Experiences - SWIJ's first salvia divinorum experience

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    SWIM's first experience with salvia

    One night SWIM decided to go to his friend's(we'll call the friend H) house
    to break in a newly acquired stash of weed. While waiting on another friend
    to arrive before getting started, SWIM happened to mention reading about

    H mentioned he had previously purchased something like a gram or two of
    5x extract but spoke quite negatively, well more like scoffingly, about his
    experience with salvia-namely that he had experienced next to nothing.
    I was unperturbed by this, and enthusiastically suggested the two of
    them break out the bong & give the stuff a try.

    A few minutes later the two had the bong ready, at this point I had
    read several articles on salvia but would for the most part still be
    considered a total noob. Regardless, he insisted that H(who was taking
    the first go) sit on the carpet with him while he took the hit.

    SWIM held the butane lighter to the bowl while H took a large drag on the
    bong, inhaled, but failed to hold longer than 5 seconds. SWIM insisted
    that H needed to hold longer, but H simply couldn't; the salvia smoke
    was simply too strong for H to hold in very long. H tried again with pretty
    much the same results-a bunch of coughing.

    At this point SWIM decided to take a hit, clearing the rest of the bowl
    in a moderate-small sized hit, which did absolutely nothing whatsoever.

    Somewhat put off by the apparent lack of success thus far, SWIM
    nevertheless contended against H's protests that they should load up
    another bowl and have a go, this time I would take the green hit.

    At this point SWIM and H moved into H's living room, which is white tile,
    a fairly decent setting

    After loading up a liberal sized bowl, SWIM stuck the blow-torch flame
    straight into the bowl and ripped @ the bong like there was no tomorrow.
    SWIM held in the gigantic hit, counting 1...2...3... all the way up to
    13, then things began to get very fuzzy.

    SWIM began to feel the effects instantly, he stared at a poster directly
    behind H's head, which appeard to have many of a creature that resembled
    a tadpole swimming through water. The picture seemed odd to him, and he
    began to lean back as if to lay down on the ground, but then instead
    laced his hands behind his head and reclined backwards.

    H, his interested piqued by me's odd behavior, asked what I was
    feeling. I was beginning to feel quite overwhelmed at this point,
    the effects were getting exponentially stronger by the second, and all he
    could choke out was "don't say anything man, just don't say anything".

    After this SWIM blacked out for approximately 45 seconds-1 minute during
    which, according to H, he stood up, walked toward within 2 feet of the
    wall, stared at it for about 10 seconds, then moved toward an open
    door that lead to a dark room, and proceeded to stare into the darkness
    of that doorway for another 10-20 seconds.

    This is the point when SWIM can remember what happened, though it is
    alittle fuzzy.

    H at this point was beginning to wonder what the hell was going on, you
    see despite the fact that he had purchased the salvia, he really didn't
    know what it did to you.

    Back to SWIM. H's prodding questions eventually broke SWIM out of the
    trance he had been in. H and SWIM began to have a conversation. SWIM
    was responding somewhat normally according to H. Odd thing was, SWIM's
    mind was completely somewhere else. I felt that he was observing
    the conversation taking place from the vantage of the darkness of the
    room he had stared into earlier, which was about 5 feet away from
    where he was currently standing.

    From the mind's view, SWIM and H were having a conversation that the
    mind was a completely independent observer of. The talk was automatic,
    like someone was talking for SWIM, and I couldn't keep himself
    from talking had he wanted to.

    It was as if his mind had woken up to a pair of individuals having a
    conversation, it was an extremely odd experience. After about 30
    seconds, SWIM's mind, while reeling from it's feeble attempts to understand
    what the hell exactly was going on, began to get just a miniscule
    bit of understanding, but the mind felt extremely slow, as if every
    though had to be reached by wading through concrete.

    The mind's first though was "oh my god, I'm such a brilliant individual in
    real life, and now I am doomed to an eternity of this "retardation" if you

    Mind still fighting for control, SWIM managed to concentrate extremely
    hard on the understanding that this feeling WOULD pass eventually,
    though his mind was not completely going along with this.

    At this point(45sec-1min30sec after breaking the trance) H once again
    asked SWIM "what's going on man?". A "3 day's grace" song ended
    exactly when his question ended, and it seemed like everything just
    stopped for about 10 seconds, like someone hit pause on the tv.

    I felt completely overwhelmed at this point, for he, like a noob, had
    been totally unprepared for what he was experiencing(though who can
    really know that feeling of separation you get without experiencing it?).
    I felt it would be a good idea to get somewhere safe, and curl up in
    a ball, he was also worried he might accidently break something valuable
    that belonged to H.

    I said, "I need to lie down".

    H said, "well then lie on the damn ground man". H didn't understand that
    by "lie down", SWIM meant lie down somewhere safe, and out of the way.

    SWIM's mind wrestled to come up with the correct way to communicate to
    H exactly what it was he needed. Bear in mind that SWIM still feels
    extremely detached from himself, as if he is on auto-pilot, and maintaining
    a single though process was very difficult.

    This is about 3-3.5 minutes into the trip. I am struggling to find a way
    to convey to H his desire for a shelter, and at the same time his mind is
    battling to regain control over his cognitive abilities.

    H expresses his confusion as to what exactly it is SWIM desires. Focusing
    all his energy into one thought(must get to the bed), SWIM puts both his
    hands on H's shoulders(H has by this time stood up next to SWIM), stares
    H in the eyes, and says "can you take me somewhere dark, somewhere
    safe? I need to rest for a while". I know that he is going to be fine,
    but he doesn't want to worry H too much.

    H realizes what it is I want, and takes him to a bed, where SWIM
    lays down, and covers up his face, though he said several times "don't
    worry H, I'm not freaking out or anything, I'll be fine, I'm just alittle
    overwhelmed at the moment, this will pass", which greatly reassured H.

    Within 2 minutes, I felt much better, though he felt a tiny but of
    disassociativeness as well as mind slugishness for the next 20 minutes
    or so. A couple of bowls of MJ made SWIM feel much better that night.

    H was amazed by the whole process, and tried without success to get
    something to happen, but couldn't stomache the smoke. I recently
    received an order of 10x extract, and is looking forward to repaying
    H with it.

    A couple of notes

    -When SWIM first came out his trance, it was as if he was waking up from
    a deep nap-he didn't know what was going on, where he was, anything
    like that. The feeling was accompanied by a very quick feeling of severe
    paranoia. The thought that I had been drugged, and that "someone
    had done this to him" crossed his mind briefly.

    -SWIM continually clapped/threaded his hands together in his effort to
    exercise controle/assume the first person with his physical body. Any
    other swiys experience that?

    PS-may add alittle more onto this///change some parts later one, i've
    been writing this for over an hour and I am getting pretty tired of
    telling me the story while I type it out, I'm not a fast typer :) .

    Later, apolagies for the long read, tried to keep it interesting.
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    Good write up. I'd have given you a good rating if not for this:

    From the rules:

    • Use descriptive Topic Subject. This will help others find what they want to read. Topics with bad Topic subjects maybe deleted! - there's nothing more annoying than looking at all those stupid "A stupid question" subject lines. I mean, I'm damn lazy, but how hard is it to type "A stupid question about (insert something here)"? As a rule of thumb, most thread titles should include the full name of the drug discussed.

    A rule many tend to forget will cause a mass of warnings soon...
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    Understood. Meaning salvia divinorum should have been in the subject
    title, correct?
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    That would have been better.
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    Are you having a bad day Alpha?? :)

    I don't reeally see how putting 'SWIJ's first salvia DIVINORUM experience' could have helped in streamlining the board very much. After all, the difference in numbers of people searching for 'SWIJ's first salvia experience' as apposed to 'SWIJ's first salvia DIVINORUM experience' would be very negligible in my opinion.

    I'm not trying to be an arse, it's just that I found this 'first experience report' of Salvia very informative, and didn't think it required pulling apart simply because the title was structurally incorrect.

    I would rather praise the guy for bothering to 'SWIM' his way through the entire report, thus protecting the board (lets be honest here, it doesn't protect the individual) - not an easy task throughout a long account such as this.
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    In Swim's experience of salvia divinorum they also had the paranoid feeling they were going to break something and the feeling of being a presence in the room rather than actually being there. Swim also had a paranoid feeling they were making too much noise as it was approx. 2am and did not want to wake up swim's family members.