Experience Report - Taking mushrooms while on venlafaxine

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    I take 150 mg of venlafaxine everyday for depression and anxiety. I have a shit ton of other diagnosis, but at the moment this has been the only drug I have taken as a prescription.

    A couple of months ago, I ate what i was told was an 8th of shrooms. No idea what species it was, but im 99% sure it was not an amanita. I ate them and began to feel the come up 30 minutes in. (Note, i hadnt eaten anything that day since the morning and I had taken it around 8 or 9 PM) I was surprised at how quickly i began to feel the effect. It reminded my of mescaline but with a different spin on it.

    The first hour of the trip, it was my playing fifa with my roommate. Everything was fine but as the hour went on, it became much harder to focus on the game. I began to see patterns and faces emerge from the field of the game. After that first hour passed, I decided to go upstairs to my room to spend some time alone and have my first shroom experience by myself.

    I sat on my bed, watching some TV on low volume with the lights completely off. I do not remember what i was watching, but I do know that the TV was on. After a couple of minute of just sitting there, the effects became more pronounced. I felt like I was floating over an empty plane of existence, and then I felt like i was floating over the city, up in the clouds looking down at everything. I realized again that I was in my own bed, and noticed the patterns on the walls, the walls and posters in my room breathing. I felt a slight euphoria the whole time, but nothing crazy. I started seeing faces appear from the corner of my walls and from certain objects in my room. All of it was very entertaining.

    I decided to roll a spliff and go with the trip. It took my like 5 minutes to roll it, and i must say, it was not my best work, but smoke-able none the less!

    As I smoked, i felt a sense of calmness and a euphoric rush to my head. I was about half way through the spliff, and the calmness turned into anxiousness. I decided to put the spliff down and relax on my bed. While i did this, I got a really heavy body load that was not the most intense one Ive ever had, but it was pretty intense still. The corners in the wall seemed like that had all merged together, and my room looked like it had no edges.

    Every time I would close my eyes, I would see myself in a different environment but I could not quite make out where I was. It felt as if I was outside of my own body, looking at myself from a different plane. The longer this happened, the more I felt like I was falling asleep, but I would "bring" myself back in "reality".

    The psychedelic part of the trip was intense, but it was not my favorite part. I guess the coolest part of it all was the amount of introspection I got from the trip. I figured out some parts of myself that had been there all along that i was either voluntarily ignoring, or I was too stupid to see.

    Definitely plan on experimenting with shrooms again. Maybe next time I will completely let go.
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    I tried magic shrooms for the first time about 4 months ago and had them about 3 times since then. I also had a very similar experience. The part I enjoyed the most was not the visuals, which weren't intense anyway, but the change of my thought patterns. In fact I followed advice of Terrence McKenna and laid down with my eyes closed so that I wouldn't be interpreting my senses but rather my thoughts instead.

    I really enjoyed the whole experience. It also gave me a very good whole body pleasure. It can closely be described as having an orgasm but its slower and constant. I tried Psilocybe Cubensis and Psilocybe Cyanaescens (wavy cap). I think the wavy cap felt better overall and gave me a calmer high.