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Drug info - Task force nabs $1.3 million in cocaine, disrupts drug ring

Discussion in 'Cocaine & Crack' started by jholmes800, Feb 17, 2007.

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    Oct 4, 2006
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    MUNCIE, Ind. - A record cocaine bust disrupted a drug ring that moved about $1 million of the drug into east-central Indiana every week, authorities said.

    The task force bust led to the arrest of Alejandro Duran, 35, of Fort Wayne, who faces a preliminary charge of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Officers arrested him Tuesday following a high-speed chase on Interstate 69 in blizzard conditions.

    Officers from the Muncie-Delaware County Drug Task Force say they found 30 pounds of cocaine worth $1.3 million in the engine compartment of Duran's pickup truck, a record for the area.

    The arrest also disrupted a drug ring that was moving an average of 22 pounds of cocaine into the area from Fort Wayne, according to Task Force Sgt. Jess Neal.

    On Wednesday and Thursday, investigators working with SWAT teams raided three houses in Fort Wayne, four in Muncie and two in Indianapolis. Those raids netted another 3 pounds of cocaine, a pound of marijuana and thousands in cash.

    Since December, the drug task force has seized about 45 pounds of cocaine and 30 pounds of marijuana worth more than $2 million, Neal said. That marks one of the most productive three months in the 18-year history of the unit.

    Duran has served a federal prison sentence for trafficking more than 200 pounds of marijuana, Neal said. He noted that Duran could face life in prison if convicted on the latest charges.

    Authorities expect that formal charges against Duran to be filed in federal court.

    Duran's girlfriend, Alma Rosales, 33, also was arrested Tuesday and was held without bond on a charge of cocaine possession.

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