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Snurf-a-Story, anyone?

Discussion in 'Herbal Ecstasy' started by Miss_Methylene, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Miss_Methylene

    Miss_Methylene Newbie

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    Jun 8, 2006
    I had heard of "Snurfs" for quite awhile now, but never tried them. I know that they are sold legally at local headshops and has also been told they are "legal ecstacy". Well, I know enough about drugs, to know that there couldn't possible be a legal drug that works just like ecstacy does on your brain. So, therefore SWIM never really worried to much about trying it. Well, just yesterday, SWIM and her friend went to a headshop and we each bought 1 (one) Snurf pill. They were a pinkish color and looked alot like the candy smarties, but a bit larger. SWIM and her pal weren't sure what the Snurfs actual ingredents were, but both were guessing DXM or somethin' along that line. The main reason SWIM and her buddy wanted to try the Snurf's was to find out what the main ingredent is, and to see if this legal high was any fun.

    So, hours went by and neither SWIM or her friend felt much. I got a headache and knew she had felt somethin' like this before but much stronger. After about 4 hours, and feeling hardly anything at all, both SWIM and her friend agreed that the "legal high", defiantly has to be a small dose of DXM. I would say anywhere from 75 to 150mg of DXM in each pill.

    SWIM, finds this to be a big rip off since each pill is

    [Prices are not allowed. Read the rules]

    dollars each.
    Anyone else have an experiance with Snurf's that they'd like to write about...Good or Bad!
    Also, anyone disagree with SWIM when she states that the main ingrendent in these Snurfs is most likely DXM?
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  2. Abrad

    Abrad R.I.P. Platinum Member & Advisor R.I.P.

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    Dec 10, 2005
    I have heard from several sources that they contain DXM.