Several Salvia Divinorum questions for your perusal

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    So I am working his way through the gram of standardized 5x he acquired. Almost done with it. He must say for the most part he's enjoying it. He did have one bad experience (but it wasn't the trip itself, it was kind of a burned out feeling he got one Friday where he tried a few hits, they didn't really work too well, and he then found he had insomnia all night, mind racing much like if he'd drunk a bunch of caffeine, and he had a kayakking trip the next morning -- he's been more careful with his use since that), but about four or five semi-bizarre flights.

    They're hard to describe, and that's what I like about them. They're like pure, liquid imagination, beautiful exercises in stainless abstract thought. There's been nothing necessarily scary or panic-causing at all -- aside from the bout of insomnia there have been no side effects or drawbacks.

    So I am led to ask some more questions, if you'll oblige him. :)

    1. I had his girlfriend sitting for him on the first try, but the other times he's been alone or she's been asleep in the other room. I have been fine -- he just sets the pipe and torch down and reclines on the couch and pretty much stays there and trips. So much of what SWIM read about Salvia described a trip sitter as being essential, but SWIM's become increasingly confident with his relatively lighter doses about being able to stay still and happy -- the question is, do you think he'll be okay or is he playing with fire if he steps up the concentration (to 10x) and possibly the dose? Mostly SWIM just doesn't want to jump out the window or tumble down the stairs, but he doesn't think he's even moved so far...

    2. In the first trip, SWIM and his girlfriend had their 'rainshowers' CD playing quietly, and his trip had a very distinct rainy/foggy/oceany/blue feel to it; one time he had the TV on very low and the show infiltrated his trip much like has happened rarely when SWIM's mostly asleep and the TV is on; the other day sort of in the afterglow SWIM put on headphones and actually experienced some music euphoria and CEVs. So, today SWIM decided to go all out. He turned on his two red bulb lamps, put "The Micro Disneycal World Tour" by Cornelius ( ) on pause, put on his Sennheisers, burned the 1/8th gram pinch, hit play, closed his eyes, and had himself a circus freak time for about four minutes. The trip was just insane, and as I go back and listens to that track on the CD it brings him back to the amazingly odd feelings and sights he experienced.

    SWIM guesses it's two-fold here: A) does anyone ever play music during the experience? Or any of the normal trip media? I had always read "pitch black silence is best" but I don't know... :) SWIM guesses he's wondering how far he can take this. SWIM's heard Salvia is not addictive, and he believes there is no physical addiction, but damn he loves where it takes him, BUT HE WISHES IT LASTED LONGER!!! Is redosing right away okay? Is there anything that can prolong the experience? Or some substance (legal?) with similar effects and a longer lasting pharmacology? An incredible experience for I would be maintaining today's peak for two hours and watching the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with headphones on...

    3. About combinations: I am on a DXM hiatus until probably the end of May (two more months!) due to taking Loratadine (Claritin) daily during allergy season. BUT, he's wondering how a 375mg dose (I weigh 74 kgs but he's very new to DXM and a dosage lightweight he thinks) of DXM would work with Salvia. Any experiences to share?

    4. I find much like with dreaming it helps his retention if he tries to write down his Salvia sensations soon after coming back; has anyone kept a "Salvia diary"?

    5. Is it just a matter of time or a matter of dosage before I have a bad trip? He's pretty content with what he's getting so far (except for the duration!), it puts him in another world where there is no couch, there is no earthly concern, but he's read so much about how mind-bending it can be, that it's hard to ignore.

    Thanks! :eek:
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    Re: Several Salvia questions for your perusal

    I also like salvia a lot. I have been meaning to smoke some salvia with some lsd or mushrooms, but has yet to remember. I did notice the trip was better with weed. I would break up a little weed with some salvia and take hits of them both combined and hold it in like you would the salvia. I did this one morning and swims whole bedroom came to life, swims dressers actually were singing my very own theme song. SWIM advises not trying to understand the trip. I used to be fascinated by this and this actually hurt swims tripping. Once you teach your brain what salvia will do, you can trip or not trip while on it voluntarily. You will still have some effects such as the everything shaking feeling or the feeling like ur on a rollercoaster or piano.
    I did notice watching the Boondocks after smoking salvia, SWIM beleied the charcters were talking to me personally. I thought Martin Luther King was shot and in a coma for about 2 weeks.
    Also, as for exacerberating the trip, I would suggest as little movement as possible, except for your head. The more you look around, the more your balence lessens adn the trip intensifies.
    You have the right idea with the music, swim just puts on his mp3 player and goes random places.It helps absolve all backround noise and gives your mind more room to think and do its thing. SWIM can't hear The Who - We're not gonna Take it and not think of salvia, much liek swim can't hear the beatles white album without thinking of mushrooms.

    Also as swimw as talkin about before, the constant low doses of salvia build upin your system, and after a while your in a semi-trip all the time. Also when i did this everytime I would smoke a little bud, a salvia trip would come out a little bit. swim reccomends this and hopes it works this well for everyone else.

    SWIm is curious however if anyone else has this sort of unraveling of a trip once one can decipher what te drugw ill do to his eyes. Swim personally beleives there is a correlation to this and how the first time you trip off mushrooms is always the strongest best trip. SWIm has also heard studies, primarily with hppd, where people cannot distinguish things the brain does on mushrooms when they return, so the opposite seems fairly likely. Has anyone else noticed this happening.
    Also has anyone figured out a way to not be in a cold sweat after doing salvia? If ya figure that out lemme know.

    SWIM also knows that salvia works on the kappa opioid, which is like the mu opioid receptor but not addictive. I have also seens studies showing salvia to be like morphine without the addiction but 47 times more potent. SWIM wonders if a salvia trip is liek tripping off lots of morphine, but since I has never done morphine it is just a wonder.
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    Re: Several Salvia questions for your perusal

    Tripsitters are really only for people who shouldn't be on psychedelics in the first place. However some of us just do it anyway for safety measures but when Swimm trips on any psychedelic with someone else their energy interrupts distracts him. In Fact with Salvia, Swimm has never used a trip sitter. Not even the first time. He has since refused to do it with anyone around and is always in total darkness and complete silence.

    NO MUSIC! Lady Salvia is shy and very scares her off...if she wants you to hear music--trust me you WILL hear it!

    Swimm's conducted many experiments with Salvia as she saved his life and captured the demon. A devout practitioner of the ritual spiritual use of Salvia Divinorum, Swimm has found that Maria and Mary Jane are very good friends and She will stick around longer (when smoked) if Mary Jane is around as well. She is somewhat territorial when it comes to Lady Lucy (LSD/LSA) but she feeds off their energy quite nicely.

    Using the quid method or the tinture or what not, you will surely get much longer duration of effects but will not get the rush and blast off thru the universe you get from smoking...the effect doesn't hit all at once when taken orally but is very powerful just the same and lasts considerably longer.

    3. If I were you I wouldn't mix with DXM but everybody has their thing, right?

    4.In fact yes I have kept a salvia diary...I've got a binder full of typed out and organized Salvia trips. I'm a writer anyway so its just natural that I write down something as profound as Salvia Divinorum experiences...directly after....

    5. If you think it will happen then it will...In the wide weird world of Salvia you must enter with no expectations--don't look for abstract and silence your mind so as to let yourself drift where the wind takes you.

    Bad trips don't even exist depending on how you look at it...
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    Re: Several Salvia questions for your perusal

    Swin's old roommate used to have to take allergy meds. He no longer needs them now that he is a salvia smoker. Last year was the first year he could smell all the spring flowers.
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    Re: Several Salvia questions for your perusal

    I have tried to use her sally tinture and burned her mouth badly. Does You know of any other way to use the tinture? She very much wants to meet sally for the first time, but not at that price.
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    Re: Several Salvia questions for your perusal

    Dex+Sally is a must for trip connessuiers. Weed goes well in the mix though I have yet to blend all three.

    As far as trip length. Just redose. Get some really potent shit. A lot of people caution against high doses but if one finds oneself chill with the whole experience do it right. Swim prefers 50x and really considers anything less a waste of time. He measures out in extremely small doses. A single gram will grant him about 20 hits. Don't even bother with a scale just get a tiny spoon. A tri-pronged tabacco pipe tamper works PERFECT! Sally's reverse tolerance principle means one can step up their high incrememntally returning to reality in between.

    Did Swim mention Dex + Sally is absolutely wonderfully insane?

    Don't forget one's torch and bong!
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    Also, looks like the combo is more and more popular and widely practiced. At DXM subforum it has it's own thread, quite long already. Even Alf, though rather discouraged by his initial experiences with Salvia, is going to try and mix it with DXM.
    Of course, it will probably be DXM+THC+Salvia combo anyway, because nothing mixes with DXM as cannabis does.

    There are not many substances that can be safely mixed with DXM. Even cannabis is not really safe combo, especially with higher (3rd plateau) doses. And Salvia is not one of them either as -judging by accounts- this can be experience of insane proportions. But somehow the two call each other. There is a fleeting sensation that there is some kinship between dextro-space and salvia-world. Alf felt it very clearly during his deeply euphoric first 3rd plateau DXM experience. Although he had just 3 average experiences with Salvia extract x6 before, all unpleasant and dysphoric, it was undeniable there is some elusive resemblance between them and DXM.