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Experiences - SSRi's + Hallucinogens

Discussion in 'Drug combinations' started by seemoreglass09, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. seemoreglass09

    seemoreglass09 Newbie

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    Apr 12, 2009
    29 y/o
    I have a friend who's been on 150 mg daily of Sertraline for about a year, as well as concerta and ritalin, all by perscription. my friend really wants to trip, but so far his experiences have been disappointing. He's had little to no reaction on shrooms and DMT. he's read that SSRi's tend to disagree with hallucinogens, and is wondering if anyone on SSRi's has advice on how to have a good trip, maybe something more obscure.
  2. Synesthesiac

    Synesthesiac R.I.P. Palladium Member

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    Sep 18, 2008
    from U.K.
    This is a very general question, all psychedelics will react differently to combining with SSRI's. My got a current interest in this, as he too is on an SSRI. And hasn't been too responsible with his combinations, originally planning on not trying anything while on his SSRI, but ending up carrying on his psychedelic voyages as usual.

    So far, I can say that triptamines in general seem largely uneffected. DMT was the largely the same as usual. However phenethylamines (MDMA, Methylone, Butylone) largely got no effects at all. 2c-X chemicals retain the visual effects, but no body buzz or euphoria can be felt at all, leaving a purely visual experience. Benzo's fine. GHB/GBL fine. Mushrooms, I haven't tried it, probably not a good idea since it works on serotonin function (like MDMA and most phenethylamines) so the effects would be expected to be greatly diminished, and people here convinced swim it just wasn't worth trying. See the thread I started: Combinations - Shrooms while on a SSRI. Yay or Nay?

    So overall, nearly all psychedelics do seem to have their effects changed by SSRI's. Some remain largely unchanged, and some are completely different. A rule of thumb would be to avoid any drug thats primary effects are known to be due to binding to serotonin receptors, as this is what SSRI's effect, and ones that dont have any sertogenic activity should remain largely unchanged. But nearly all psychedelics effect the serotonin system in some way.

    So my advice is (being amazingly hypocritical here!) people with pre-existing mental disorders of anykind (depression, anxity, whatever) should generally avoid psychedelics. Especially if on medication that could react with it. But I know this wont stop people trying, so I hope the information I could give has helped.