Combinations - SNRI's effect on various drugs

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    I have been taking zoloft for a long time.. cant even remember how long. The only drugs that can really fuck swim up are weed and liquor. I am switching his SSRI to an SNRI, effexor. Before, there were many drugs I could not touch, such as DXM and kanna, as well as a number of drugs that would have NO effect on him, no matter the dose, including xanax, oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, and ambien to name a few. I will be going from a relatively high dose in terms of SSRI's to a low dose in terms of SNRI's (150 mg sertraline to 75 mg effexor). Does anybody have any information on the effects of mixing SNRI's with things such as dxm (especially), amphetamines (dextro-amphetamine), and other fun little pills? Should these pills such as d-amphetamine, percocet, and ambien be stronger now with a lower dose and on SNRI? and also, would SWIM be safe taking a seretonin affecting drug such as tramadol or dxm on his new SNRI?
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    A friend of swims took MDMA with swim and some other friends while on Effexor. He did get effects, but had a really weird roll. Swim's friend is type II bipolar and usually pretty outgoing and can be crazy when partying. He also really likes to dance, which is why it was odd that while rolling he closed up, had very weird and often negative vibes especially towards the attitudes of other people, and barely moved most of the time. Based just off of that swim can't recommend E while You is on Effexor.

    Swim also wouldn't recommend messing around with Tramadol. SSRI + SNRI doesn't seem to produce good effects. DXM doesn't seem like a good choice either given the chance of seratonin syndrome. Someone with more experience and knowledge would be better off evaluating this, but swim just doesn't see DXM and Venlafaxine having good interactions.

    Shrooms should be ok for swiy, though as You is on a fairly strong psychological medication he should consider why he would want to trip and whether he could handle it. Swim's bipolar friend on effexor has no problems with shrooms and enjoys the experiences quite a bit.

    Effexor seems to make people want to consume large quantities of alcohol, so watch swiy's drinking and make sure he doesn't go overboard in a binge or in overall frequency. Swim's friend is on MUCH more than 75mg effexor though, I think he's at the maximum dose possible, which increases side effects greatly.

    As to other drug interactions I amn't sure and doesn't have the time to research at the moment, but he feels that You could benefit from the anecdotal evidence available in some of the reports on erowid. Take a look here and you may find more information ---->

    Also, just a side note, but consider why You is on effexor.... It may be better to try and find a better alternative, even if it means cutting down on overall drug use to aid with the transition. Once you get started on effexor its going to be terribly hard to stop. From what swim's friends' have told him (well several friends and his aunt) effexor withdrawal is pure hell, and if you get the side effects bad you are left between either dealing with the terribly irritating (and sometimes life-fucking) side effects or going through the hell of withdrawal that makes you want to die. There are reports on erowid about this I believe (, but it's the stories I has heard himself that really make him wonder why people are prescribed this drug in any other case than dire need.
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    Effexor is an SSNRI so it affects seratonin like SSRI's but also affects norepinephrine. I didn't find it to effect the high of methamphetamine, but she found it worked well at reducing cravings for methamphetamine during the days following.

    Also I was on Effexor for about 18 months, only 150mg daily, but she did not find the withdrawal intolerable or even difficult at all. The few times she forgot to take her Effexor she certainly did not feel good, but tapering to 75mg for a month then stopping completely she really did not have any major problems with.
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    Subject Q took Effexor for a little over a year... 150-300 mgs per day...

    While on Effexor... lsd and mushroom trips seem to become easily intense taking the subject on a +++ or ++++ trips on relatively small dosages [one drop]... however paranoia was noted as a usual side effect making such intense trips very subseptible to moving towards the dark side of the mind.
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    Dec 31, 2006
    Effexor combined with weed made Swim very sick and even faint. Not just once.

    About Effexor WD: it's not as hard as heroin or benzo's, but for someone who hasn't been through either of those it would be pretty tough.
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    swims on 75mg effexor, swims has looked thru the anti-depressants forums and no ones mentions DMT. has anyone tried the combination. swim just harvested some mimosa but scared to try w/ the effexor.
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    I have experienced the complete inability to have any visuals or trippy effects whatsoever even with up to 3-4g of good shrooms, whilst taking 150mg of effexor. Damn Shame.