Combinations - syrian rue Mimosa Hostilis and beer how bad of an idea?

Discussion in 'Drug combinations' started by fnord, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Dec 8, 2003
    before the flames come in i know its a REALLY BAD IDEA!

    swim found this on erowd

    When one is first working with an MAOI, even the harmalas, it best to be cautious. Hypertensive reactions are not only unpleasant, but can be extremely unpleasant, do permanent damage, or be fatal. To be cautious, avoid aged cheese, red wine, and other aged/pickled/fermented foods (soy, yeast) for 12 hours before and after ingesting Syrian Rue or other reversible MAOI. I would not worry about chocolate, beer, or coffee, in reasonable amounts before or after harmala.

    the part about beer says not to worry about it in reasonable amount before and after,dose this include during?swims a heavy drinker and gets grumpy when he dosent drink,when swims tripping on just about anything he dosent feel the urge to drink much he might go thru a 6 pack that night total,will he be safe or should he just suffer thru the night with no beer?whats in beer that dosent mix with maois?is it the alcohol or something else?swims alreaady asuming he wont be drinking that night but hes being hopefull.
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    Re: syrian rue Mimose Hostilis Rootbark and beer how bad of an idea?

    If one can't go a night without their suds - one shouldn't use harmala alkaloids. Period. Unless one want's to have their ayahuasca trip to take place in an emergency-room of their local hospital.