Side effects - Shrooms Caused Onset of Schizophrenia...

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    AFOAF told me that about 6 years ago he did about 2-3 ounces of shrooms over the period of a month or two. He said that after eating this many shrooms in that period of time a scizophrenic onset began.

    He believes that he had the two main causes of scizophrenia already and that the shrooms just triggered the onset of the illness, which is to say he was genetically predisposed and had experienced "environmental" causes for the illness.

    But the actual onset began after doing these shrooms he said he did...

    Like I said this was about 6 years ago and last I heard he is still scizophrenic. It's an actual diagnosed clinical case of the illness and he treats the symptoms and manages the illness with antipsychotics.

    After eating the shrooms and the onset beginning he was in a psychosis for over a year. He said it always felt like he was having a bad trip on shrooms, everyday, all day.

    Have any of you ever heard of this kind of thing happening before?

    He said he had researched it and couldn't find anything about this having happened or being documented.
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    Re: Shrooms caused onset of scizophrenia...

    Drugs can often bring underlying mental issues to the surface. Psychological issues such as depression usually come out in people during their late teens and early 20's, which happens to be around the time most people will experiment with drugs.

    There is no proof that mushrooms or other drugs can cause anything like this, but it is accepted that they can speed up the appearance of anything that is already there and has not surfaced by itself already.
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    Re: Shrooms caused onset of scizophrenia...

    i had those episodes as well where i felt like shit for weeks and months... the only thing that helped was doing ALOT of self help.. read books, watch seminars and audio tapes. what caused my psychosis were problems and old emotions.

    i had a deep issues about not accepting reality for what it is.. how people are how life is.. many issues..

    aside from that alot of mental problems dissappeared when i started eating a raw food diet ( 80 % ).. nuts, seeds , veggies, fruits, fish.. and alot of supplements.. vitamins, amino acids, anti oxidants , creatin, MSM etc.

    aside from that a increase of conciousness can cause increased sensitivity to external stimuli which can be problematic.

    swim done shrooms and shrooms with syrian rue like 40 times in 6 months... swim needed one year to recover and alot of self development. i was pretty ignorant but happy before doing stuff..ignorance is bliss.. nowadays i don't feel totally fucked up but i do have trouble coping with life on psychological level...knowledge is power and power is responsibility.

    it takes a very special person to take shrooms many times and come back untroubled...especially if you aren't experienced.. im not saying im that special person but i have learned to become one.
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    Re: Shrooms caused onset of scizophrenia...

    What are the circumstances of his scizophrenia?
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    Re: Shrooms caused onset of scizophrenia...

    I found a good summary of studies concerning this .. it can be found here

    I just uploaded a study that was conducted in 1968 (when such studies were allowed) that covers this very topic in depth

    You can get the PDF here


    This study evaluated patients hospitalized with schizophrenic breaks two weeks after LSD use and non drug users diagnosed with schizophrenia and concluded: Quote: fundamentally similar to schizophrenics in geneology, phenomenology, and course of illness (165, p. 877).

    Factors such as Pre-morbid adjustment, cognitive features, age of onset of symptoms and hospitalization and family history of psychosis or suicide were equal in both the group of schizophrenic group and the LSD users. This study also had a 3-5 year follow up.
    Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1983 Aug;40(8):877-83. LSD psychosisor LSD-induced schizophrenia? A multimethod inquiry. Vardy MM, KaySR. (i need a copy of this pdf)

    Here is the abstract of that study:

    I just uploaded a couple more docs to expand knowledge :)

    a comparison of the phenomenology of hallucinogens and schizophrenia from some autobiographical accounts

    Paul Aron- Hallucinogens and Schizophrenia


    My summary

    Its hard to tell ahead of time if you are vulnerable to schizophrenia,
    in general its a small percentage of people who are. And drugs like this can trigger schizophrenic episodes in that small percentage. The illness is already there and dormant and will most likely surface in this persons lifetime regardless of any drug use.

    You can't do much to avoid things like this.. it just happens. Luckily it is treatable with a good Dr.

    60 tips in living with schizophrenia-->
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    Well when you eat that many mushrooms in that amount of time, something bad is bound to happen. I've heard a lot of people saying that their schizophrenia was brought on by smoking weed, doing shrooms, taking LSD, etc. It's all people that would have gotten schizophrenia some other way if it hadn't been brought on by drugs. People who are predisposed to getting it. Other things like psychosis or depersonalization have been said to be brought on by drugs like that as well. But again, only if you're predisposed to getting those kinds of things.

    I'm sorry to hear about what happened to him though. It's really unfortunate that nobody can really do more research on drugs like shrooms or acid in order to see what kinds of negative effects they can have on certain people...nor can we find out the more positive effects either.
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    I know this thread is really old, but before I met my fiance, he ate a few 8ths every about four days for two months. I met him only a week after he stopped doing this. Our entire relationship he beeleived I did things I never did, he would hear things and see things, and create conspiracies in his mind. He eventually became violent and hurt me, but I've realized recently this is because of the mushrooms. He admitted to me to being in a psychosis for a long time, due to how many he took. And his psychosis just got worse, he told me his life felt like a "bad trip" he could never escape. And right now he's so bad he's not even himself anymore, and his mother is trying to force him to seek out a diagnosis for schitzophrenia, as he now actually talks to and looks at things that aren't there. Mushrooms absolutely does this to people, I lost the man I loved because of it