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Smoking - Smoke meth on foil out of pipe, questions for advanced

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine' started by surfergirl1983, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. surfergirl1983

    surfergirl1983 Newbie

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    Jun 22, 2010
    from U.S.A.
    My monkey Marvin was monkeying around and broke his pipe which can no longer be bought in his area of the zoo. He doesn't like all the bullshit involved with using a light bulb so he tells me he used foil and a straw. Marvin, an experienced smoker is anal retentive about holding his Bic low enough to not burn up his dose, and letting it rock back in between hits, but until Marvin the monkey can learn to stop breaking stuff, he asked me to check around on the pros and cons of using foil, straw, and low flame. Any input anyone? Thanks!
  2. beentheredonethatagain

    beentheredonethatagain Silver Member

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    May 30, 2007
    from California, U.S.A.
    let the goods run up and down the length of your foil,, we only had a straw and foil back in the day, we did okay
  3. CanadianBakin

    CanadianBakin Titanium Member

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    Oct 5, 2011
    from Canada
    I use tinfoil, a lot, even when a pipe is around SWIM often prefers the tinfoil method (I know, I know, say what you will, I find he can control his hit better and doesnt waste a single mg)

    SWIM doubles up his tinfoil, and finds it holds up better and doesnt burn your ice to quickly. Cut out a rectangular piece of foil, so that once its doubledg up its about 4 or 5 inches long, and about 2 or 3 inches wide. Use fresh foil right off the roll, and avoid any "crinkles", SWIM then lays it on a hard flat surface and runs the side of his lighter along it to flatten and smooth it as much as possible.

    Shape the tinfoil like a U (make it resemble a half-pipe in snowboarding) > this ensures that the smoke travels up and down the foil and not randomly off to the sides. At one end, place your meth (SWIM places a chunk only about the size of a quarter of a penny, if that) Then using a regular size BIC lighter (SWIM avoids small bics, as for some reason the flame is always bigger) light underneath the ice until its all, or at least almost melted into a liquid, if you see smoke thats fine, let it go, you dont want to smoke this (I dont anyways, some people dont give a fuck and smoke it anyways). This gets rid of some impurities and shit like that. Once the liquid re solidifies or "cracks back" (should only take a few seconds) you are ready to smoke it.

    Put the pen in swiys mouth and hold it about 3 inches away from the ice. Light your bic, and hold it about half an inch away from the foil, directly under the crystal. It should take a few seconds to melt and start smoking, if it starts bubbling you're burning it too quick and wasting product, and you should move the lighter further, if it takes a while and not much smoke is coming off, move the lighter closer) Once it starts melting, you have to tilt the foil > Tilt it so the end with the ice (the end closest to you) is up, and the far away end of the foil is down, so its tilting down and away from you. (I dont tilt the foil before it starts melting because when the meth is hard/dry it will just slide down the foil) now at about the same time, when it starts melting its going to start smoking too, this is when you start sucking through the pen casing. Now most meth should turn completely liquid and start rolling down the length of the foil (some meth I find doesnt roll as easily and tends to stay in one spot despite the tilt, try tilting it more if thats the case, or if you havent put enough on it wont really roll too much) ----> Now people say you do this (tilt your foil) so that the meth burns more evenly and efficiently, and also, any smoke created is going to travel to the highest point of your foil, and if you tilted it correctly the smoke should go towards you (or your pen), this is also where the "half pipe" shape helps channel the smoke straight up and towards you, the msoke should go off the end closest to you if you dont suck it up.. I have ANOTHER reason for doing this. If you burn it all in one spot, once it gets to the end and bubbles a little bit, it starts burning holes through your tinfoil, once there are holes in your foil, the flame can touch the meth, resulting in your meth turning black and overcooked, or sometimes your meth will just ignite into flames and your entire pile will burn up in about half a second, and it tastes like chemical BBQ ass.

    *tip: I have a heater in his room, when the air from the heater hits my lighter, the flame flickers. The heat of the flame is then spread out all over the place and will burn very innefficiently, so try going to a spot where there isnt much air-flow, and your flame stands straight up, unflickering. This makes a huge difference and took SWIM forever to realize wtf was causing My meth to meth very very slowly..

    Also, this whole time, presumably, your left hand (or non lighter hand) is obviously holding the tinfoil, usually at the opposite end of where your initially place your meth)

    Now once the ice is rolling down the foil (down and away from you) you got to keep your lighter underneath the meth and follow it to the other end, this will keep it smoking and rolling. Simultaneously you have to follow the meth with your pen and keep sucking. Now dont let go of the lighter once your lungs are full, stop lighting about 3 or 4 seconds from when your lungs are full, because the meth will keep smoking for about 3 or 4 seconds after you stop lighting, and you dont want to waste this. Hold it in for a few seconds or however long you're comfortable with (I wouldnt trust that shit in his lungs for more than 5 or 6 seconds at the most-- unless he's down to his last little bit lol), and you should exhale a good amount of smoke. Your meth should be somewhere near the other end at this point -but maybe not, all meth rolls at different speeds, and it depends on the amount and lung capacity, but once it does reach the other end, however many hits that takes you, turn the foil around and repeat. Eventually, when the meth "puddle" is running out, it will get smaller and smaller. It will get so small at one point that it wont have enough mass to "roll" and will just sit there regardless of how steep you tilt the foil. Light it very lightly at this point or it will fizzle into blackness and put holes in your foil. (if you get good enough SWIM rolls it off to the side when its getting small so if it does make holes in his foil, at least its off to the side, not down My "main runway")

    There shouldnt be any trails left behind once you get good, it should all travel together with the "puddle", but if there is, you can go back and smoke this. Every now and again hold your foil up to a light bulb and look through for any tiny holes, if there are I sugggest getting a new piece of foil or fold it in a way so there arent any holes. You dont want holes, if you go over a hole and the flame touches your shit, like I said before.. abra-ka-fucking dabra POOF and its gone and your eyelashes might be singed lol.

    Note: most of the pens I use eventually get slightly melted and very slightly deformed near the smoking end, this is normal, if SWIM held the pen any further, he would lose smoke.

    I supposed I am at liberty to say, it is thought that aluminium contributes to Alzheimers disease, though not proven, there is strong evidence to suggest this. SWIM accepts this fact, and does it despite that fact.. I feel that smoking meth is much more harmful than smoking aluminium anyway.

    If You can learn to use foil the way I do (exactly as described) he/she should find that is practically as efficient as using a pipe, and is more fun, and often more convienient. If you see any smoke coming off the sides of the pen, you're burning it too quickly or not sucking hard enough. I know that he's learned to do it in a way where he wastes as little smoke as he would in a pipe.

    Some cons: you have to prep the foil, if done incorrectly you lose meth, possdible alzheimers contributor.

    So I would say its a very viable method, and would reccomend it, as long as its done proper. Also, I know there are tons of threads and internet articles explaining this procedure, but he finds many of them dont explain the REASONS for why you do things (like the U shaped foil, e.g.).. So I explained it the best I could, the way I feel it is easiest to understand, and explained it in a way that makes it worth it. Some other articles miss crucial steps. I know you werent asking really for instructions, but You sounds like he/she hasn't done it often or ever, so I wanna make sure before You decides if foil is efficient or not, he/she is at least doing it correctly.

    Also, no matter how much someone reads up on it, there is a learning curve involved, and some of it just takes practice, and learning for yourself. Everyone ive seen do it does little different things. You probably wont do it just as I described once you develope yout own technique, but this is a good starting map anyways. I know its hard to find picture instructions or videos on the internet for some reason/ it doesnt take long however to learn tho. Just keep at it, learn from mistakes. At first it may seem shitty, but once you're good you will see that it is a good way to smoke, despite all the criticism it seems to get on this forum.
  4. OliverW

    OliverW Newbie

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    Jan 7, 2014
    27 y/o from U.S.A.
    I haven't read anything this long in months and I can barely make it through the first paragraph (ADHD). Can you please explain how to make a meth pipe out of tin foil in point form?
  5. Diverboone

    Diverboone Titanium Member Donating Member

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    Apr 7, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    Pros easy to acquire needed items and easily destroyed/discarded. Cons loss of "Mileage", meaning that using foil there is much more potential (accident, improper usage, difficult reclaiming condensed product in straw, and spillage) to consume more than when using glass.

    When it is discovered that the area does not have the local habib/convenience store roses or cigar tubes There are many available items that have other uses but can easily and quickly become a descant quality glass replacement tool. Basters, aquarium heaters, hydrometers, and sometimes hummingbird feeder tubes, can all be found at your local ?mart.
  6. j8Jr

    j8Jr Silver Member

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    Dec 28, 2012
    from earth
    I'd also recommend a scentless votive candle as the heat source instead of a bic. It allows you to set the candle on something three inches tall which has a similar diameter to make it easy to tilt the boat, and makes it much easier to get comfortable and get good rips.

    I use a plastic drinking straw with a flexible end and hold the foil perpendicular to my line of sight to make it easier to know where the flame is as I move the foil.
  7. dmitri

    dmitri Newbie

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    Aug 11, 2009
    from U.S.A.
    my cat likes foils 2nd to hot rails. he loves to masturbate at the computer and using a tea light (sitting atop 2 or 3 decks of cards or whatever). he can smoke w/ only one hand and jerk w/ the other. also, just prepping the foils is enjoyable...almost like ritual.