Urine Test Taking a piss helps?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Jingleballicks, Aug 25, 2004.

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    Jun 27, 2004
    My phsy. major told me that for pissing doesn't clean the body of toxins (cola in question) any faster than it will normally. Is this true? I know the kidneys and filters, so it would seem pisssing would help...
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    Aug 19, 2004
    Of course it helps. But make sure to drink lots of water too.
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    Aug 7, 2004
    from colombia
    Kemikaru_Tenshu had a great (and thorough) post in response to this sort of query a while back. Check it out at the following link (scroll down to the LONG post) if interested.

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    Thanks. Bro!

    I deleted your link & copied your post here.

    Lots of people asking about this.

    Drinking a bunch of water won't clean you out any faster than drinking a moderate amount of water. The point is not to dehydrate yourself as this will keep your body from adequately flushing, but it is also not true that just because you drink a shitload of water you’re "flushing" your system. Your body only "flushes" chemicals out at a certain rate no matter what you do. A metabolic stimulant will help this process work faster, but water is not a metabolic stimulant.

    The point of diuretics is that they cause the body to lose a good amount of fluid rapidly. If you don't have a test in the immediate future (next 2 days) then simply drinking a moderate amount of water, eating well, and exercising will have you clean by your next test. If you have a test in the next day or so you will NOT be clean. The only way to pass is to beat the test by drinking a large amount of water within 2 hours before the test so that your body doesn't have enough time to flush enough drug metabolites into your urine to reach the cutoff level of the test.


    Now, there are two ways that this can fuck you. First, your "piss" will be crystal clear. You can overcome this by taking a couple (I usually use 2) B-complex vitamins at the 1 hour mark before your test. This will make your piss yellow. It won't be dark yellow, actually more of a neon yellow in a way, but it will pass a visual inspection for flushing.

    The second way you can get fucked is through the creatinine test. The average Urine Creatine (24-hour sample) values may range from 500 mg/day to 2000 mg/day. As creatinine is the Creatine metabolite present in all real mammal urine, the creatinine test tells the tester if the urine has come through the kidneys in the normal fashion. Remember here, we are trying to KEEP the kidneys from flushing out chemicals, one of which is creatinine. As a result they can tell if you've been flushing by testing this level. How can we get past this? Well, body builders supplement with Creatine all the time. I have a 1 kg tub of it which cost me $18. Creatinine and Creatine will both show up the same on the standard EMIT or RIA test (a GC/MS will expose you if it goes that far), so taking a decent amount of Creatine at the 2 hour point and again at the one hour point will raise the urine Creatine levels high enough to bypass this check.

    To sum this long ass post up:

    The first mistake people make is spending 3+ days drinking a shitload of water/cranberry juice/coffee in a mistaken belief this will clean them out. Save yourself the misery until the last few hours before the test. Drink a moderate amount of water in the days leading up, but don't overdo it.

    By all means eat something.

    In the last 3 hours before the test do the following:

    At hour -3 drink 1 quart of water

    At hour -2 drink another quart of water. Also at this point take 5g of Creatine powder.

    At hour -1 drink another quart of water. Take another 5g of Creatine and 2 vitamin B complex pills.

    At hour -.5 drink another half quart of water or so.

    ... and finally: piss RIGHT BEFORE you go in to your test. I used to stop on my way down and piss in the burger king across the street from my testing site, then went right across the street to take my test. Believe me, at this point you'll be pissing so often you won't have any trouble.

    **This doesn't work if you’re on drugs when you’re supposed to take your test. I've had it work many times with 24-48 hours leeway, but it has never worked for me when I was still using just prior to the test. The only way you'll be saved in a case like that is a faulty test.

    **All those stupid "rapid clean" products are crap. Seriously, I've spent a lot of time researching this. The method above will cost you maybe $1 at the most and will work. I've done it SO MANY TIMES you wouldn't believe it. I've had others do it and it worked for them SO MANY TIMES.

    Believe me; I know what you’re going through. Good luck, and be smart about it.

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    Sep 17, 2004
    Drinking tons of water will not help that much. The limiting factor is your body's(specifically the liver) ability to metabolize the drug in question. Excretion (the kidney's job) is hardly ever the limiting factor-unless you are under hydrated. just like Zach Swan said. Save yourself the trouble and just drink in moderation.