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SWIM Can't/Doesn't Get High, No Matter How Much Meth

Discussion in 'Amphetamines addiction' started by Sleep Sheep, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Sleep Sheep

    Sleep Sheep Newbie

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    Mar 1, 2010
    Female from U.S.A.
    SWIM was a sad case in her early twenties, then cleaned up for well over ten years. SWIM has been using again, on and off, for the past three years. She smokes, but prefers to shoot. SWIM doesn't get high from smoking at all. Well, she stays up for a couple days or more, but doesn't feel high. SWIM can shoot .5g at a time, then turn around and do same thing twenty minutes later just hoping to feel something other than a few minutes of wobbly eyes. SWIM will see others organizing the dish towels and dresser drawers, but all she wants to do is, well, sleep. Is it possible SWIM has just built up such a tolerance that it's not possible for her to feel high anymore? She doesn't use every day, but even after a couple weeks of abstinence the results are the same. SWIM knows she should quit, doesn't feel she needs treatment to do so, but frankly enjoys the one effect she still gets, which is the feeling of being normal. Maybe SWIM is ADHD?

    SWIM would love to hear if other SWIMs have had this experience and any suggestions on where SWIM should go from here are most welcome.
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  2. TheGreatGonzoMan

    TheGreatGonzoMan Newbie

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    Mar 13, 2010
    Male from U.S.A.
    Gonzo hears word on the street that chems and alks are hard to come by nowaday's... even old Annie Hydrous has become an unlisted member in the directory in areas known to Gonzo's "knowing" muppets. Gonzo has heard tell that in some areas all variations of meth other than Ice (Crystal) are unavailable, and the Ice which used to be cheaper has become more expensive then when Gonzo remembers knowing these things without the help of his muppets. Gonzo a buddy no longer with us that used to cook Phosphorus and Gonzo believes that this was the one ideal variation for IV meth users because he observed seasoned users taking a nice stroll for two days straight with their eyes wide as a plate and bouncing around like a pin ball. Gonzo never liked observing his muppet bud's shooting Ice because it made them overly irritable, aggressive, and they smelt of poo and sweat (WTF!?) Gonzo has memory of "Prop Dope" and "Lithium Dope" as well, all in his observable opinion had more positives than Ice... but all variations have been overwhelmed by negatives, and Gonzo wishes everyone would only use Meth for improving relationships. Gonzo thinks middle aged men, and their bored housewives need less viagra, and more dope.... give them a week's vacation and an 8-ball of Dex.... love is in the aaaaair. Gonzo also thinks his opinion is biased, but Gonzo wishes you would consider stopping wasting your health and money on an ineffective dragon.
  3. cyndi

    cyndi R.I.P. Silver Member

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    Jun 15, 2007
    Yes swim experiences the same thing. She has used meth/ice for over 20 years but not daily. She is also ADHD by the way. It seems in the first hour of using, swim gets that pow happy feeling, then blah and nuts. The cycle is always the same. She is tired, keeps also smoking, lays around, smokes. It really is stupid so she doesn't understand why she keeps it going. Swim believes yes tolerance is a big issue here. Swim has a tolerance swiy wouldn't believe. Really in swim's experience it really won't be the same sadly she guesses in your case.
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  4. deadheadale


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    Apr 7, 2010
    good meth is becoming very scarce since the restrictions on pseudo and the change of antihistamines to phen. its seems to be going the way of acid...:(