Smoking Pedicularis Sp.

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    Of the 20 or so online reports of smoking the various species of Pedicularis, virtually all users report definate and pleasant effects ranging from a great tasting tranqulizer and muscle relaxant to a Cannabis or Opium like high, perhaps milder with less euphoria.

    Could this species be the closest naturally occuring thing to Cannabis? It certainly produces nice sticky buds.

    The plant is semi parasitic, meaning it feeds on the roots of a host plant, making it difficult to cultivate. There is also suggestion that it may take up alkaloids from the host plant eg: Mirmosa hostilis?

    I have not been able to yet obtain Pedicularis, it does not naturally occur in my country, and seeds are not allowed to be imported. But I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has tried it.

    Extracts are also available from a few vendors, but are expensive.