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Speed n Meth

Discussion in 'Amphetamine' started by smark, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. smark

    smark Silver Member

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    Jun 27, 2007

    SWIM got some speed but after trying it not really sure what it is. Heres a description maybe someone has an opinion SWIM did a bit of research before asking and not found anything useful.

    It could possibly be described as,

    White powder in rock form( possibly some kind of amphetamine salt but im not sure), kind of soft and pasty but not liquid.

    Has a strong chemical smell similar to crystal meth, especially when its not dry but not like washing powder smell but more ammonia/ethanol etc.

    It drys out when left unsealed at room temp in rock form say 1g in around 1-2hrs, when spread out, around 0.2g about 10- 15 mins.

    When dry it hardens to a hard rock or powder and loses roughly 20% of its weight, 1g wet= 0.8 dry.

    When looked at closely under a good light it sparkles with what appear to be tiny crystals.

    SWIM found the following:

    After the paste is thinned out then snorting a line after only a short drying(5-!0mins) period theres a strong chemical odour, it burns and causes the eye to water, makes the nose run for a short period of time and leave noticable whiteness if around the nostril if not wiped. It causs the nose to block for a while but not too much and soon clears up.

    When totally dry there less of a chemical smell but stil burns and leaves a strong taste at the back of the throat.

    It has a really bitter taste but not as unpleasant as crystal.

    Its effective but not in a totally speedy kind of way. There is a good buzz if around 0.5g of still soft is taken over the course of a few hours, Keeps you awake for a long time, kills the appetite, hard to get to sleep on (SWIM had 4 hrs in 2 days with 1g) but has a more kind of stoned effect rather than speedy.

    Left to dry for ontil podwer for. Dry the buzz isnt so good, still loss of appetite and no tiredness with less sweating. But doesnt clog the nose up like the slighty dry

    Leaves some residue in the nostrils, sort of like thick snot but not irritating or a lot.

    SWIM has not a clue as to exactly what this is, it does the job but doesnt really seem lke speed. After a g there seems to be an almost meth high, somewhere between meth and speed. There isnt that really bad comedown the day after.
    SWIM sure its not been cut it appears relativley fresh.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what it may be? SWIM is pretty sure its speed of some kind but it maybe it isnt as the tastes and effects dont seem to be the normal ones from previous experience.

    SWIM has experience with UK Amphetamines but not with European Ones.

    SWIM know Amphetamines are made the same way everywhere more more less etc But SWIM isnt a big speed fan and found that speed Outside the uk seems different.

    SWIM has considered it might be heavily cut meth but doubts that as the availabilty of meth is common enough and sells itself

    Speed is fairly hard to find as meth is prefered and quite common in most places.

    SWIM has used meth occasionally and found that theres different qualities of meth available and priced on quality.(and still expensive anyway).

    Cheapest is locally made by inexperienced kitchen cooks using poor quality ingredients, taking shortcuts for faster production and not making much effort to remove some impurities. It usually gives you a bad headache when coming down.

    Average is also usually made locally or in a nearby country by people with good experience, better ingredients, equipment and patience.(most common).

    Top is produced in foreign labs by professionals on a large scale using the best ingredients. All impurities are removed, its 100% pure meth which isnt too common and takes a lot looking for but regularly turns up in 'batches' (lastin anything from a week to a month).

    SWIM has tried all 3, tested by smoking some on tinfoil to look for any residue and snorting.

    SWIM doesnt like meth too much unless theres a handful of diazepam handy as SWIM likes the high but hates the inabilty to sleep and need something to get to sleep.

    SWIM once snorted approx 0.5g top meth and smoked the same amount on tinfoil over the period of about 8hrs, Totally blew my mind it was 100& pure and SWIM was awake for 1 week, didnt eat for one week but still had to work. The intense high lasted 5 days, SWIM isnt sure if there was comedown as things are a bit vague as weed was regularly smoked every day and alchol drank.

    SWIM knows meth is on the increace in the UK but still quite rare.

    SWIM found that weed and meth are a lethal combination as it enchances the meth high rather than reduce them and dont aid sleep until it starts to leave the system.

    SWIM wonders what people think about the speed and if its common in the UK or mainland europe?

    This is Swims first post, hope there werent any rules broken and it sort of goes off course but all relative.:thumbsup:
  2. cyndi

    cyndi R.I.P.

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    Jun 15, 2007
    Swim posted appropriately?:thumbsup: Ok did this come from the us? The reason swim asks is that she got some of the same stuff from a friend recently. Swim smokes not rails. Although railed a little to check it out. Same thing swiy experienced. The residue was black when smoked, not like regular meth or ice. Swim experienced the same things swiy described. I wonder if this is what is fixing to hit the streets? Swim was advised to put it out and let it dry, it did overnight and thought it would be fine. Nope, quality was just as swiy described.
  3. smark

    smark Silver Member

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    Jun 27, 2007
    Thanks:crazy. This is in europe not the us. Swim was wondering if swiy was sold this as speed or crystal meth? Swim doesnt smoke speed unless its oil but swim does enjoy smoking crystal on tinfoil and through the occasional bong.

    Swim knows that pure crystal leaves no trace on the tinfoil and can be run up and down the same line for a long time before its gone, swim doesnt know what kind of residue swiy had or how much was smoked, swim isnt me normally uses around 0,1g as a tester and if its pure puts the rest on the foil if not pure swim usually smokes 0,5g in lines of 0,1g and snorts the rest.

    Swim has had mainly 2 kinds of black residue, the first is more like a stain on the foil with a little ash left behind and the ice runs a litle before going up in smoke, the 2nd is lots of black ash which sticks to the foil and goes nowhere and can result in holes in the foil.

    Swim knows that this residue is due to improper preperation of the ephedrine(i.e cleaning all the crap out) to save time and hassle for quick profit. How much and what kind depends on how clean the ephedrine is, the cleaner the ice the less residue.

    Swim has also tried various methods such as drying overnite, leaving in the freezer etc to see if that would help and found that it doesnt really matter.

    Swim has found that when buying ice like this the best thing to do is to seperate the larger crystals for smoking and using the leftover for snorting as the larger crystals tend to be purer, crushing and mixing doesnt work either.

    Swiy has been given impure ice thats all, like i said in my post theres 3 types of ice and 3 prices, the higher the price, the higher the quality as its not made by kitchen cooks looking to make some quick money. Swim thinks swiy will occasionally recieve and probably has recieved the impure ice but may not realize if swiy doesnt test it on the foil. Burning a little on the tinfoil is the easiest way to get a rough idea of the purity, the more crap left on the foil the more impure, also it stinks, pure ice has practically no smoke or odour.

    Swim hopes this clears things up a little:laugh:, and assumes swiy is in the us where ice is much more popular than in europe at the moment and cant expect every purchase to be 100% pure. Swim prefers to pay more for better quality:crazy.
  4. BlondieUK


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    Dec 29, 2007
    This is base amphetamine you're on about, good stuff.