Shrooms: no effect on me what so ever

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    Oct 18, 2017
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    So, this hamster has tried shrooms 3 times and every time the hamster is disappointed. The first time, the hamster ate 5g ground in honey (blue honey). The hamster felt nothing. The second time, the hamster took a powerful LSD trip and boosted it with some lemon tek (shroom tea) and really did not notice anything except the LSD come down. The third time, the hamster had 3g of lemon tek and 1 g raw.... nothing.... this baffles the family of hamsters because other hamsters were knocked into another dimension with the stuff. Could it be the hamster's medications (prozac, abilify, depakote, clonazepam, wellbutrin) that are offsetting the shrooms?

    For what it is worth, cocaine-HCl and crystal meth have little to no effect on me; but crack cocaine gives me pure euphoria :)
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    There are like a million threads that explain why you don't mix psych drugs and hallucinogens.

    Did you do any reading on mushroms before taking them? Anything at all? There is nothing baffling at all about antipsychotics and SSRIs blocking the effects of mushrooms.

    You really need to do more reading.
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    Please leave the hamsters alone and use the drugs yourself.
    Anyway, yes its the meds which are blocking effects of mushrooms ad LSD. BTW: you really should not be taking LSD and mushrooms when you need anti-epileptics.