Vaporizing - Smoking DHC; can it be done?

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    RE: vaporizing dihydrocodeine off foil

    I have a bunch of 40mg df118s and wants to get the most out of em'; considering the poor bioavailability orally and the fact that IVing or IMing pills is not at all safe I would like to know if anyone has tried an extraction of DHC via water then adding acetone & collecting & basifying the resulting precipitated DHC?

    In theory would this work?

    I would hate to waste a bunch of pills trying, but would would love to hear any opinions or personal experiences with this.

    thanks, HH
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    To be honest i cant answer the question about whether doin a bit of homemade chemistry would work, but what i would ask is how experienced are you with opiates and what is your tolerance like? While the bioavailability of DHC might be low, they make up for that with the amount in each pill. The bioavailability of DHC might be 4 times lower than say that of hydrocodone, but then there is 4 times more of it in each pill. In a way it's all relative. Now im not saying DHC is the same a hydrocodone but im just saying you get more in each pill.

    DHC can still provide a good buzz. They say its 1.5 - 2 times stronger than codeine, but personally i would say the buzz you get from say 300mg would be far better than 600mg of codeine (NOTE, IM NOT SUGGESTING ANYONE SHOULD TAKE THIS AMOUNT OF EITHER - JUST AN EXAMPLE). If one is used to taking quite a lot of stronger substances like Heroin, Oxy, Morphine etc, then DHC probably wont float your boat too much. If your tolerance isnt very high and you don't take a lot of the 'harder' opiates, then don't dismiss DHC as being weak. A lot of people are obsessed with trying to make things stronger when there is no need as swallowing a few pills would work just fine.

    Has You had much experience of taking DHC as it comes?

    P.S Im not having a go at (or talking about them personally) the OP when i say that people are obsessed with trying to make things stronger, i just meant generally some people can get distracted with trying to improve a drug before they use it 'normally' :)
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    If it were possible to smoke DHC it would need to be freebased first. However if it were to work the high would be much shorter lived. Easily the best route of administration is to plug it. Rectal bioavailability is around double the oral bioavailability. 40% compared to 20%. 150-180mg plugged is my preferred dose.
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    SWIM can't sing about the joys of plugging DHC enough, theynever eat their pills anymore. Swim tries to keep their tolerance down and still finds 90mg plugged to be a far more intense, yet shorter, high than eaten.

    P.s nice sig psyche , last time i read something like that i got a negative blooty on a crack candle.
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    I'd like to bump this thread because it was never answered and I'd like to know. Plugging never really works that well, unsure why, am sure its being done correctly, and has worked with other substances though I have limited experience with it but it has never worked that well with DHC. Really annoying as my tolerace is about 5-600mg (high dose) which means it takes a lot of pills orally, and aso has not always worked well or even at all due to possible interactions. I take 15mg Mirtazapine nightly and benzos occassionally, also MXP recently which I am sure works on opiate receptors, hogging them and making DHC dull and sometimes with almost zero effect plus some anti-biotics and occassional stmulant use. I do need to slow down which is happening at the moment.

    It is not tolerance issues as when I am substance free it always works well when I take one off doses, I never re-dose same day or even next. I was lucky with the script as they are not the easiest to get in this form (114 × 30mg IR for 5-6 weeks gratis) has run out way too early and feel they have mostly been wasted :( Shame as I have to wait another 3 weeks now and even then am unsure if I will get due to the doc possibly not wanting me to get addicted to them, or if he/she delves into my dark medical history. I recenty changed surgery and takes 6~8 weeks for records to appear (love when I change ;) ). Though with my legit reason (I do have one!), and 6 weeks of a daily script at max dose, I might get lucky and get a repeat going as the doc knows well this is the most effective med for me, or if not some to taper off, that is if I complain of withdrawals of which I don't get; wrong and not advisable I know, but just being honest (with myself and df, not doc obv). Luckily though there are tons of over the counter opiates/opiods available in this country, cheaply and in many forms such as DHC, Codeine, Pholcodine (shit), even Opium tincture and Morphine believe it or not :) So, occassionally purchasing a one off high dose isn't a problem in one of many pharmacies (30+ in a 1 mile radius) or online for some feel good pain relief.

    I reckon 30mg pure dhc (with binders) through glass pipe could be more efficient than loads of powder on foil. It's effect is active alone, therefore re-dosable and not requring as much of a conversion process as Codeine (though yes, a small amount is converted to dihydromorphine). I think it would need to be vaped slowly as temperatures should be kept under around 70-80C as it would start to degrade with temperatures higher than that or perhaps a full on blast would provide quite a rush.

    Ok, enough - I know I digress too much perhaps, but I have posted on various threads about DHC about certain matters in order to stop wasting so many bloody pills! Have had little useful info in return. I only had ONE great experience out of all 114 x mg, I don't want to go through that again. So it would be good to know the answer to the op's original question about vaping/smoking DHC from someone who has tried, and perhaps why plugging isn't working for me - I use 60% of my normal dose when plugged, making sure I am 'clear' first and the syringe is inserted deep enough, then normally regret swallowing them it cos it doesn't work so well, if at all :(

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    you're on ur way to getting acids n filters n doing home game.

    ud get something but prob high histamine reaction.....

    homebakke is genenerally best option really.

    I've tried all kinds of methods for 14 years. n homebakes the one I settled on

    I got clean on dhc via weeknof meth off ten bag a day habit, meth 39 mlmeth 30 ml every twelve hours with a PPI to increase absorb. then dhc 60 n 30 mix then 30 every six hours so I cocodamol!!!!! joke! clean feels great but para, agraphobic, n killing times a prob. get rid ur fione so ur not getting .3s for tenner la all day fat white deals on few. that makes you RATTLE

    dhcs purpose is to get clean not high. u wanna get high do the homebake....

    I've extracted dhc 60s with solvent down to pure dhc . I got nowhere smoking itbon its own, with bashy gear for caffine cut n with epehendine ( good fun)! but I never got high. got more from filing garden with buckets n growing o. u can cut on off plant, scrape, solvent on straws n heads dryed. thousand times better buzz low THEBANE ones. it ends up like bho. smells like skag beh as ves like tar

    again eat dhc with buzz

    u can't smoke it if it vaped ud have deaths like wen IV cod is given into a vein n pt heart attacks n has huge anaphylactic shock.

    we even tried 02 with booze e k n eventually. Ike is was poop. ibwanna get high PR it n use buscapam tobstop spasmfs