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    Red vein borneo has been my drink of choice.
    Great relaxing feeling, almost dreamy state. But contrarily it always leaves me feeling a bit wired, rather than sedated, normally has to be helped along with 25mg Promethazine to induce sleep and help with itchies.

    1 . I tried an alt strain last week, Red Vein Sumatra, whilst the high was perhaps 'cleaner' feeling, more clarity to mind than the dreamier RVborneo, I have to say I felt much more sedation and easier to sleep on this one than I do RedVborneo.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    2 . Further, for me Tea is the only way to go, twice now I've tried toss and wash both times I felt more nausea and very badly hungover the nxt day, compared to tea which leaves me with no hangover feeling and little if any nausea

    3 . Lastly, if one was looking for absolute euphoria, most codeine, possibly even tramadol like what strain would one choose?

    I look forward to your thoughts.

    All the best
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    1. Thanks for sharing this experience, I might try that.
    2. I dont like the taste of kratom so I use capsules, and I feel no hangover and its way more economical than tea, this is my way to go.
    3. I find Maeng Da kratom have very similiar effect to those of Tramadol
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    As far as experiencing a different state with sumatran v. borneo Kratom it is probably due to the different levels of alkaloids in the 2 strains. Kratom has both stimulating and sedating alkaloids which differ in amount from strain to strain. Your experiences differ from mine though since I find red vein borneo (aka Bali) to be more sedating than sumatran, but there's little consistency in the Kratom world so the types of Bali I've experienced are probably different than the ones you've tried.

    Kratom gave me a hangover of sorts when I was still new to it (the first few months of use) but now it doesn't. Tea might be giving you less of a hangover since you're probably getting less alkaloids and also it's clearing your system faster.

    I find red vein borneo aka Bali to be the most euphoric strain of Kratom. I take 10-11 g, which gives me euphoria well above that of tramadol, it's more on the level of hydrocodone and oxycodone in my opinion, but much better since all the alkaloids in Kratom make it a much more rounded out and natural experience. I make poppy seed tea occasionally, which is essentially opium (morphine+codeine+all the other natural opioids), and Kratom is comparable though the euphoria from the poppy tea is definitely a bit more intense.
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    I like 4-6s white vein borneo plus 4-6gs of red vein borneo. If I'm goin all out malaysian mixed with maeng da