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    If I was to buy 3 6-inch cuttings, would it be sufficient enough to give SWIM and one or two of his friends a trip also? Now I know that the potency varies in these things but assuming that they are weak just for measurement sake, would they do the trick for SWIM and a few of his pals? Thanks for any help I have found cacti very interesting and after being an avid fan of Huxley and Thompson one can't help but want to try them.
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    It is not important how long the cuttings are. It's the weight what matters. For a full on trip on the green flesh of the san pedro cutting, one needs a cutting weighing between .9 and 1.3 kg. The green flesh contains the most mescaline. For information about preparation, please read trough this forum.
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    alpha is correct but keep in mind for fresh cactus a dose for one person is about 6 - 15 inches of cactus 2-3 inchdes in diameter . This is a broad range with 6 inches being a happy bounce in your step and 15 inches intergalactic chaos which is probably more scary than fun for most people(doses over 8 inches are not recomended for someone unfamiliar with high dosses of powerful psychedelics) . because of potency , amount of water , diffrent diameters etc you just can't be totaly sure of your dose even when you weigh it. so I say the thing to do is start out easy with 6-8 inches per person and slowly work your way up in seperate experiments. remember its ideal to space your trips to about once a month but once a week should be reasonable.

    Swim says if your cuttings is only about 3-6 inches then most likely it won't do much. instead of wasting it by consuming it you should let a scab form on the cut then place into well drained soil. The cactus will produce about 1 dose per year but its important to wait until the cactus is a few years old so it has had time to build up goodies before harvest.
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    I agree. If your cuttings have a decent (3") diameter you could probably split the 3 cuttings between 2 people and have a good time. It probably won't be too strong. As for weight, based on a foaf's experience the dose range that Alfa gave is good.
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