Some Straight Talk About Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seed Consumption

Discussion in 'LSA seeds' started by dl5, Dec 8, 2006.

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    Dec 8, 2006
    I recently ordered 25 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds from an online source.
    There are plenty of posts on here about how to take them, but I am a first time user and unsure about what is the most efficient and effective way of doing so.
    I have considered simply skinning the seeds and then grinding 8-10 of them up as finely as possible, then swallowing down with some water.
    Is this truly effective?
    Is there anything else that I should know before diving into this?
    Also, I have used salvia, LSD, and mushrooms, and wonders which the seeds would be most comparable to.
    Any help and and guidelines would be greatly appreciated.
  2. vantranist

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    Jun 23, 2006
    from antigua_and_barbuda
    For My first time he simply chewed 7 seeds without any preperation and he triped nicely... the come up took about 2 hours however SWIM's guess is that the seeds wernt getting absorbed well becuase he only chewed them.

    anyways only Mild nasea for the beggning of the trip.

    after You gets a couple trips off just eating them he'll probly like to do an extraction... somtimes it can be hard to enjoy the trip with the neasea and other side effects. With a good extraction is can be really nice.

    SWIM crunched up 13 seeds with a wieght and took em orally neasea was a bit more hardcore for the first hour or so getting Near throw up for a couple minutes but was the only time I got OEV's compared too the usual 10 seeds.