, if you are starting with normal leaf, 1 or 2 grams SHOULD
    be enough, although breaking through (getting to the high like state of
    salvia) might be difficult on your first try. If you decide to go with
    5x, buy 1 gram. As for the others, dont even consider them yet. When
    smoking, just use as much as you KNOW you can take in ONE hit. Make a
    few of these sized hits and place them somewhere where you can easily
    access them to repack your smoking device quickly (speed is very
    important in salvia smoking.)

    Now, for the physical smoking process---

    First, (as i explained), lay out a few good hits (maybe 3 or 4) beside
    you. Get a WATER BONG (i cant stress that enough... it is horrible and
    willl burn the shit out of your lungs if you dont) and pack it up.
    (note: if you haev 5x or better, you CAN smoke it in a bowl/pipe, it is
    quite bad tasting though and will leave you with a high not nearly as
    powerful as with a waterbong.)

    Now that you have that, you will need a LARGE FLAMED and HIGH
    TEMPERATURE lighter. Preferably a butane one, not a crappy Bic or
    Cricket lighter. Those simply will NOT burn enough of the chemicals to
    give you any trip at all. Make sure the flame is large enough to burn
    all of the leaf at a time when smoking it as well.

    Now that preperations are set, dim the lights, put on some QUIET and
    SOOTHING music, preferably with smooth bass or a calm mealody (make
    sure its not distracting at all) and prepare to begin. Now what you do,
    is take a HUGE hit (definately as large as you can hold it) and hold
    for about 25+ seconds. While holding it in, get a friend to re-pack the
    water-pipe with one of the hits you have laid out. As SOON as you
    release, IMMEDIATELY being taking another hit. The idea here is to get
    nothing but salvia concentrated into your lungs without oxygen taking
    it out. Taking a breath inbetween will significantly reduce the
    effects, and may even remove them all together. Now repeat this process
    until you feel it hit you. And it should hit you HARD. At once, you
    will fall back and be transported to the salvia land.

    Now in salvia land, there are certain things you want to look out for.
    If you suddenly feel a rush of gravity pulling you to one direction, GO
    WITH IT. Fighting it will cause pain and discomfort... which could
    possibly lead to a bad trip. A Bad trip is definately something we are
    trying to avoid here also. If you sense one coming, just try to calm
    your mind down and remember that it is all just your imagination, and
    you have complete control over it. This may be hard to do, but if you
    keep telling yourself this, it WILL help.

    This trip will last only a short period (unfortunately....
    *sigh*...). of approximately 20-30 minutes. HOWEVER, it is
    rumored that drinking alcholol before you embarck on your salvia
    journey will lengthen the trip to an outstanding 2 hours or so. There
    has not been much evidence of this, but it is always worth a try.

    Overall, I suggest you NOT start out with a crazy trip like you said. I
    know it is tempting, but if you have only done Alcholol and Pot, you
    are NOT ready for this. A lot of people think that this is a minor
    hallucionagenic, but in all actualality, it is not. Just respect the
    sweet lady divinorum and she will be kind to you in return.

    By the way, I am not authorised to give out sites that sell salvia
    divinorum, gain a gold member status and an entire world will open up
    for purchasing this.

    Sorry for the long post, just had to put ALL the information I possibly
    could into it. Thanks for reading the entire thing (if you did).

    Peace out and happy tripping! [​IMG]
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    Feb 22, 2005
    Having a trip sitter is a good idea. Sounded like a lame idea to me
    before trying salvia. Sounded like a pretty good idea afterwards. I thought</span> I'd be able to control myself.

    Well, during my trip, I was the conveyor operator transporting
    cardboard cutouts of females applying to a private high school to the
    admissions panel. I was operating all sorts of levers and cranks (I
    didn't even think I was tripping for the first 25 seconds of this). As
    I came back down to earth, I realized the lever was my pipe, which I
    had ashed out all over my bed. And the crank I was turning, was a
    kitchen lighter, which I broke in half. (this was on 5x)

    Not all salvia is created equal. I don't know if some shops are just
    lying about their extracts or what. Alot of my friends tried the
    straight leaf and didn't feel jack squat (and they did use proper
    technique). I felt effects from staight leaf I bought online, and a
    friend bet me $5 that it was bunk and he wouldn't feel anything
    (because he had tried the leaf from a local shop many times and barely
    barely felt anything). He lost that bet. He said he tripped harder on
    my leaf than store bought 5x.

    I am not</span> saying that shops
    have bad product (I'm sure there are online sites that are even worse).
    I'm just saying that you may not always get what you're expecting.
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    Jan 28, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    Yeah i read your entire post thanks for the info, btw are you saying i will not be able to move? That's kinda awsome in a way. Would ice water be needed is it harsh smoke or what after just cold water?

    I've read alot of information about salivia and basically got nothing out of it besides the simple fact that it was hallucigenic ofcourse.

    See this is the crap i wanna aviod getting is bunk, not whati am expecting etc. i want my moneys worth just like everybody else. Plus how should i know what to expect, i didn't even know what pot felt like intill i tryed it even tho many people have explained it before i tryed it, didnt help much and i was totally against it then i was like woa this is awsome.

    Anyways thanks for answering my question and just to clear things up does salivia have dose related wise effects in body mass, or it doesnt matter if your 3 foot or 8 foot its gonna hit u the same inless u have a tolerance? And you said i should smoke a gram of 5x what if i buy 10x just incase 5x isnt strong enough?

    I've been to herbal the real one were it says herbal smoke shop when u run your mouse over it and all and they have salvia is it worth buying? Why can't you post links to helping me get good salvia its totally legal right?

    Thanks for helping please keep the info coming, Payce.
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    Feb 22, 2005
    You'll be able to move, I guess. But I don't think you'll have the urge
    to just stand up and walk around. Depending on how much you smoke,
    don't expect yourself to be able to perform basic skills.

    Read the reports at if you haven't already. It's a very
    powerful hallucinogen, with mental, visual, and physical effects.

    All the salvia I've seen is finely chopped, and dark green. It wouldn't
    look out of place in your spice rack. Regular leaf, and extracts, look
    just about the same (the extract is applied to the leaf, it's not like
    hash or something), but I think higher extracts are usually chopped
    finer and darker.

    Posting links to suppliers on this website, even for legal products, is
    practically verboten from what I've seen. I, personally, would not buy
    from that website because I wouldn't want to support a business that
    sells lame things like 'legal budz'. Good suppliers will offer a range
    of different salvia products (leaf, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x), and usually
    other ethnobotanicals (kratom, ayahuasca, amanita, ...). Good suppliers
    will also include info on how enjoy salvia safely, and steer you
    towards starting off with leaf/5x first.
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    Mar 18, 2005
    Just be aware that salvia is a very wierd and unique, and if done properly a very powerfull drug. a salvia breakthrough can easily be overwhelming
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    Feb 12, 2005
    I am going from 5x to 20x :)
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    Mar 18, 2005
    Anyone tried 40x extract or higher?
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    Dec 28, 2004
    44 y/o from Canada
    The place I buy from used to sell 50X but stopped making it cause ppl
    said it was TOO powerfull. I say put less in the bowl smoke less
    and get better results? Sounds good to me!

    BTW for newbies and first timmers I find it best to be in a semi dark
    room with tranquil music. Sit down on the bed/couch (where you
    intend to stay for the trip) Because Slavia tends to have an
    exagerated force of gravity I say sit to toke then lie down and close
    your eyes, exhale and wait 5-20 seconds and you should be there.

    Personally I find salvia to be very annoying if I am not in the right setting,

    Sitting ready to lie, soft music and dim lights, has produced VERY vivid visions

    I have not yet broken thru but I am on my way to building up to that


    "Anyways thanks for answering my question and just to clear things up
    does salivia have dose related wise effects in body mass, or it doesnt
    matter if your 3 foot or 8 foot its gonna hit u the same inless u have
    a tolerance? And you said i should smoke a gram of 5x what if i buy
    10x just incase 5x isnt strong enough?"

    umm a gram of 5x for your first experience? I have smoked about
    10-15 times now and I use 0.1g (100mg) or 5x and I get great
    visions. My suggestion start low get used to it before you
    ask it to fuck with you that much.

    "I've been to herbal the real one were it says herbal
    smoke shop when u run your mouse over it and all and they have salvia
    is it worth buying? Why can't you post links to helping me get good
    salvia its totally legal right?"

    I get mine from an online vendor who has a buddy in my home town so
    I don't pay shipping or anything. FTR I have bought salvia in 3
    different shops (2 of them sell online as well) and it has never been
    keif. I think that if you go to a local shop they would need to
    put out a quality product because they want repeat business right?

    just a few Q thoughts
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    Mar 11, 2005
    To the post above from ISBN, I have ordered my first 1x leaves recently, and thats what they are, leaves. They are beautiful, some very large and dark. And the shipping was so fast. Two days. Postal Service priority mail. I saw one place that charges like %$ dollars for UPS. My ounce didn't cost much more than that! Shit!Edited by: RoboCop
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    Jul 26, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    is a waterfall pipe a goodway to smoke salvia
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    Apr 14, 2005
    it works decently. but i think that the best way to smoke salvia is to just use a regular glass pipe and a torch lighter. this has always been the most intense way for me. but it depends on what level you want to go to. the pipe and torch lighter always gets me to a higher level than any pipe involving water, torch lighter or not. plus it doesn't burn as much as most other things you smoke.
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    Jan 27, 2005
    38 y/o
    Would SWIM go about buying salvia from a store or is it illegal to sell and legal to posess?