Addiction - Story about a friend and heroin

Discussion in 'Heroin' started by Mrworm, Jul 28, 2005.

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    Jul 28, 2005
    Okay. I'm sure this sounds dumb to users, but please hear me out. I'm
    not persecuting you at all - I just dont do Heroine because of what
    I've seen it to do people. I do however smoke weed. Please keep this in
    mind during my post, and I dont mean to offend any of you. I'm worried
    about a family friend is all.

    This family friend has had a history of using heroine (Injecting), and
    I wont say it deeply impacted our family because it didnt, but my
    father was worried about him. Apparently when I was a little kid and he
    was babysitting my while my parents were on vacation in another
    country, him and his friend would shoot up when I was asleep. The
    result was another family friend took it upon himself to take care of
    me at the time. Again, I have no animosity towards the drugs or its
    users. I believe responsible use is possible for all drugs.

    Anyway, I know little about it, but supposedly the two are clean now.
    But heres what has me worried: When I was younger I used to take Growth
    Hormone injections by injection, and we still keep the syringes
    stocked. We were planning to give them to a needle exchange. Sadly,
    they're illegal so we just have them here. I noticed earlier today that
    this family friend was in a small room working to fix something, and he
    left an unopened syringe on the table. I put it on it's back standing
    up, a subtle way to let him know I knew what had happened. When I went
    back in the room it was gone. Now, I'm fine with drugs and I believe
    they should all be legalized, but I'm worried about my family friend,
    and that he may be addicted again. I also understand its possible he's
    not using the syringe, and might be giving it to someone else, but I'm
    not sure. Well, I'm not sure what to do next. Should I tell my family
    which he is relatively close to, or speak to him about it? I dont
    believe he should be in trouble for it, and my family is not the type
    to persecute, but I am very worried about him.

    Again, finally, I have no problem with drugs. I myself use weed
    recreationally, and believe the same can be done for all drugs. I am
    concerned about him, and this is why I posted on a forum for users of
    this drug to find out what I should do, if anything.

    Any suggestions?
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    Feb 18, 2005
    Ask "him" directly. It will be much better for him to hear it from the
    source and not second or third hand. If it comes from someone who heard
    it from someone else he is likely to get paranoid and think that every
    one is against him (This is an example, If he does actually have a
    problem; he may try to project his blame outward instead of inward. The
    example I gave you is just a classic example). You seem like an
    extremely open minded person and I personally would not be offenend at
    all if someone like you questioned my drug use.

    Hope this helps.