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Discussion in 'Opiates & Opioids' started by nirvana, Oct 7, 2005.

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    Dec 25, 2004
    hey, i dont know if this is the right forum to post this in, but i
    looked through and didnt know where else to put it.

    basically, i have one main dealer and a few radom ones. the
    main one happens to be one of my best friends. i was trying to
    buy some more vicodine from him and he told me that he had 6
    but wasnt going to sell them to me. i asked him if one of the
    other people he dealed to had reserved them/ paid for them.
    he said no. i asked if he was going to use them. again, no. i
    aske him what the big deal was.
    he told me that my tolerance was too high (ive bought 6 pills of
    750 from him in the last 4 months... not a lot, and taken either 2
    or 3 at a time) and didnt want me to get dependent. he told me
    he would get me weed instead. i told him that i like opiates
    more than weed, and besides, theyre easier to take w/o
    parental suspicion.
    he freaks out. starts talking about how fucked up i am and how
    hes going to run out and im going to be dependent and
    seizuring and throwing up.
    is he taking it too far?
    cause today i asked again and he told me that he was going to
    ration my intake. idk how much, but its obnoxious. and the only
    other place i know to get them is from his really good friend... i
    dont think thats a good idea.

    does anyone have general advice?
    also, is he exaggerating the speed at which tolerance goes up?

    sorry for the ridiculously longness of that post.
  2. BrandonAA

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    May 2, 2005
    yes he definantly overreacting about the tolerance, you said you've bought six pills in 4 months, even if it was heroin and you used it 6 times in 4 months there is no way you could get addicted. no way possible, believe me. however, regarding your post about valium, it sounds like you have a low threshhold when it comes to pills but in my opinion that doesn't mean shit. you could probally eat all 6 7.5's (not reccomending it) and that would only be 45mg of vicodan in your system, which would probally knock you out, but not get you addicted. well actually someone with no tolerance could hypothetically die from 45mg of hydrocodone but i doubt it, but don't do it anyway i am a fiend.

    don't worry about long posts, long posts are good for the forum.
  3. valdez18

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    Sep 5, 2005
    don't worry I got a dick head friend who is the same way. doesn't want me doing pills all the time, but doesn't give two shits about me doing coke, which I despise these days.
  4. ContnWantn

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    Oct 9, 2005
    dude consider him a good friend, when and if you findanother good hookup for vic', oxy etc.. and get addicted like he'd afraid will happen to you. You'll wish to god you listened to him.

    The problem is and had been for me(someone that said I'll never become addicted to anything let alone some little pills) that once you really start to like them and have a good supply its very very hard not ot do them anytime you're feeling tired, stressed, pissed, angry, depressed, low, bitchy, or even happy for that matter because they have the ability to make that happy feeling twice as happy....

    Its just human nature to want endorphins more and more, very few can have control over opiates, and those that do are usually those that either don't have the steady connect or money to buy all the time.

    I went from 3-4 perc's a day (15-20mgoxycodone) up to over 800mg oxycontin a day in about 8-9 months... if you can even believe that... that's equal to nearly 200 perc's a day...figure that one..

    Dude your bro probably knows how bad a pills addcition can get and doesn't want you fucked up on his account!

    Stick to taking a few here and there and you'll be fine, but get into every day or even every other day and you'll be hooked bad...

    Vico's and perc's etc.. aren't childs play, they are damn near heroin, matter of fact if you ask a lot of people on here you'll find they like oxycontin better... or dillys better than heroin... that should say a lot about the potencey of those pills....

    I love oxy., morph, dillys etc.. more than any other drug.. and that will always be.. I'm stuck at 300mg morphine a day right now from my dr. and dropping my dose is damn painful....

    Right now as we speak I am looking for some oxy's for a boost now and then but he'll never do them every day again, just 1-2 times per week..

    Consider yourself lucky or unlucky depending on how you see it...
  5. AquaFina

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    Jan 24, 2005
    ^ True somewhat..

    I had a friend that says the same stuff.. I understandthese pills and would only take once a week and somtimes twice but not everyday, cause that feeling you get that you want the next day that you want them,, and if youtake them they will just be worse.

    but he allways talks about why I even take them and they do nothing and cannot understand.. he talks about taking other stuff, coke, meth and says I should try that and not pills.. not sure whehre I am going with this but I just hate it when I am told not to take them and I should not when the person does not even know much about what he is talking about..

    You are not taking much and you are not taking them everyday so I don't know what his problem is... as long as you know they can be addicting and take that in account, should be ok.

    ive seen people that take them everyday and when they are not on them, they get all bitchy and they start losing it and I can see why he would not want to see you like that.. but you are taking something you like and doing it once in a while and that is fine
  6. ContnWantn

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    Oct 9, 2005
    the friend likely knows its much easier to get off meth coke etc.. that opiates too... if he says take all the other shit you want but not opiates then I think he's just got your back...

    or he doesn't have a good connect for them and doesnt' make much on them so he wants you to get addicted to the other shit he has that no doubt make him a lot more doe...!!!

    man, for some you have no idea how easy an opiate habbit can creap up on you without even knowing it.. then almost impossible to kick...

    including me right now... its love hate relationship... I love it, but I wish to hell I wasn't stuck on it... you can't just quit or you hit one of the worst experiences of your life WithDrawl....

    BUT if you can really handle a few tbs per week, then go for it.. but you've been warned...

    You'll like it more and more and usually start finding other connects for them and before you know it, its your life...

    Its only natural for us to search for endorphins.... who wouldn't want more of those!!!!!!

  7. nirvana

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    Dec 25, 2004
    i get your points, but just to show you taht he might be
    overreacting a tad bit, this is what he said --after lengthy,
    circutous discussion-- when i casually mentioned something
    about heroin pricing.

    "well, I don't care, just be careful and I don't want to hear about
    it, or how good it is, or how you haven't slept for three days 'cuz
    you had no H, or how you had sex with some guy for $50 to pay
    for it."

    im still shocked when i read that.
  8. antigenesis

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    Feb 26, 2005
    from U.S.A.

    I'd personally much rather be addicted to opiates than changed by
    meth. Also, even if gettinhg off your addiction is a bitch, you'd
    really have to be fucking around to have a deadly OD on labeled
    perscription painkillers, as opposed to how relatively easy it is to
    die off a meth/coke OD. I've done a dangerous amount of meth (You
    should be able to find it in the cola forum, labeled first time or
    something[i thought it was coke]) and I haven't really been the same
    since. Wel,, what I'm trying to say is that I'd really rather be
    mixed up in the web of relatively safe painkillers as opposed to
    possibly dying/fucking up my mind on meth/cola.

    Take it for what its worth.
  9. circsee1

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    Oct 12, 2005
    32 y/o
    It sounds like you friend has a good heart but is misinformed. As someone mentioned earlier you certainly will not become dependent after taking six pills. It normally takes (from my experience and observing others), around two years to become very physically dependent. However, this is not true for the psychological aspect of it. Obviously you enjoy the drug otherwise you wouldnt have made wrote your post questioning your friend's advice which, if indifferent to the drug, you would have accepted easily. This is what will keep you attracted to the drig fot the time neccessary to actually become physically dependent. Just a thought but I would consider all things (future and present) before deciding your friend's advice should be ignored. He obviously is misinformed but in my opinion this is better than to experience firsthand what will be necessary to turn into a "full blown junkie".
  10. Alfa

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    Jan 14, 2003
    117 y/o from The Netherlands

    What is this, Kindergarten? Come back when you are 18.
  11. greener

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    May 29, 2005
    I should probably let this die, but here's my two cents anyhow...

    I don't doubt that the guy thinks he knows exactly what he's talking
    about and therefore is acting with his heart in the right place.
    I became a sort of pharmacist (without the support of a big store,
    however, he could only keep benzos and some stimulants in stock), and
    was surprised by the amount of guilt he felt after dealing with
    customers. This dude had experience with addiction, and as a
    result became sort of a self-appointed addiction-counselor to his
    customers, which generally wasn't appreciated... Granted, his
    concern over the pain of benzo addiction was completely legit (it was
    among the worst feelings in his life, 10x worse than heavy opiate
    withdrawal), but he came to realize that either he needed to stop being
    concerned about others or stop providing the drugs... Being too
    nice a person to disregard his peers, he stopped.

    Truth is that your friend probably has a bit of a love/hate
    relationship with opiates. That is, like most addicts
    (current/former/developing, whatever), he still loves the feeling of
    the drug and wants to share that (and make money), but knows that
    inside, being an addict sucks. And it does.

    So yeah, I can really see both sides of that. He's a dude that
    shouldn't be dealing, but that doesn't mean that his reaction is
    totally unjustified. In the end, you have to make the decision as
    to whether or not you can handle the possible consequences of opiate
    use... That means acknowledging at least a bit of what he's
    trying to get through to you, even if most of what he's saying is over
    the top. No matter who you are and how hardcore/experienced you
    might be, addiction is an inevitability of unchecked opiate use.
    You're not addicted now, and it's probably a little difficult to
    picture it happening, but every addiction has a beginning. It
    doesn't mean you're doomed, just that you're as vulnerable as any other
    user, and you should be sure to control your use.

    (PS, the advice to take meth/coke/whatever instead of pills is just
    plain bad, however. No one else can tell someone what impact one
    drug will have compared to another in any individual. It's up to
    the individual to make that decision after learning objectively about
    the substance and considering the outcome...)

    Sorry about the length of this post, it just happens to be the sort of
    thing that I was dealing with when he became a pharmacist.
  12. Pinkavvy

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    Jul 3, 2004
    from U.S.A.
    wtf??? 6 pills in 4 months? it sounds like your friend needs to stop stealing his moms vicodins and selling them, and you both need to finish middle school.

    btw . . . 750 is not the ammount of vicodin (hydrocodone) it's the ammount of acetominiphin. the ammount of hydrocodone in a Vic ES is 7.5mg.

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  13. Wyborowa

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    Feb 20, 2006
    from U.S.A.
    He is a true friend, trying to keep you from experiencing the pure euphoria of opiates that your body will ALWAYS remember and want... Just don't do any opiates unless medically, it's needed...
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    Jan 19, 2007
    from Australia
    Ahh, resurrected after 2 years and 4 days!

    Although, I have to admit I don't really mind when I get to see an avatar like that.
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    Oct 7, 2007
    wtf's the point in replying to this two years later after the original poster was banned anyways?