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    I recently had his first Salvia experience (see experiences thread - page 4), as did his wife. After hearing about his wife's experience, and reading the many fascinating accounts on this forum, I have noticed a trend:

    many people report being offered to go somewhere else, perhaps by a woman, or some other conscious entity, somewhere such that they will have to leave behind their old reality. Many people do not go there, because they feel that they wont be able to come back, and consequently spend their trip struggling to hold on to the old reality.

    My question is: have you ever totally let go? If so, what was it like? where did you go? Did you manage to get back to the old reality? (obviously, if you're posting here) what was it like? etc.

    I'd be interested in any experiences of letting go.

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    Reccomend looking in the salvia experiences thread, paradise
    makes many notable references to "letting go" that may be
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    Letting go is the key. So many times people state they either felt a malevelent force holding them somewhere...or felt other people were the devil...or their experience was just so crazy and scattered, they'd never do Salvia again. That would be the proper choice for those not truly on a journey of knowledge...which is the journey of power.

    Salvia, regardless of all that is written, is one of the very special entheogens for one on the path of a "shaman." By that I mean, it is a very personal that shows you very dramatically where you limit your power. This is why some may originally find Salvia "fun," and then suddenly they try it another time, expecting more "fun," but get thrust into a "reality" they simply weren't able to understand. Fear takes over...and, once that happens, you have no choice any longer but to ride those rapids until its finally over...unless you have acquired "personal power."

    Some get worried by the word "power." But power is power over yourself. And "yourself" is what limits you. "Yourself" is all the definitive beliefs you have about you and the world. Definitive beliefs are, by nature, limits to your understanding and limits to your potential to move past those definite, limiting beliefs you hold...even if you aren't cognitively aware you have them.

    Something very important must be understood about Salvia. She is an ally of the shaman...and isn't to be taken lightly. What do you want with more understanding and power? What is your dream? If you don't really want more power, Salvia will definitely help you understand that one day...she'll give you an experience to let you know what path you've started on...even if it wasn't an intent you were aware of before hand. And if you find yourself on a path that strikes fear into your can decide to not continue.

    However, if you choose otherwise, here is what you must do to must "let go." And that can take always takes practice because you'll always be thrust right up against your "limits." Once you are practiced, you'll easily realise'll think, "oh, I hit another one of my limits in understanding." You'll surrender and pass through that "definitive thought" and sublimly "merge" with the energy and "feeling" of the limiting thought...and it dissolves away like the dream it is. That is what you must must "merge with" instead of "fence off" and protect your ground. Then the fear and confusion melt gain understanding and more "power."

    And here is the kicker...not all thoughts you have are entirely of your own making. Tons of thoughts you have are coming from others...whether they be what some call "spirits" (beings not currently in physical bodies) who are generating those thoughts within you...or whether the dream of the world around you has gotten you to belief in its thoughts. Until you can truly "see" this, you will likely be confused and at the mercy of fear and control from without. Your ego fears what it can't make sense of...and once fear sets in, your thoughts become after the other...similar thoughts with the same "feeling." The rapids seem impossible to resist.

    The practiced one can change "fear" into "relief." You can change "confusion" into "understanding." You can change your thoughts, even if your thoughts have been hijacked. The one practiced in "letting go," which is to NOT to listen to the internal voice but rather to surrender and flow unrestricted, gains the "power" to control his thoughts...and thus control his reality and experience. Anything that scares you, is merely a thought you are having trying to explain something new to you in a way that your ego can wrap itself around. As I've said before, your "ego" is so invested in having control of your "attention" that it will freak you out...even have you believe you are dying to rivit your attention. It will insist you pay attention to it...It will insist it is right! Is that what you want?

    Repeating journeys with Salvia is continuing on the path of the Shaman. Only if you desire "power" will you understand. To control your own chose the thoughts you have instead of just having thoughts by "default," is "seeing" because you "see" the thoughts that aren't of your making and you also "see" the thoughts that are of your making combined with thoughts that aren't of your making and are limiting you. You will see thoughts that are fully of your making. And, once you can discern this, you will "see" the most amazing thing. You will "see" you have control over your magic. You will have "power" to choose. And you will have "power" to ignor. You will have the "power" of choosing where you put your attention. Being able to control where you place your attention is "power." Once you "know" that...and not merely believe can change where you place your attention in a nanosecond. Do you find your attention "looking" at something that isn't comfortable? Well, just change your attention to something that feels good...look in a different direction. Look at what "attracts" you and use your "power" to discern. Do you find your attention listening to a thought that doesn't feel good? Well, just change your attention to a thought that does feel good...choose a different thought...purposely choose a different thought! Always choose thoughts that feel good. "Allow" your "attention" to "attract" what feels good. AND THAT is the bottom line of having personal consistently and purposely "attract" to you what you "attract" to you what feels good. The more "power" you have, the more "attraction" you have and the more discernment you have. You are not control. There are only two feelings really...good and not good. You can easily distinguish between the two. How? Good feels good...not good feels bad. Easy!

    Wonderful! This is "personal power." You are in control...and it gets easier and easier to do.

    When FDR said, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself," he said it all. Fear is of your own making. "Letting go" melts fear. Chosing what allies you hook up with and which non-allies you let go is key. And you do have a choice always because...YOU CAN ALWAYS CHANGE YOUR MIND. Your allies always feel benevelent...your non-allies feel malevelent.

    Nothing is important...everything is sacred.
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