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Injecting - Shooting up Morphine Sulfate 60mg extended release

Discussion in 'Morphine' started by The Monoxide Child, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. The Monoxide Child

    The Monoxide Child Silver Member

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    Jul 19, 2007
    Hey all now before swim asks this question swim wants to make it clear he is fully aware of the dangers and ill-effects of shooting up pills, so please do not barrage this topic with warnings about how bad it is for swim.

    swim got his hands on some 60mg Morphine ER (white football shaped 60 on one side "E" on the other) these things gel up if crushed to powder when water is added. Swim was wondering what is the best way to prepare these for intravaneous use.

    thanks in advance!
  2. Picass035


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    Jul 6, 2008
    SWIY hath come to the right place:)

    SWIM isn't 100% sure how bad those gel up, but he manages to extract the MS out of the ones made by Endo as well as the Mallinckrodt ones. The latter gels up even WORSE than the Endos, but can be prepped for IV using this method:

    1) Remove coating (if there is one)
    2) Crush pill as finely as possible
    3) Place powder in spoon. DO NOT add water.
    4) Dry-heat powder with lighter/candle, but not so hot that the powder burns after 1-2 secs (keep flame low, not touching the spoon)
    5) if done correctly, the powder should SLOWLY start changing color
    6) When a small amount of smoke appears, quickly remove flame and shock the powder with COLD saline solution (salty water may work better)*
    7) Mix solution. It's normal for it to still have a "syrupy" consistency
    8) Heat again and boil for a few seconds. Heat + salt water should breakdown the timed-release matrix.
    9) Drop med-sized cottonball in the solution. It should absorb much of it. Note that the cottonball will act as a "magnet" for any remaining wax, so a big-enough one is a MUST to prevent clogging**.
    10) This will extract approximately75-80% of the morphine from experience. Doing a rewash can be performed as there still will be a TINY amount of morphine unextracted from the wax.

    *Note #1: the water may splatter quite a bit, but it is ok to wait 30 secs to a minute to allow the spoon to cool slightly before proceeding.
    **Note #2: if the cottonball just seems to "float" on top of a gooey solution, it's likely that not enough heat was applied.

    Please let SWIM know how this works out!!
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2010
  3. howtoshootgels

    howtoshootgels Newbie

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    Jan 13, 2010
    Swim says:

    ok so i finally figured it out through trial and error, works well with no apparent side effects and pointless crisping, wasted time

    first, remove outer coating if any.

    next, add 1 cc of water.(should turn to gel)
    (in a spoon)

    mix gel up well.

    then, add 1 more cc of water.(do not mix)

    next, heat the bottom of the spoon untill you see a bubble then stop.

    mix the contents with syringe plunger while hot.
    (this will dissolve morphine into the new water but when it cools it will appear to be gel still)

    when mixed, heat the mixture once again.

    this should seperate the water and already saturated gel, put a large cotton filter in and draw it up!(the gel will stick to the outside of the filter.)

    it may be neccesary to heat more than once when drawing up the mixture.

    please enjoy, know your limits, you won't do this at all if you're smart, needles will ruin your life as they has done mine:s
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 15, 2010
  4. SilverFoxy

    SilverFoxy Newbie

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    May 13, 2013
    Ok. So how about remove the coating and crush remaining tab into fine power. Heat 1cc water or saline then add the powder. Mix with plunger, then return to heat until solution "just" boils up. Filter up into syringe and pow? Always worked for me. Some of the things I read here sounds like it comes from medical doctors, chemists or pharmacists, or otherwise highly intelligent people. I'd rather read some more simple things myself.
  5. IV_everyday

    IV_everyday Newbie

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    Sep 16, 2013
    The saline solution seems to b popular so I may try this next time! I actually have a few questions if anyone can clear them up for me...
    1. If what I drew up became slightly gel like in the syringe, is it useless or can it be saved?
    2. Once solution is drawn up correctly, should u let it cool off before injecting and how long?
    3. Once you have found the vein and registered blood, when solution is pushed in should it burn or cause any pain or discomfort?

    Hope someone can give me some advise!
  6. thatandmore

    thatandmore Newbie

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    Sep 11, 2013
    1. If you do it correctly, it shouldn't gel at all..I'll post my method below.
    2. Heating morphine is unnecessary, wasteful, and unsafe. Heating kills the drug and makes it more likely to dissolve binders that will re-harden in your blood stream.
    3. If done correctly, you shouldn't feel anything at all.

    My Method:

    You will need:
    A Shot Glass or other small container
    2 Spoons
    A fresh pin

    First wash hands. Grab shot glass or small container and add some ice and place a Very small amount of water. Next, Peel off coating from pill with nail or whatever works for you. Choose your ideal dose, and place in a spoon. (My friend uses slightly bigger spoon to hold the product) Use another spoon to crush as finely as possible. Draw up as much of the ICE COLD water as you desire. (it will only hold about 60mg/1cc water). expell the water from the pin into te spoon with the powder. Use an alcohol swab to wipe the bottom of the barrel and use to crush powder/mix with water. Next, drop in a filter and draw up. The solids that remain should only be wax. Taste it to see how bitter it is. If you taste nothing or almost nothing, then you've done it correctly. Last but definitely not least, tie off, find spot, go to town. It took many failures before I discovered this method, and it's never let me down.
  7. Checq Mate

    Checq Mate Silver Member

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    Jun 9, 2013
    My dog Sam was telling me that when preping Malinkrodt 60mg ER ms pills, it works well if one removes the coating with alcohol swabs then crushes to a powder with a soup / table spoon on glass or HARD surface, then add to 2-3 mls minimum of hot water per pill in clean, large spoon.It might take a large rig but the more water, the better the results. Quickly add powdered pill to hot water and add heat to spoon with a small torch (crack, dabs style, not sooty lighter or candle)just till light rolling boil begins and pill wax floats to top, clear solution stays on bottom.( Morphine is made by heating opium in H20 to 85*C for hours, so a quick boil will not destroy ms!) One can then use extra rig to pull up clear solution and backload into a rig with sterile wet cotton ball ramed into it as a pre filter. Let solution cool before pre filtering as this will catch any wax that might have dissolved into solution while hot. Sam uses 10cc rigs as they are easy to change sterile cotton pre filter plugs. After cooling & pre filtering a micron wheel filter is prefered so Sam can hopefully grow old with working circulatory system! Always titrate when trying new methods so one does not itch& scratch themselves to death or OD. Save the wax & dry it out. When one saves up a few they can hold for a rainy day. But that's just what my dog thinks.
  8. crazydude42

    crazydude42 Newbie

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    Nov 23, 2012
    This is the way I have seen it done for the Endos. For the Mallies, use cold water.

    Either way, injecting pills with wax & binders is dangerous. Just wanted to say this for safety's sake. Be safe as you can and use a wheel filter if you can.