Shrooms at a casino report

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    Dec 9, 2017
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    last night I decided to do something I never thought I would do, go to ththe Casino while tripping. I am a pretty experienced user of psychedelics and usually have a great trip at home in tuthe comfort of my movie room. I also took .5mg of xanax for the anxiety of the trip and it certainly helped. I know people have said to me and others that benzos can screw up your trip, but honestly still never tripped harder/had a better time tripping than last night, here is my report

    4:00 pm: Ate 7gs worth of boomers on an empty stomach. Did my usual honeybun tactic where so put the shrooms on a honeybun and scarf that thing down! Stomach is a tiny bit nauseous but nothing too bad. Excited for the effects and to see what the Hardrock Casino has to offer!

    4:25 pm: Anxiety is kicking in hard, decided to take a .5mg xanax to help, definitely feeling better and now thrilled to leave the house and go to the Hardrock.

    4:50 pm: Euphoria has kicked, waves nonstop are rolling over me, lights are bending a bit. Slight tracers and shapes moving in corners of my eyes.

    5:25 pm: Head upstairs to check on my mom and if she's ready to go gamble. I then realized I have entered the land of mushies. Colors are nuts and my tracers are out of this world. The euphoria I feel is almost equivalent to the best MDMA I have ever taken. I tell my mom she has to drive because I have "had a couple beers." She buys it and thinks nothing of my trip.

    5:40 pm: Time to head to the Hardrock, I am beyond excited to see all the lights, portraits of musicians, and the overall ambience. Right as we are leaving I can't find my wallet lol. I am deep in the void now with spirals and shapes in my peripheral vision alongside with everything moving. Found the wallet, time for a great night!

    5:45 pm: We hop in my truck and I just start thinking I am in a spaceship. I keep having thoughts that my mom is my Uber driver or something. Euphoria is nuts now, literally like I'm on molly but with shapes transforming all around me and it's lasting for hours! I remember the cars passing by and their lights were looking like I was looking through a pair of Christmas light viewing glasses. I turn on the EDM channel in my truck and start vining with everything around me. We drive by a famous daves and I could have sworn it was a nightclub ahah.

    6:10 pm: Arrive at the Hardrock. The reason I wanted to trip here bad is that on Thursday it is slow as shit and no one is really there. Walked into the casino and boom the biggest shock of Euphoria in my life. The lights are going crazy, loud good music, and very good looking drink girls. The security guard who checked my ID, I could of sworn, his face was melting. We enter the casino part and I am in heaven. Pure bliss is how I felt, looking at the pictures of Jimmy Hendrix and other artists morph before my eyes was nuts. The slot machines were awesome too! Lots of lights, sounds, and feels. I have never felt this good on a psychedelic before. I decide to grab a beer or two while there. The beer is delicious, and helped me relax a little more. I decide to stroll around the casino looking at all of the lights and watching them switch right in front of my eyes. People walking by leave streaks and all of the screens are moving. Having a blast!

    9:00 pm: Time to head home, visuals aren't as cool and euphoria comes and goes. Going to smoke when I get back and that should help me get back into it.

    9:15 pm: Smoke a grav bong and head upstairs. Feels like the trip starts up again, this time with way more shapes and lights. Spirals are all over my room and the walls are moving. Eating some great food from the casino we brought home, family guy is on and very interesting while tripping. All of the sudden behind my TV I swear a figure came out and was trying to hug me. The figure was faint but still apparent. Weirdest hallucination I have ever had.

    11:00 pm the fun is pretty much over. i took an ambien for sleep, definitely going to knock me out.

    8:00 am: hell of a sleep, had amazing dreams that were incredibly vivid. Will be doing you this again!

    Be careful drinking on any psychedelic as alcohol is a depressant. It is like playing with Fire but last night worked out very very very well! Will trip at the Casino again!