Scared to buy salvia divinorum...Incense?

Discussion in 'Salvia divinorum' started by qwertyuiop123, Aug 7, 2006.

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    Aug 6, 2006
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    I want to buy Salvia D, but on the website it says for incense purpose...whats the deal? can you still smoke this stuff with the "incense crystals" ?

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    Aug 6, 2006
    The deal is, our empire, err, oligarchy, err, government might make
    salvia illegal one day, or some kid might smoke salvia and kill himself.
    (The kid also ate french fries that day, and he did many other things,
    but that does not matter - the politician/newsperson/parents
    want to blame innocent Salvia.) Bottom line, by saying
    "Incence only" and "Not for human consumption" they are protecting
    themselves. It's a price we pay, we must lie to avoid being possibly
    jailed, and you just have to trust the real info on web sites like this,
    that the incense you buy that says salvia is smoked - in a waterpipe
    or bong, to give you a 1-3 minute high, an hour or two afterglow of
    enhanced mood and reality.
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    Jan 14, 2003
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    The USA / FDA does not allow psychoactives to be described as alternatives for street drugs. i.e. as hallucinogens.
    The EU food supplement directive does not allow herbs introduced after 1997 on the European market for consumption. Unless clinicly proven safe.
    To dodge these two situations, herbs are often sold as incense. If a kid would ever die from such a herb or substance, the incense approach would be no legal defense for the supplier. This approach has even been a factor in the ban on magic mushrooms in the UK.
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    May 30, 2006
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    Aug 20, 2006
    That kid had problems to begin with. You really have to watch out for the apparently "happy, successful straight-A students with a bright future." The ones that are exactly and perfectly doing everything the adults want them to do - nobody stops to think that maybe they aren't getting the opportunity to do anything for themselves. Very depressing indeed. It was not the Salvia talking. It was the kid. That the parents fail to realize this just adds to the fact that he needed help, and nobody had sense enough to realize he had a problem, because they were all too wrapped up in their own egos.

    A lot of the stuff the kid said about the Universe etc, its true. However, he failed to understand, or even to try to understand, the reason we are here. It really is too bad, I'm sorry for him.

    Just because our reality is more of an illusion than not, does not mean we don't have a reason to be here.

    I believe that a lot of the people that use Salvia use it the wrong way. It has great potential to help you with your problems, but it was never meant to be the answer to your problems in and of itself. I believe that when people have "bad trips", it is not Salvia's fault, rather that the person has an inner problem that they are afraid to confront.

    If Salvia was known of wide-spread, it would probably just be an even higher percentage of people that would try to mis-use it.

    I believe regulation is inevitable in the more conservative countries. Sadly, there is no way a politician could figure how to regulate it without just completely criminalizing it.

    The only good solution I can imagine is having to aquire some sort of license to use it. However, very few people would have the spiritual knowledge needed to be able to properly decide who should have a license and who not, and I know not of a politician in the world who would be capable of deciding who the license-givers are.

    It would be great if they could just make it illegal for minors (who, honestly, probably shouldn't be using it anyway), and illegal to operate a vehicle while or recently after using it. Also a requirement to give very specific details, information (dosage etc.) and warnings about the drug at any place that sells it. Doing that versus saying "not for human consumption" is like teaching safe-sex versus teaching abstinence. Which has been proven to work better?

    Sadly, such a minor measure would never satisfy the under-educated conservatives.