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Smoking - Smoking Adderall or Vyvanse

Discussion in 'Adderall' started by cider, May 10, 2011.

  1. cider

    cider Silver Member

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    Mar 14, 2011
    from U.S.A.
    Can it be done? IF so, do tell. Would greatly appreciate your intelligent input. Safety first!:)
  2. Canmedaa

    Canmedaa Titanium Member

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    Nov 20, 2009
    from Canada
    Canmedaa suspects that just about anything can be smoked, though probably shouldn't be.

    When Canmedaa is dealing with patients who have come into her care because of drug use and is able to establish that the patient used an alternate route of administration with the drug or drugs being treated for she tries to press a very simple rule into their repetoire for future use.

    There are multiple route of administration for drugs such as Oral, Intravenous, Intramuscular, Rectal, etc. When a drug is available in more than one format and intended for multiple routes of administration dosages and formula's are designed to coincide with that format and specified route of administration. Changing the route of administration for a drug that is not intended to be administered as such is not only dangerous but can alter the effects the drugs has. This may be the very reason and individual will attempt to administer a drug via route it is not intended for, usually to hasten onset of effect or strengthen the effect itself.

    With drugs, however you might choose to change their format or 'phase', should still be administered according to the originally intended route of administration.

    For instance, if one has purchased an paracetamol + codiene analgesic from behind the counter at a local pharmacy (Tylanol 1's, and 222's are available in Canmedaa's area without a prescription, despite containing narcotic) and wants to extract the narcotic from the rest of the formula by way of cold water gravity filtration, then the tablets will render a fluid, that presumably contains the narcotic alone. Despite the narcotic now being in fluid form, it is considered a codiene suspension and while some injectables are suspensions this suspension should not be injected intravenously, intramuscularly, or sub-q. Since it was originally intended to be taken by mouth, it is still intended to be taken by mouth.

    So no matter what you do to the physical format or phase of the substance, it should still only be administered by the route it was manufactured for. Canmedaa really can't stress this enough.

    Canmedaa prefers to believe that people are smart, despite her tendency to accuse everyone she works with of being an idiot. She believes that even persons who use drugs outside of legal or physician-supervised channels are also smart, infact some drug users she's dealt with are smarter than other Doctors Canmedaa works with, including her. So be smart about drug use.

    While not a fan of 'scare tactics', Canmedaa will share the following anecdotes pertaining to drugs being administered by the incorrect route that she herself has treated.

    A double-admission to the ER came in during the early morning composed of a girlfriend and boyfriend who had decided to try smoking a combination of medications intended to be delivered by mouth. Despite being what Canmedaa refers to as 'Drug Veterans' they both suffered from inhalation burns. While the boyfriend's airway remained reliable with oxygen supplementation, the female required intubation and mechanical ventilation due to both the burns and what appeared to be symptoms of overdose or drug cross-reaction. The boyfriend was released after 24 hours observation, but the girlfriend was admitted upstairs.

    A male adolescent came into the ER by ambulance at the beginning of a shift screaming and clutching his left arm. He was taken directly to an open trauma bay. The EMT's provided the history while the patient was being worked on. He had apparently been injecting oxycontin suspensions for some time but appeared to have botched a job at some point within the past forty-eight hours. Canmedaa serves in a rural area where the hospital is often run on minimal staff and HCP's have clearance to perform more duties and procedures than they would in places with higher populations. The general surgeon on call was not available and while the clot was removed by catheterization the patient had already become septic. Air Evac to a better equipped facility in the south was denied and without being able to locate the on-call surgeon, Canmedaa was given clearance to amputate. She took off the limb at the distal third of the forearm, several inches below the wrist.

    Now whether the young man above suffered from a random blood clot he failed to seek treatment for in time, or suffered a clot precipitated by injection of oxycontin tablets transformed into liquid suspensions is unclear. However, it would be quite a coincidence for an otherwise health young man to get a distal clot in the very arm he'd been injecting into for months and for the clot to occur passed the injection site, en route to the heart.

    If your going to be irresponsible, be responsible about it, or you too could end up spending an unscheduled holiday in an ICU on ventilator or requiring your family to open up your ketchup bottles for the rest of your life.

    Be Safe,