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    Feb 21, 2006
    I have experimented with psychadelic hallucinogens in the past but wishes to keep the legality at leasy gray. As opposed to black. As opposed to Schedule I. Etc.

    I have never tried LSD but is experienced with mushrooms and mescaline. If he were to delve into RC's would it be advisable to go completely off the wall or to start with chemicals similar in structure to the above?
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    Jul 8, 2006
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    I'm not sure what you mean by off the wall... maybe very different in effects and/or chem structure than mescaline or shrooms? If that’s what you meant I would recommend a one of the more common tryptamines or phenethylamines.

    Many of the RC's are similar in structure to both of these though, each has its own character.
    Phenethylamines like 2C-I, 2C-E, and 2C-T-2 etc. are similar to mescaline in many ways (except dosage, most are far more potent than mescaline).
    Tryptamines like 4-ho-det, 4-ho-dipt etc. are similar to shrooms/psilocin.

    Many SWIM’s would argue that the spiritual component is lacking with the RC’s also.

    If my SWIM were putting together a “starter kit” he would likely add 2C-I for a phen-like experience and 4-aco-dipt for a shroom-like trip. 2C-I because it’s relatively easy on the body and the experience is mostly easy to control (all depends on dosage, set & setting though) and the 4-aco-dipt for the same reasons. People often report positive experiences with both but this does not guarantee a positive one in any way.

    No Research Chemical kit is complete without -
    • A good milligram scale
    • An experienced sitter (or at least a trust-worthy one with SOME experience)
    • A good set & setting
    Do read up on whatever Research Chemical SWIM chooses...
    That is not optional :)
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    May 2, 2006
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    ditto to the above, and.... is your starter kit, boyo. Read all the trip reports on all the substances.... and choose your weapons. Also of inestimable value are Illuminati Boy's threads documenting the results of a series of polls he took on most of the common RCs. Search "effects and ratings survey" in the Research Chemicals forum to find them all.
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    Feb 19, 2006
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    if you want a new experience out of it then it would be a good idea to go "off the wall" as you say. be careful though. dont wanna go "off the wall" in the clinical sense. dont be a hero. it doesnt make you less of a psychonaut to take small doses to start. always take small doses to start or risk being an ER case from an overwhelming "oh my god im dying i need help" type nof experience. a good starting point might be 5-meO-DMT in the sense that after it, comparably, nothing will be more intense. in any sense. if you scare easy though i sure think that would be a bad idea.

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    Jun 14, 2005
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    You really need to do your own homework. Each research chemical is unique and different. Read erowid and lots of trip reports, and decide on one you think is right for you.
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    Apr 12, 2005
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    for a starter, may i suggest a cast of the mind to the past, when you remembered the proper spelling of psychedelic.

    then, its time to get all scientific-assed and find your nearest copy of PiHKAL and TiHKAL (which, while y'all should purchase in print, the gods of the web have made available online, to delight even the cheapest of the cheapskates).

    reading glasses on, peruse the relevant book 'till it falls open on the page featuring the catalyst you first wish to research.

    it is now time to get all refinedly materialistic and consumerist-minded, vesting the hours and spending the extra money to obtain a quality, single milligram-accurate scale, with which one must practice weighing household powders until the eye is oriented, the machine well calibrated and the hands steady.

    a basic set of common reagents to enable testing the veracity of the catalyst is always a good idea.

    by this point, you will assuredly know the exact answer to your question, which, of course, you knew all along.
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