Smoking small amounts of salvia.

Discussion in 'Salvia divinorum' started by Ben12345, Nov 1, 2006.

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    You guys all know of the SALVIA rating scale right? Well, I've got dried salvia divinorum leaves, rolling paper, and a bong, but I haven't touched the salvia yet. After reading a lot of descriptions of salvia trips, I decided I don't want to trip on salvia, and I think I'm not emotionally ready. The majority of trips I read about were bad ones. The level one or two sound better for me,so what is a salvia "buzz" like? Is it something like marijuana at all?
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    1st- Dont worry about tripping too much, this shouldnt be a problem with salvia leaves, just smoke them in your papers.

    2nd- Just aswell you don't have the extract cuz if you did you can't really pick a level to get to, I has smoked small bowls before trying to not trip too much and ended up more fucked than he has on other occasions where he has smoked multiple large bowls.

    3rd-Salvia buzz isnt like weed, although it sounds to me like You mite prefer it to be.

    4th- Please use the forum search engine these questions have been answered many times.

    Do more of this, the sticky threads at the top of the salvia forum would be a great place to start, if you havnt already. Erowid also has a wealth of information:

    finally- welcome to drugs-forum
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    If You feels he/she is not emotionally ready, You has answered his/her own question and the admission is a clear sign of level-headed thinking. If You looking for confirmation that you's internal compass is pointing to true north, then I would agree.

    SWIM personally finds Lady Sally very unfriendly. Like anything else, it is a matter of taste. If curiosity gets the better of you, please have a sober sitter.

    Sally is NOT like weed. Weed lets one climb high, Sally makes one disappear completely.
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    Nov 18, 2005
    Let's say some would respectfully disagree with you, although there is no way to know what concentrations are best for you.

    I have known people who have experimented with 5x to 20x extract and found therapeutic levels of this herb at all levels, from all manufacturers.

    Albeit, the threshhold levels are fine and hard to determine without first having a significant experience from a particular brand that uses a particular processing method.

    The research I am aware of, generally has less favorable results with any extract that uses hydrolyzed leaf and flower as a substrate. Just a theory, but I have heard best results coming from dehydrated leaf substrate with partial rehydration via extract deposition only. Perhaps this results in a more sterilized product.

    Some studies I'm aware of suspect that some manufacturing methods result in a product that encourages the growth of molds which may or may not deactivate the active compound.

    Back to the topic at hand... Therpeutic salvia

    There does exist a creature of this type.

    It's mostly akin to a sensation you would receive from an anti-depressent and it's not something that would equate with a marijuana high, but still enjoyable, perhaps more so depending on your preferrence, and shorter in duration.

    Many researchers have reported sub threshhold levels of salvinorin-A beneficial for short term concentration, and oddly enough, to rememdy diarrhea.