Short acting opium tea ?

Discussion in 'Opium & Poppy' started by Equality, Jul 25, 2006.

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    Nov 23, 2005
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    Today swim tried something, he had some dried papaver somniferum giganteum pods with the seeds still in them.

    He removed the seeds, then in a coffee blender ground them op until they where almost powder.

    Took 5gram of the powder, put this in a empty bottle, added 300ml (1cup) water of 75-80 degrees and started shaking..

    Added some lemon juice, and shaked it every 10-15 minutes for 1 hour.

    Then he drank it.

    At 4:00 he drank the liquid and at 4:30 he started feeling something, a kind of heavy feeling.. somewhat sedated

    the feeling grew a little stronger and he had some itching but at 6:00 it started to fade away and a half hour later he is just a bit slow but the feeling is almost completely gone..

    He has done morphine before, only once 2 x 30mg but that was over a month ago.

    Did he did something wrong making the tea, or was 5gram a very very mild dose?
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    Jul 3, 2006
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    Sounds a little weak to me. Swim just started making tea a couple weeks ago, he used 10 crushed medium to big pods the first time. He said it was an intense morphine like buzz that lasted a few hours. But since then he said that he uses around 5 pods. He took all his pods and crushed them in a blender. He stores the crushings/powder in a plastic container. He adds 5 heaping teaspoons to a glass of hot water. (one nice teaspoon closely equals 1 pod) Swim said that he doesn't see a reason for you to take the seeds out first. They don't hurt anything. If anything, they may add a little more goodies. He stirrs and lets it steep a while, then filters it through a strong cloth. (T shirt or wash clothe works great) My problem though is the taste. He said that he would rather lick a dogs ass hole. Swim says that he is looking for a way to extract the opiods or a way to cook this tea down to minimize the amout swallowed. Any idea's out there? If so, I'll tell him.
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    Apr 13, 2004
    I had some poppy tea last weekend. After the harvesting was done SWIM boiled the left overs and let it simmer etc. and had some tea from it. Was a nice stoned/sedated feeling off it. Not too strong just fine. I will be sampling the harvested OPM this weekend. Can't wait