Question - Taking high doses of psilocybe cubensis and morning glory seeds

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    Sep 5, 2018
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    So let's say somebody would do this?

    This somebody has 1500 morning glory seeds and 5 grams of cubes... he puts all these 1500 morning glories/31 grams of seeds and all those 5 grams of cubes in a blender, blends them together nicely and drinks the mixture!

    Let's say that hypothetically he will not experience any nausea, what could he expect from this profound experience?

    Please let's stay serious, if we could. I would like to get a comprehensive view on what COULD happen based on your previous experiences with high doses?
    Any thing useful is truly appreciated.

    May Love, Peace and Blessings be with you all!
  2. ladywolf2012

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    Oct 28, 2012
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    Hi ZonSun,

    I don't know what you mean by "cubes." Cubes of what? If you mean just ice cubes, it seems like you would not know their weight.

    If you are thinking of taking 1500 morning glory seeds and five grams of whatever else it is, don't you dare! That would be a massive LSA seed overdose even for someone who is in perfect physical condition, and for you, who just donated half your liver, it could be totally catastrophic! Morning Glory seeds tend to cause a MASSIVE body load, even when you just take a sort of normal dose of maybe 250-400 seeds. (The most I have ever taken myself was 500 seeds at one time, and I am pretty experienced with these.)

    1500 seeds would be off the top of the scale for anyone, much less someone with a greatly compromised liver. You would almost surely get sick and throw some of them up, and I wouldn't even want to predict what kind of trip you might have, but you could easily fall off into drug-induced psychosis at that amount, I believe.

    Please stay safe! Your sister and the rest of your family need you!
  3. Mongo Straight

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    May 5, 2017
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    I do believe if I am not mistaken the OP is referring to cubensis pyschoactive mushrooms.

    Hope that helps and I would also agree that combined that would be a huge load on ones system.

    Be Well All
  4. ladywolf2012

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    Oct 28, 2012
    69 y/o from Foothills of Arizona
    Ah..cubensis...cubes. I would not have known.

    The fact that you are talking about mushrooms makes this combination seem vastly more dangerous for your compromised liver. Are you REALLY considering taking a trip like this? Do you have any idea how sick you might get from this combination?

    I am beginning to wonder if you are really trying to get healthy again after the transplant surgery, or if you just don't give a damn? You have a lot to live for--not the least of which is that your sister needs you.

    Please tell us what you are thinking and feeling these days...
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    Can you please get used to how a forum is working?
    We cannot answer any questions already posed repeatedly for every member who think they have a brand new issue.

    At first one sits down and words the question, looking for the keywords, and then uses the search machine (which works very well, I usually get my posts I look for on first try).

    For instance we have several dozen threads about massive doses of both LSA and psilocybe mushrooms, no real need to ask.
    You are already aware of overdose signs, knowing Morning Glory induces nausea, taking even more plus another psychedelic some people react with nausea on, I sincerely do not understand what it is you want to hear.

    Nobody on this board will advise you to (even theoretically) try what you are asking.
    Drugs-Forum is leaning towards Reduction of Harm when it comes to recreational drug taking, Massive "heroic" (over-) doses are the exact contrary of Harm Reduction.
    @ladywolf2012 has posed you some questions you might urgently want to think about.

    Either you care for family and 'regular' life or you do drugs. Both at the same time is a recipe for disaster.
    Moreso when it is massive overdosing of psychedelics that might send you to a place where they keep the crazy.

    I have two former associates flying somewhere between Proxima Centauri and the center of the Milky Way, never to come back to the actual here and now.
    I lost two intelligent friends to this game.

    And that was 'only' overdosing of the 'harmless' substance LSD, not some plant/mushroom matter with unclear content of active substances.

    (sarcasm) If you want to have more psychological problems proceed and eat all the stuff you wrote you have. (/sarcasm)

  6. Adas

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    Aug 22, 2013
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    In my humble estimation, 1500 Morning glory seeds would easily kill you.

    Practical question - Why not just take 25 grams of Cubensis instead? If you want a profound trip, you gotta do it safely! So that you can come back and tell the story. There is absolutely nothing unsafe about consuming that much Psilocybin (aside from psychological), but the same can't be said for the seeds.

    Please, stay safe. And happy travels.