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Discussion in 'DXM' started by RoboCop, Sep 17, 2004.

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    Jan 22, 2004
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    I have had 2 of the most powerfull trips in my life, both on dxm onewas a combo,when I took 10 CCC's with about 3-4lorazepoms ( its like valium ).

    I definitely was fourth plataue never tripped that hard in my life. I can't remember a whole lot just some shocking bits and pieces that will be in my memory forever and oh yea to keep a very long story shortin the end of the trip when I started to finally become functional and the trip started to fade I was in jail.

    I did not expect that combo to be so strong and I will never listen to my friend who doesn't know shit about drugs.Next time he says don't worry taking this combo won't be that hard you'll still be able to go to work.

    I got off pretty easy my work didn't fire me when they seen my coming up on this insane peek they just sent me home. Thats right sent me home, I drove home tripping hard I didn't even know what I was doing. I don't remember leaving work or driving at all.Anyway I hit a car, very lightly and this is how I ended in jail for a DUI......oh yea and a hit and run... I didn't even remember hitting the car at all, luckily the guyI hit was ok. He did not suspect I was under the influence ( not that that matters)because It was at a kind of tricky intersection.

    The cop walked up to my car I was so dazed and confused he thought I hit my head hard ( which of course I didn't) and on the empty seat next to me in the wide open was the bottle of lorezepam, which the cop did not see or take.

    Anyway I knowI didn't tell this story very well since I jumped around alot butI think you all get the idea. But the funny part was how my work did not fire me I told them what I took and they didn't care as long as I was allright.

    The head boss was pissed that the manager sent me home because I was obviously not in the state of mind to drive. I had the memory capacity of a gold fish. People would tell me something in 5 seconds I would forget it and be like "what?"

    In the right atmosphere this trip could have been very spiritual instead of just plain insane. I didn't sweat it though just went with the flow and wasout of jail that night.

    I even got away with the hit and run ( I won't explain this part, just say after the accident I waited for the cop to come and talk to me then I left, why, I don'tknow, I don'teven remmember driving).

    Anyway they said I was to out of it to be charged with a hit and run because I did not know what I was doing.The cops helped me get off without much of a charge at all because they said they couldn't of asked for soemone that was more cooperative.

    My next very strong and visual trip was very crazy, it was when I was on a 3 night dxm bender with no sleep.My last dxm trip was so powerfull, there was a construction crew working outside my house I didn't know about. It was very loud I thought my house was being torn apart.

    I even remmember a wall of my house not being there and being able to look outside I was like what the hell is going on, when I came to the wall, it was there. My parents found out easily, I was tripping because this trip was mid day and not at night after they go to sleep like usual.

    My mom was crying and what was probably running makeup,made her looklike her eyes were bleeding. I couldn't see her eye, it looked like it was stabbed out.

    I knew this was because of the drug but that visual will always be in my memory. But luckily I am a very calm tripper and never had a bad trip even though these where bad situations. I didn't panic or let anything get to me, I just go with the flow which really proves having a bad trip is all mental.

    I do not consider these trips as bad trips, just insanely crazy mishaps, and the two strongest trips I have ever been on.

    Anywaylike I said, neither of these trips where bad trips and I believe they have both made me a much better and more careful person when I trip.

    From now on I will make sure I trip in a god damn good setting and atmosphere because of course THIS IS RULE NUMBER ONE!

    Any comments or other insane Dex trips?

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    Oct 12, 2004
    definately the most insane dex trip ive ever had was, for some reason, my friend bought 8 bottles of max strength robo, 4 for me and 4 for him. we somehow chugged them down and i didnt puke, but he did. about an hour later i didnt know wtf was going on. before i knew it i was at a pond with a bunch of people trying to talk to me. i only remember pieces of that night, and they were all mind boggling. I saw a polar bear sitting on an iceburg in the middle of the pond and decided to name it krispy. thats about all i got out of that night. my friends told me that i was sitting in a lawn chair and kept leaning back and falling into some bushes about every 5 minutes, but i had no clue what happened the next morning except that my pants were soaking wet and i assumed i somehow got into the pond. this assumption was correct, because some people got a video camera out and taped me in the pond looking like the world was going to end. it was totally stupid to take down that much dex, and i severely advise nobody to do it.
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    Nov 8, 2004
    dxm is one of my favourite drugs if not my favourite.

    my strongest trip would have to be the first time i took 3 boxes of sucrets (810mg). with awholllle lotta grapefruit juice. i tripped for at least 5 hours, was high for probably about 10. i couldnt walk or see. i finally managed to stand up at one point and the whole room just warped around me. like a video game or something. another room just came whooshing at me.

    an excellent experience, i felt so amazing the next day. even with my highest dose (900mg) i have never had such an incredable time.
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    Oct 31, 2004
    When I was about 17 I tried DXM for the first/last time. I hate 14 CCC's(since I hear that shit is bad for you, good timing huh) around 10 pm. The guinie pig ate them at 5 pm and was having a blast, or was so happy nobody could bother him. A half an hour later I felt a little buzz, but I feel asleep. I woke up two hours later WOOOMWOOOOMWOOOOM in my head it was weird, like the whomp whomps back when we were kids huffing. I stumbled threw my dark basement for like 10 minutes to find the bathroom. My pupils were dialated like I hate shrooms or something. I could barely walk. I keep telling myself that this is what its like to be retarded. I could barely talk, move, function period. It was not a pleasant experience. I ended up quiting my job the next day cuz i was still heavily dissaciated. I feel like I have to say I regret it, but gotta try stuff. Since then I pass the word on to everyone suggested to stay as far away as you can from the stuff.

    But who knows, its different for other ppl. Maybe I took to much???? I weighed around 200 lbs, 6'2, kinda chubby...was that to much or what? I heard of ppl eating like 40 of those
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    Oct 10, 2004
    from U.S.A.
    One time I took 32 ccc's and found the meaning of life in a movie theater. Watched the same movie(Time Machine) 3 times before thinking about leaving. I also Imagined I turned into liguid metal and fused into things. Dex is too fun, hehe
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    Sep 30, 2004
    33 triple c's HOW ARE U STILL GOING....ur just crazy or stupid or something

    anyway 1050mg pure just laid on my bed all night didn't move and just sank through my bed and freefalled and sometimes felt i was going to a tunnel system...man i miss that feeling [​IMG]
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    Jun 13, 2004
    I have taken DXM once, I took 1 gram of it(99,9% powder/crystals). I will never take DXM again.
    I have no regrets, but i guess i should have started at a much lower dose. In a way it was quite rewarding, but it scared the hell out of me, because i expected it to be more like other trips like lsd, mushrooms, foxy, and things like that. It was more like a morphine-kinda trip. I accually thoght i was going to die, but the one cool thing about it was that somehow it felt allright to die. Wierd. And after the worst was over it felt like there was poison coming out of my pores and it itched like hell everywhere. I suspect it´s not a very healthy substance. I think i can understand why people are into DXM, but i´m sure as hell aren´t. Peace and love!!
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    Nov 18, 2004
    i've had a couple super intense experiences with DXM. after my first encounter with a hallucination that i could sortof interact with (a stickman who pulled off his head and sprayed fireworks that showed down all around me... this was an open eye visual and the hallucination persisted when i turned my head.) i could never settle for just a buzz or some cheap CEVs again.
    lots of insanity followed, eventually leading up to buying dxm powder. of all the trips i had i only remember the first one. i was walking through the mall and the floor started to move like water eventually turning into waves.
    eventually i got sick of dxm and wanted to play with other drugs, so i took ecstacy for the first time. it made me smile but little else, and i wanted to get fucked up, so i started popping pain killers washing down a handfull of various things a buddy handed me.
    they were also not enjoying the xtc, and had also taken their share of pills and beer. i broke out the dxm.
    i managed to cram around 800 mgs per cap, 3 caps, 1 each.
    after taking the pill i asked someone on the internet if dxm and xtc were a good mix, because i thought i remembered reading something bad about somewhere.
    whoever i asked seemed to think it was a very bad idea. course, it was too late.
    we went to the store and i asked about shadow hallucinations and xtc, cuz i was seeing goblins and shit in the trees. they said x'll do that.
    we took some parachutes of dxm at the store, i have no idea how much we took. the parachute opened up in my throat though. fucking foul. it hit me immediately. everyhting started spinning. i had to stop frequently to compose myself.
    as we approached the house things got more and more intense. the house became a castle on a mountain, and the earth was cracking apart. my friends jumped their way up the floating rock platforms all the way up the castle.
    i fell into the lava and everything went black.
    i think my friends took more dex afterwards. i was already well beyond my limits with this crazyness, and stopped.
    we seemed to be able to talk to eachother with our minds. they'd look at me, tell a joke, i'd laugh internally. we were evolved creatures you see. we didnt need to vocalise. my evolution continued and the earth had chosen me to be its god. i was brought underground, surrounded by dirt. buried alive, so to speak. the earth fed me oxygen to sustain me so that i could run things.
    my friends girlfriend came home at some point. she said we were all in comas and was quite worried. she was yelling at us and shit and noone could speak. just stare. i was trying to talk, but couldnt. i couldnt move at all, actually. just swing my butterfly knife around.
    i vaguely recall doing missions. like, move this salt shaker from here to here. i remember getting a lot of satisfaction from successfully completing a mission, so when i saw one of my friends on a mission when i became mobile and relatively sobre (and the gf mysteriously vanished) i had to snatch the thing away from him. the look on his face was hilarious. like i'd just destroyed his entire world. maybe i had. i dunno, but i still sometimes laugh when i think of his face hehe.
    at this point i guess i was just insane. no more dxm, no more pills, no xtc, no beer. just insanity. the feeling of dxm and xtc is totally unique. i don't suggest it, but you really would have to try it, because i can't explain it.
    if i stared at one spot for maybe 2 seconds i would start to hallucinate. open eye visuals. i was hearing shit the whole time. fucking birds chirping at midnight and cars crashing all around me.
    this stage of the high lasted for 2 or 3 days. darkness during this time was my enemy. i could see things in any given shadow or dark area and it was like being immediately teleported into hell if i closed my eyes.

    for some reason i did the dxm xtc combo one more time like around a year later and i had to keep moving outside in the cold in order to stop the things from getting me. again i experienced the bird chirping noises, but no car crashes, probably because of the low dosage i'd taken of the dxm. i slept, ignoring the hallucinations and would wake up still high every morning.

    hehe, the worst part (both times) was that i seemed to be a pioneer in this shit, and there was no experience even similar that i could find on the internet. after a few days of hallucinating -even the second time- my mind raced with thoughts of being permafried. scarey shit. no regrets though, it was an awesome trip retrospectively. i don't do any hallucinogens or anything like that anymore though. that last combo trip seemed to have fried my brain in such a way that almost everything is a bad trip trigger. i had a bad trip on 1 xtc pill :(

    >:D fucking ritalin, look how long this post is! hehe
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    Jan 21, 2005
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    Well, I was initially going to post this in the "Hallucinations on DXM" thread, but the more I write, I think this is a better place for it (although its kind of an old topic).

    One of the most interesting (and messed up) DXM experiences I ever had was on about 530mg (a solid 3rd plateau for me)... laying there listening to music, my mind all of a sudden decided to take a trip to hell - literally. I was slowfalling down a dark crevice that was dimly lit with this creepy orange light... it was incredibly fascinating. I landed on a small island made of rock in a sea of lava and fire, and all of a sudden little black demons were running at me trying to poke me with these stupid little pitchfork things. That was enough of that, and when I opened my eyes it almost felt like I had been to hell and back, because I couldn't remember hardly anything. I remembered the whole hell thing, and I knew I was on drugs. Slowly, I was able to put together where I was, who I was, and details about people and things in my life. I think I sat there completely still for a couple hours basically "teaching" myself about myself (one thing I noticed about DXM is that it allows me to remain absolutely motionless for very long periods of time. Normally I cannot stay still for more than a few minutes). I would remember a person I am close to, and spend quite a long time just analyzing my relation with whoever it was. It was an experience like nothing else...

    The most messed up part of all is that my brain didn't really "forget" all about me, and deep down I knew it. In fact, I remember getting kind of pissed at times because I just knew my thinking process was "wrong" and I didn't know what to do about it. It was like my brain and the DXM wanted to tell me about my life so I could appreciate it more or something - that sounds dumb, but the whole experience did kind of show me that overall, I have a pretty damn good life.

    Ironically enough, I have never had a trip like this since.
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