Combinations - Smoking crack and meth at the same time

Discussion in 'Drug combinations' started by Bottled_Puppy_Breath, Mar 13, 2019.

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    Feb 17, 2019
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    Can I put crack and meth into the same pipe and smoke them at the same time? I've read that they have different vaporizing/melting points. I like the intensity of crack but the longevity of meth so I feel like it would be nuts but a Hadi mix. Has anybody tried this or is it worth it or should I smoke two pipes back to back. I'm not sure if one would melt/vaporize before the other so it wouldn't be worth it? Anyone have input?
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    You are correct in that crack and meth need different temperatures.
    You'd need two pipes and quite some practising I can imagine.

    A short question: Why would someone try that?
    To me that sounds like a peer-pressure idea of a room full of bored tweakers, with all due respect.
    Taking two this strong stimulants together sounds like your cardiovascular system would get under quite some stress.
    Do not try this when on your own.
    Have someone else with you.
    Get a bloodpressure meter in case of anxiety/high bloodpressure.

    As a game I find it really risky.
    Think it over.
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    I wouldn't want to personally try that. It sounds you already have and might want to see what D-F thinks about it.

    Well @TheBigBadWolf is right when he asks why? He is also right when he says that two different temperatures to smoke the two at the same time and would need two pipes.

    How much speed do you need? I heard people on this forum talking about mixing crack and meth here a lot and it sounds like you guys think that you have stumbled on the next best speed. But in reality, all you have done is stumble into a vat of redundancy. Waste of both drugs. Boo :mad:
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    It's super dangerous. I've found that the meth curbs the need to smoke crack. You still do, but it stretches much further since your so stimulated already. As for the high, they surprisingly don't mix. It's either crack high, or meth high. Now the body load mixes, so take that into consideration.

    The best advice though: Keep em seperate. Not just for the obvious health risks, but for the best enjoyment choose one or the other.
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    TRASH only couple times in my life I felt like I was gonna freak out . Neither of the higs did I feel and they basically just gave me all negative symptoms only Time my heart literally was not being in a circadian rythum TRASJ
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    Sorry my hand is completely numb and won’t go away I’m using Siri
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    The word is highs