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Discussion in 'Herbal Ecstasy' started by Benga, Oct 17, 2005.

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    Aug 15, 2005
    from japan
    swim, in his everlasting quest for a good hassle free stimulant, was wondering about the effects of combining 3 chewed plants in one quid, coca leaves, betel, and khat...khat is dried unfortunately, so probably worthless ( found before this new freeze drying trend that you can read up on, if you google)...but still, three cultures unite, south american, asian and middle eastern...sounds fun. could even add tobacco but that would be pushing it he... Or kanna, but kanna never did anything worth mentioning.

    a little baking soda, 3 grams of coca leaves, some betel powder, even that would probably work well.

    so would a maceration in strong alcohol probably. hum... if only fresh khat wasn't scheduled here maybe someone could talk swim into it...
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    Sep 19, 2005
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    I know this technically isn't a quid, but I have a technique he's been working on recently that is stimulating--I think...

    In order to quit smoking cigarettes, I used the nic gum, lozenges, etc. until he realized he was never going to quit using gum or lozenges, and couldn't afford to buy this stuff. It was WAY cheaper to keep smoking.

    So, until he becomes a millionaire, SWIM decided to dip (snuff, aka smokeless tobacco), and when he found one that didn't taste like shit, he was fine.

    I recommend Skoal Long Cut Apple Flavored.

    Anyways, here's SWIM's 'stimulating quid.'

    Take an empty Skoal can and place about 2-3 pinches of fresh (damp) snuff into the empty can. Then sprinkle about a teaspoon of fresh dried 'super' kratom extract onto the tobacco leaves. Personally, at this point, he will mist the mixture with a nicotine/water mixture, but plain water would work fine, and if you don't have a mister, just use your fingertips to sprinkle about 1/4 a teaspoon of water onto the kratom.

    then I use a spoon to mix up the tobacco/kratom mix until it's all blended together and moist. When I want to be stimulated, he just places a pinch of the tobacco/kratom between his lower lip and gums and keeps it there, frequently moving the leaves around, and from side-to-side to absorb all the alkaloids.

    anyone else tried techniques similar to this one?