Scissor hash vs Polm hash?

Discussion in 'Hashish & BHO' started by Sky Walker, Apr 18, 2007.

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    Swim says he has noticed that scissor hash is a lot stronger than regular polm hash even when made from the same plants crystals. I have only smoked scissor hash twice and both times his tolerance was a litter lower than usual. I have also smoked polm hash with a low tolerance but mainly used it when his tolerance was sky high.

    Anyway, swims scissor hash provided powerful body rushes with a speedy on set and a very intense and trippy high that lasted a few hours. My pressed polm hash has never had such a profound effect and swim wonders why. The crystals on the scissors were fresh, where as the crystals in the hash had undergone the drying and curing process. This is what lead swim to believe that the polm should be stronger, the moisture had left the crystals so the chemical conversions of cannabergerol to tetrahydrocannabinol will have been completed meaning more psychoactive crystals. This seemed, not to be the case, does anyone have any idea why or has anyone noticed the same thing as swim?

    All swim can think of is that the crystals were all busted up and had their outer layer broken by the scissors, somehow resulting in stronger hash, how/why? Quicker/instant drying or less wastage when heat is applied?

    I have heard of hash making techniques where all the crystals are busted up together, the resulting hash is a blackish goo, what is the reason behind this prosess instead of pressing, does it make it stronger?
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    What is scissor hash?

    The blackish goo referred to could a result of the extraction or separation process. Trichomes seem to oxidise when broken down manually, exposed to air or when extracted using some solvent-based methods.

    As far as I can tell this oxidisation or blackening does not produce stronger products. Some processes produce blond hash, while butane hash oil can be a light yellow colour.
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    :) This blackish goo I think I can understand what he is trying to put across. In this part of the world we have two kinds of Hash. One is prepared and pressed into sheets it is known as Charas in the local language. The other one is the hand collected one it is not prepared, greenish powder held together with some water and is known as Garda in the local language.
    Garda has to be prepared before it gains full potency. Take a bit of garda and wet it to stick it into a ball shape. Then it is shown slight heat and kneaded as you would flour. This process of adding a little water then slight heat plus kneading goes on for a while until it starts to bind and resins rise to a surface. By the time it is ready it is a black sticky blob of silly putty or as he says black goo.
    This blackish goo prepared from Garda is the most potent hash, plus it's high is different. It wont give you lethargy or sitting like a dumb ox glued to a spot all day. If you have an aim then it makes you work. For example you are painting a picture, this thing will take your mind down avenues you cannot even imagine resulting in a masterpiece. If you are weeding your garden, you will keep on weeding all day long the conception of time is lost.
    Charas or Hash is way down on the purity and cost ladder.
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    Scissor hash is the dark sticky resin that sticks to the scissors used to trim off the leaves from the buds when harvesting.