Stories of methamphetamine addiction

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    I used to be a meth addict, she couldn't stand smoking without meth for a day.. first time she tried it was with his ex, hez also a meth addict... somehow meth got her into a stuck situation (really hard to explain) .. everyday she would smoke with her ex.. now dat they broke up she doesn't have the urge to smoke anymore.. n beside meth did fuck up her life... dis half yr she lied, stole, and used up all her money that was given 2 her 2 fix her car to meth (good ding she pull herself outta of it be4 she sold her car). I have even though about betraying herself 4 meth. Long term abuse of meth makes her ding that ppl around her r two-faces.. she lost all her frenz n family trust becuz of meth

    Now dat she's off of it.. she realized that meth did cover her eyes.. she told her frenz about it, n dey support her.. she is very gratful to gain her life bak... (hey peter if u c dis.. i really hope dat u can get off dis ding, seriously meth didfuk up your lives n your relationship)
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    Re: Methamphetamine addiction

    When swim gets high swim injects at least .5 grams of very clean methamphetamine. I am "in the zone" swim can take on the world, I do everything I do better. Soon swim needs another bump and does another 1/2 gram. By this time I have been partying for two days. Soon swim needs bumps more frequently......swim starts to slip mentally. I don't eat at all, I am hyper sexual and wants long prolonged sex to the point that swims partner is unhappy. Soon swim realized its been a week and swims arms are a mass of track marks. I am dehydrated so swim needs a fellow slammer to "hit" swim. I go on and on. Before swim knows it 2 weeks have gone by, I has not eaten and I has not slept. I am dangerous behind the wheel but does swim care? Not a bit! Swim begins to "tweak" on stuff. Swim loses his things and spends hours trying to collect them. Swim cleans swims house obsessively. Swim then tears his house apart. Swim becomes angry volatile.....violent! I am a walking timebomb. Then swim experiences the "grey outs" I had a hazy memory. Swim finally collapses after about 2 1/2 weeks average. Swim sleeps 1 day. Swim wakens to a living hell. I am retarded! Swim smokes herb and feels brain dead. Swim eats incessantly. Swim sleeps and eats for about two more days. Then swim gets more meth and repeats the vicious circle.