Sex and Poppers!

Discussion in 'Sex and Drugs' started by aerogel, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. aerogel

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    Jan 6, 2004
    my pet monkey told me this in a dream:

    I've experienced sex with poppers, and I think it's very nice!

    I've snorted it during sex, and you fell a very warm felling, and you fell really "in love", but I imagine this is because I was with the person I love also...

    I've tried it also when I was reaching orgasm, and it is awsome!! It's a strange felling, not similiar to other drugs...

    Anyone else have tried it?
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  2. XTCAmy

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    Feb 11, 2004
    Don't the effects of poppers last about a minute and just give you a headrush? Never taken them but I didn't think they did much else.
  3. cheesesandwich

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    Feb 16, 2004
    what are poppers? i just recently started using meth on a regular basis and i haven't heard of poppers. i am new to dope
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    Aug 15, 2003
    from U.S.A.
    poppers have been around for 150 years, Butyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite, amyl nitrite, All the alkyl nitrites act on the body in nearly identical fashion, but isobutyl nitrite is the most potent of them all. Amyl nitrite is sometimes thought to be more potent, but it is actually less potent. It was chosen over isobutyl nitrite to treat heart ailments simply because it’s cheaper to manufacture,

    They are clear yellowish liquids with a sweet smell when fresh. Some have described it as smelling like old gym socks, or like a men's locker room, once a bottle begins to degrade.

    The different forms of the compound combine different molecules and structure. But with the nitrite attached it gets you where you want to be.

    It's all in the release of the nitrite ion.

    People haveused poppers to enhance orgasms, for a very long time

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      He knows what isobutyl is and that it is stronger than amyl nitrite
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    Mar 7, 2004
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  6. argovistov

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    Feb 21, 2004
    <blockquote> Originally posted by lightning on 07 March 2004Don't use this shit!!!! It is very dangerous!!!!<hr>
    anything with isobutyl in it is not good!!! This particular chemical is used for jet propellants and other flammable products..... isobutyl alcohol.

    read the following website.


    "life is balance"


    You dont really understand do you? Poppers are esthers which makes them very safe to use. Keep them cold and in dark places between uses and only buy the sort that has the antioxidation bool in them and you take no risk.

    About cancerogen nitrits understand in connection to poppers that the amount of nitrits you inhale is low, and that this particle group of nitrits isnt very active as long that you dont let oxidate. To give some reference dots about the amount consider the following examples using tabel normalization for cancerogen nitrits and statistics about polution, ciggarets and so on from

    Going 5 minutes on the street outside my house which is heavly populated will yield me 10^1 times the amount through the lungs. Using swedish snuff gives 10^6 the amount through the mouth. Using 20 ciggaretes each day gives 10^4 the amount through the lungs.

    Ok so comparing 20 ciggaretes I would have to inhale poppers 100 000 times to reach the same risk of cancer through nitrits.
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  7. Alfa

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    Jan 14, 2003
    117 y/o from The Netherlands
    The Dutch govenment has banned poppers after a risk assesment study was done. The outcome of the study was that the health risks where to high to keep them legal.
  8. skydude

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    Mar 15, 2004
    mate i'm telling you. i had the most full on orgasm with poppers and no mistake. give them a go. You wont be disapointed!
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  9. mdve2

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    Mar 13, 2004
    If you have good control and are about ready to orgasm a quick whiff will make the orgasm even more awesom - and there's no such thing as a bad orgasm.

    I've also found that just a LITTLE before starting helps get a very strong erection. It's like a jump start for your member.
  10. dezza

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    Jun 6, 2004
    we have 2 agree! both me and my wife had the most amazing sex and orgasms with poppers!!!!
  11. Dr. Shadow

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    Oct 6, 2004
    32 y/o
    you can still buy poppers in most smartshops in holland they may still sell their suply most of em got a big supply [​IMG]
  12. Nitrate

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    Dec 28, 2004
    from Canada
    An orgasim is crazy with it. I find it mixes well with pot (does
    not take much pot though). If your mildy stoned and take a wiff
    of a nitrite (iso-propyl, iso-butyl, or amyl) it sets you off.
    Within seconds your overwelmed with a rush and an urge to f**k like
    crazy. The orgasium basicly lasts until the stuff wheres
    off. Believe it or not the end of your O may be welcome! It
    almost hurts. I would warn not to touch your skin (nose
    espesially) or it will leave a burn. Do not drink it! as it
    binds with hemoglobin causeing a carbonmonoxide like poisoning.
    Also, expect a sudden drop in blood pressure. When combined with
    an O it can leave you shivering and wipped out. I find if you lie
    down right away it can cause headaches.

    It should also be kept in the freezer or it will only last a week
    after opening (or making it). Too bad I had to try all this by
    myself (no gf). also do not get it hot or it will boil
    and/or decompose. if you can buy it get isobutyl because it works
    the best and smell nice, amyl smells like socks).

    On another note there is allot of confusion about nitrate/nitrite often
    even medical texts get them wrong. What we are talking about here
    are Nitrites (although nitrates such as nitroglycerin have similar

    Nitrous oxide works the same way too. Just think of all those
    people with whipped cream in the bedroom! they are useing the can the
    wrong way!

    I have a recipy for making isopropyl nitrite. I will post it if
    anyone wants it. It is pritty simple - just keep it cold or the
    product will boil, and get you stoned and confuesed....
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  13. msimm

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    Dec 5, 2004
    46 y/o from U.S.A.
    Nitrate: you offer to post the recipe is simply too interesting to pass up. Please, do enlighten us.

    (hope you all had excellent holidays)

  14. Nitrate

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    Dec 28, 2004
    from Canada
    <h1>Isopropyl Nitrite Synthesis 2.0</h1>
    by Drone #342


    This is the sort of version 2.0 of my synthesis. The only difference
    is that I include all the appropriate quantitites -- thus making it a
    complete report on the best way I've found to make this fascinating
    compound. I liked the way I originally wrote it, so I'll keep the rest
    same as when originally written.

    Its been months since I had this dream, but in an alcoholic stupor,
    I passed out, smacking my head against the floor. In my delerious
    state, I
    had a dream.

    In my vision, a leprechaun was sitting on a giant toadstool, reading
    UF's SOMM. He read the bit about making alkyl nitrites, clapped his
    hands, and said "Saints preserve us! I'm going to me me a wee bit o'
    the old isopropyl nitrite!" In a mad dash, the plucky little imp ran to
    pot-o-gold, took out a few coins, and ran off to the grocery store,
    where he purchased some distilled water and regular 91% IPA. He put the
    IPA in
    the freezer, and went on with his business. He then dashed off over the
    rainbow, and came back with a package of sodium nitrite and a bottle of
    lab-grade sulfuric acid. He put the sulfuric acid in the refrigerator.
    He sat down, and redid the "recipe" in the book, converting the butyl
    recipe into a isopropyl-based version. He then went about labelling two
    beakers, one "A", the other "B". In beaker "A", he disolved the sodium
    nitrite (95 g) in H2O (375 ml), then placed it in the freezer. In "B",
    he mixed the alcohol (83 ml of 91% iPrOH) with a small amount of water
    (18 ml
    distilled H2O), and then slowly added the concentrated H2SO4 (34 ml),
    doing his best to keep boiling to a minemum. After the addition, he put
    "B" into the freezer, and went about taking a nap.

    At this point, I began to come to my senses. I stood up, thought
    "what a peculiar dream" and went back to my self-destructive marathon
    binge-drinking. When I finally slipped into my potato vodka-induced
    coma, I began dreaming right where I left off.

    The little leprechaun woke up, looked at his wee digital wristwatch,
    and said in a cute little Irisg leprechaun voice, "Fer FUCK's SAKE!
    overslept!" In a hurried dash, he went to the freezer, and saw that
    beaker "A" was essentially a sodium nitrite-flavored slushy. "Bleargh!"
    He then
    started swearing violently in Gaelic, and I noticed flowers wilted
    around him as a result of the sound of whatever nasty things he was

    In a fit of fury, he placed beaker "A" in an ice bath, tossed the
    now thoroughly-chilled acidic IPA contents of beaker "B" into the
    nitrite slurry of beaker "A", and began stirring madly. "...And Mary
    wept!", he cursed. He did not add it slowly; he just tossed it right
    The reaction was pretty immediate, and when the little fellow came to
    his senses, he realized how foolish it was to add everthing so quickly
    -- after
    all, everybody says "add it slowly, so as to not allow the temperature
    to rise too quickly." Well, the funny little mythical character looked
    at the
    solution, in a matter of seconds, a very nice layer of isopropyl
    nitrite floated to the top. It was decanted and dried. The yield was
    85%-90%, from the nitrite. He was so happy, he did a little jig in
    celebration. The fumes of the nitrite got to him, and soon he was
    MUCH slower. All the blood from his wee body rushed into his jugulars,
    and he left the room so he could catch his breath. "Saints be
    praised!", and he
    slumped over. The little leprechaun sat and thought about what he
    learned: by simply chilling everything in the freezer before mixing,
    and using an
    external icebath, a person can get better yeilds simply by recklessly
    pouring the two solutions together than by following the advise of
    Fester. All-in-all, the little chemical leprechaun had a good day.

    At that point, I woke up, rolled over, evacuated the contents of my
    stomach using my right index finger, and went back to sleep; truly it
    was an
    interesting dream, but having a head injury and a hangover left me
    unable to enjoy the insights that it gave me.

    Still, I thought you'd all enjoy hearing it.

    <hr>I have done this synthisis a few times as well as once where I just
    guessed the proportions, the all worked but the yield and quility of
    the product varied if you stray from properporpotrions. Ideally
    this is done using an addition funnel and the acid is added to
    the alc/nitrite mix slowly (10 min). A presure equalized addition
    funnel would be nice too as the product has a very high vapor pressure
    and will bubble back through your funnel. I had to vent the flash
    by adding a Y between the flask and the funnel. I would recomend
    that you scale this reaction down because you will always end up
    throughing the last of the stuff away. I have found that the
    stuff lasts much longer if kept in the freezer (at least the bulk of
    it). It is also essential to seperate the polar (watery crap on
    bottom) from the oily yellow product on top, because it emmits
    nasty brown (Nitric Oxide yuk) fumes. There are 2 ways to do
    this, if you have a seperatory funnel you may do ti that way or you can
    just put the whole mix back in the freezer and the aquous portion will
    go into a brick of slush so you can just pour off the oil on top. you
    should also pour it over a blob of anahydrous magnesium sulfate to
    remove any water dissolved in it. I also think that adding a
    little iso propyl to the product once it is isolated helps it
    last. Any bottles or glassware you use should be chilled first to
    avoid evaporating the product. The product has a distintive sweet
    solventy smell.
  15. Nitrate

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    Dec 28, 2004
    from Canada
    oh, one more thing. You may be able to can get sodium nitrite at
    your pharmacy. just explain your getting this for your
    grandfather to cure sausages.

    If you do not live in a cold climate (no lock deicer) you can get iso
    propyl at most hydroponics stores. this is the best price around
    anyway but you will have to buy at least a gallon. lock deicer
    and hydorponics stuff will be 99.9% pure and will requre changing the
    fomula a bit.
  16. matti_2003

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    Dec 27, 2004
    from U.K.
    i think poppers are quite safe as lon as you dont overdo them and as long as you dont have a dodgy heart/high blood pressure. You can get them for about £2 a bottle on ebay
  17. Innervision

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    Jan 10, 2005
    Poppers are basically a solvent.. Long story short they are great fun, but they put excessive amounts of pressure on ur brain by causing muscle tension inside ur skull. anyone who has used poppers and experienced nose-bleeds this is why. overall i would say its a bad idea to use them .. end of story..
  18. jduba

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    Dec 23, 2004
    from U.S.A.
    i agree totally!! just a pinch will give you one nice elongated session
    with a great climax. beware on getting to high it may make for a limp
  19. Nitrate

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    Dec 28, 2004
    from Canada
    I actually ment in cross effect with a nitric oxide doner like nitrites
    or nitrous oxide. Although either allone is still great.
    Contrary, to jduba most people find that MJ is one of the few drugs
    that is least likely to make them limp. nitrites though will give
    anyone with a pulse a woody.
  20. psy-marshal

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    Jan 25, 2005
    Sex with poppers is great! One little sniff and you start fucking like a monkey! I´m not sure it is the best for getting it up, as I´ve had times where it caused me to loose an erection when I have sniffed too much, but small doses really do the trick for me during sex. I don´t like it at all however when I am not in the act. It´s a really fucked up rush that just makes the head swim for about 3 minutes or so.