Sore ass arms!!! Where else???

Discussion in 'Hydromorphone' started by h8edbyu, May 1, 2005.

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    Feb 11, 2005
    Hey I am still IVing the 2mg Dillies usually at least like 3-4 at a time. He hasn't exceeded 20mg's in a day "yet" but is curious what might be too much for him considering the above info.

    The reason for this post is that considering he uses all day every day his arms have become rather sore and noticable as well. So he is curious where else are good spots to IV so that his arms can get a breather for a couple of days, and if and where to tie off etc... He uses Bd Ultra-fine II insulin syringes. 1cc, 5/16" length, 31 gauge.

    Also is there any other good filters besides cotton readily available he has already gotten fevers from this.

    Tonite is also his first time bangin "H" he has snorted it quite a few times but never poked it. He has already IVed 7 1/2 2mg dillies today so he wont use to much "H" He is always paranoid he is going to OD.

    Anywho thanks in advance!!!
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    Feb 22, 2005
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    Check out my post on your other thread how to iv dillies. I actually mention a couple of techniques that will reduce bruising and soreness. Also try using a brand new rig every time u hit even if your not sharing. There are lots of veins in your feet, and there a lots in your arm above the elbow as well if you can find them.Find as many different spots as you can, and then do a cycle-start at one place then go around to the others.Of course after a while of spiking every day bruising and soreness is unavoidable no matter what you do. I dont iv daily, but by using these and the techniques i mentioned in the otherthread, i walk around with short sleeves and no soreness and noone can tell. U can get the proper filters at the drugstore just like the rigs.

    hope this helps. Shooting up daily can be fun, but your tolerence goes up fast and the shit is way addictive. Sometimes i hold off for a week or 2 on purpose just so the rush is better. And i would wait till the next day to try the smack, the rush will be better with no opies in your system.

    thats it cheers
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    May 2, 2005
    sounds like the kid is gonna be hooked bad. You need to tell him to take it easy or he is fucked. You can od and die. But have him shoot up in his forearm like i mentioned in the other post about dillies