Sleep deprivation and marijuana

Discussion in 'Cannabis' started by Sickman, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Sickman

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    Nov 9, 2005
    from Canada
    Anyone ever observe whether being sleep deprived affects how strongly marijuana hits people?

    For example:

    Swim and his friend smoke about the same amount of bud.
    I got 2 hours sleep last night
    Friend got a normal amount of sleep
    swim and his friend just smoked up

    I am extremely stoned
    swim's friend, not so much.

    Some questions:
    1) Anyone swiy's out there who can hold their smoke just as well while tired?

    2) Does being tired increase sensitivity to all drugs generally, or just some?
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  2. Bez

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    Oct 19, 2006
    I find that having a doob when tired makes me so tired it's almost impossible to not sleep!

    From experience I would say that any stim drugs like coke/speed do work just as well, but for a slightly shorter duration. Funny but if I takes MDMA when tired it makes me very sleepy as well. ON its own it doesn't seem to make SWIM have energy just feel all happy...
  3. D.U.M.B

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    Apr 13, 2004
    I think the lack of sleep would enhance the effects or at least just make you think your more stoned when infact your just more tired. Whenever SWIM smokes after not a lot of sleep he simply passes out and falls asleep again. I do this some mornings, he awakes at 7am and has a joint and goes back to bed until like noon. It's fun on days off and can lead to weird and funny dreams
  4. Ellis D.

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    Mar 28, 2005
    from U.S.A.
    I don't enjoy the drug as much when tired but it's effects are defentelly there.

    Being really tired can make you have a bad trip if you take a psychadelic.