St Johns wort dosage advice.

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    In the thread titled "Mega dose of St johns wort" someone stated how much more creative and uplifted they felt on an Australian brand of St johns wort.

    Well someone has now found the empy bottle (BRAND A) they bought back from AUS and upon reading the label they have discovered the dosage is 1 capsule 3 times daily. BUT the capsules contain 1.8g (1800mg) standardised to contain 990 micrograms of hypericin

    Opposed to the ones they take at the moment (BRAND B) from the UK which are 1 capsule 3 times daily. And each capsule containts 300mg standardised to contain 0.30% (ie 0.9 micrograms) of hypericin

    So as a result they are only getting a fraction of the dose of what they were recieving in Australia.

    And are they correct to think that if they want same amount from BRAND B as one capsule of Brand A they have to dose 11 capsules of BRAND B?

    Many thanks for advice on this.
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