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Drug info - Smoking spice Pros and Cons

Discussion in 'Cannabinoids' started by Endurance, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. Endurance

    Endurance Newbie

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    Mar 21, 2012
    from U.S.A.
    Certain smoking blends purchased from smoke shop get me really high.

    my Pros
    -Intense mind high
    -Fun to smoke (reminds me of smoking marijuana)
    -Relaxed calm feeling

    my Cons
    -Social anxiety and mild paranoia while high
    -Makes me fall asleep
    -sometimes I feel crazy
    -tastes bad

    Although my overall high is great, I can sense the addition potential of these blends, which concerns me, so I am considering switching back to weed or stopping.

    I am interested in others experiences and opinions with spice so please post thanks!!
  2. trdofbeingtrd

    trdofbeingtrd Palladium Member

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    Apr 27, 2011
    from U.S.A.
    In this response, sarcasm might seem to be seeping through, but I assure you, I am just being honest. For those who can enjoy "spice", good for you (again, no sarcasm), but just please remember that every time spice is bought, it will continue to be sold. Going into this with the pro's vs. con's list I am going to give, you can see one side of story which is why I feel it's a catch 22 when it comes to "spice".

    -Cannabanoids or spice does not show up on drug tests. (It should be noted that this is not a complete truth now, more and more tests for research chemicals/synthetic cannabanoids are hitting companies.)

    -Spice is legal. (Again, something to note is that this also is not a complete truth any longer, more and more research chemicals/synthetic cannabanoids are being banned as soon as the ink is dry)

    -Some types of spice is more mellow than marijuana thus making it more enjoyable for those who cannot handle the high of marijuana. (This is true, but taking into account that there are a huge variety of "spices" and that for every time one type is banned, two to three others take it's spot even with same name, but now can and are replaced with dangerous research chemicals, spice is not really enjoyable or possibly worse.)

    - People who buying spice are supporting an underground group that has little to no compassion and or care about humans in general and most but not all will sell them without hesitation EVEN IF they KNOW it's dangerous. (This is not true of every source, and of course there are exceptions to every rule.)

    - Some of these research chemical spices cause permenant damage in regards to people who previously have had 0 anxiety problems now have them even without use of spice in any of it's "flavors". (not all spices cause permaent anxiety issues, just most.)

    Basically, even the pros have cons bad enough to kind of invaidate them. To my limited understanding of the subject, when the first RC's came out, specifically JWH-018, it was far safer than just about anything out there now. However, like with other substances, unsafe use/abuse has caused it to be banned.

    In all, the pros that spice brings to every individual other than happiness or joy, is slowly fading.

    The one thing that research chemicals good or bad have brought to the table is that governing organizations are slowly realizing that people WILL get "high" one way or another and that the failed "war on drugs" is causing more corruption, "tainted money", and health problems including death than if people were able to just do drugs that are no "research chemicals".
  3. Zhekarius

    Zhekarius Silver Member

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    Aug 28, 2011
    from U.S.A.
    During my friend's use of spice, these are the pros and cons he observed.

    -Extremely intense high with very few hits
    -High came on very quickly
    -Certain blends had other interesting effects such as dissociation and stimulating effects, a few even had some aphrodisiac like effects
    -It only took about a day's worth of time and a good rest for effects to feel back at full force the following day
    -It made my friend's ability to think in an abstract and philosophical manner greatly increased at times
    -It enhanced colors and other perceptions and experiences in a positive manner and intensely
    -It caused some intense euphoric feelings and feelings of acceptance of his fellow man at times

    -It had an addictive quality that crept up on my friend like a thief in the night and stabbed him mercilessly half to death
    -Over time it began to have nasty physical ramifications on his body, he would start to get headaches eventually after smoking it if he re-dosed too many times, and formed a horrible cough that he's still trying to get over even after fully quitting
    -If he overdosed it would cause him to vomit severely and usually he had a horrific coughing fit prior to the vomiting that he almost would argue helped trigger it
    -It just did not last as long as weed no matter how powerful a batch he got ahold of
    -Sometimes the high almost felt like it was forced and that he had been poisoned
    -While he ended up starting at 0.3 grams and making that easily last a day, eventually he got to a point where 3 grams would only last a day and 6 grams maybe a day and a half
    -The stuff occasionally caused him to have convulsions when he overdosed, it never became a medical emergency though
    -It caused his heart rate to increase and while it didn't cause my friend any troubles it could very easily be dangerous in the wrong situation
    -There were a few occasions where my friend had an intensely paranoid trip as a result and thought a few times he heard people crying next door and that he was in serious, serious trouble for talking way too loud about drugs, it was his imagination
    -It has caused my friend to pass out and have dream states that he could not distinguish from reality (this could be a good thing in the right setting)
    -It was costing a fortune by the end
    -The possibility of long term side effects that my friend has no way of knowing about due to it being research chemicals
    -He has found weed less enjoyable after smoking spice for a long enough period of time and this hasn't seemed to improve over time.
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