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    Dec 23, 2004
    from U.S.A.
    Tested the water a couple times with great results but never would like
    to know to the T the correct method, from start to finish, on how to
    slam proper. Wondering if anyone could post a 'guide' of sorts or just
    tips thanks
  2. jduba

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    Dec 23, 2004
    from U.S.A.
    come on tweakers i know your out there
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    Feb 2, 2005
    sorry jduba, i know tweekers aren't known for their moral and ethic
    code, but i speak for myself when i say that is something you find out
    how to do when you're ready...

    that's how i learned, by watching nurses draw blood, watching diabetics
    shoot themselves with insulin, and pulp fiction has a really graphic IV
    injection scene with really cool music

    if you're thinking about rigging up for the first time, it is unfair to
    ask a friend do it because if something goes wrong with you slamming
    drugs, you shouldn't have anyone to pin the blame on besides yourself

    some common sense no-brainers:

    1. NEVER SHARE NEEDLES... i got the needle i used the one and only time
    i ever slammed from a printer ink refill kit with a surgically sealed
    plastic container

    2. make sure what your shooting is completely clear of any debrie...
    even a few fibers from a clean cigarette filter can f*ck you up hard
    because if you do it right, the substance should be going straight to
    your heart which pumps it in steady bursts througout your bloodstream
    and to your brain

    3. make sure before you pierce the skin that you've held syringe
    vertically with the needle up and tapped it so the air bubbles rise and
    you can let them escape... you don't want air bubbles going to your
    heart because that will cause a heart attack or stroke... i forget
    which but either way it's really bad and you'll die or be a

    4. make sure you hit a vein... if you don't you'll be shoving a pool of
    highly toxic and irritating substance into you're muscle tissue and
    that doesn't get you high. i heard of a guy who accidentally hit
    a nerve in his ankle and couldn't walk for six months and had this huge
    chunk of his leg become infected and get all pussy and gangerous... you
    can tell if you hit one cause you will easily be able to draw massive
    amounts of blood into the syringe with a tinny pull of the plunger

    5. throw your needle away after one use... i tried to use the same
    needle later and it had already become dull and i poked and poked for a
    vein but the needle kept ripping flesh with it and i just couldn't find
    one... the next day both arms looked like dalmation legs from so much
    bruising which is inevitable

    also consider the extremely negative stigma that has evolved around
    illicit use of hypodermic needles... to many, that is considered the
    point of no return, once you go that route, you will never be
    considered a "normal" or "civilized" human again, you're a junkie, and
    to many you will be avoided likethe plague. most will assume that
    you already have HIV

    if you're serious about this i suggest you READ A NURSES MANUAL
    OR BETTER YET, TAKE A COURSE... consider all consequences good
    and bad and wiegh them... sure, you might get higher then you've ever
    been, so high in fact that you might nut in your pants right there...
    would that be worth death or a horribly incapacitating hanicap for the
    rest of your life?
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    Dec 23, 2004
    from U.S.A.
    thanks for the great tips but have been poken hear and there for a good
    while now just know when i satrted i blew so many shots and would have
    massive bruises and marks on arm. who knows why i did it but meth has
    that effect. I just wasnt sure if any lifelong slammers had tips for
    some of the new guys i guess i can conclude from your post yuo never
    get comfy enpuigh with it to be the one teaching!

    couple of my tips ifyou do blow shot:

    warm rags 2-3 times a day for 5-10 mins to try and drain area

    keep very clean with alcohol wipes

    if it gets real bad dont be scared to get help thats what docs are there for
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    Feb 7, 2004
    Let some other scumbag tell people how to it- I can't be that scumbag here anymore.