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Drug info - Taste of methamph vapour VS msm vapour or other recognisable adulterants

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine' started by farquit, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. farquit

    farquit Newbie

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    Jun 24, 2011
    My neighbour got a half gee o' shabs few days ago, she said she knows its only of a more moderate quality - decent without actually giving it the label of 'good'. Crystals are small mostly translucent some slightly white in appearance, some a little off-white. They have imperfections throughout such as the appearance of lines (not lines of a different compound or colour, lines like scratches that one could most likely replicate with a needle and an ice cube). Some bowls/hits have had the distinct phetty taste of shabs that she can recall from the first time she was offered the gear by some absolute shabjunks who did nothing but live, breathe, maim, murder and die for the it. On that occasion and the ones that followed the product they were all hyping on about was not translucent, it didnt look like crystals it looked more like small white rocks. The rocks were a little harder to break, but once they were broken up into small pieces and became crushed they looked distinctly crystalline; As if there was almost a sparkle or shine to them. And then some bowls/hits have had a different taste.

    (It is at this point in time my neighbour cleans her pipe, and drops in a little bit more of her shabs in an attempt to describe the taste, [although she is skeptical about her ability to do so] the physical properties and the way it acts and reacts to the smoking process)

    Melts down crystal clear and is noticeably more viscous than water. Cracks back around 20-30 seconds in good quality borosilicate pipe. Cracks back clear in the thinnest layers and a bit cloudy white/off white in thicker areas. Crack back begins at a singular point situated on one edge of the puddle and spreads out evenly across it from that edge to the furthest other edge, with the appearance of closely spaced straight lines from the point of singularity to the edges of the puddle. (is it worth mentioning the point of singularity is nothing but the point of origin, rather than an actual discernible point or 'dot') Towards the end of the bowl, the gear doesn't seem to change colour too much. The recrystallisation of the last small amounts don't seem to have darkened a great deal at all (although my neighbour never kills a bowl with too much heat, she is careful) First hit was big, milky white and about 15 seconds long with the bic lighter a few centimeters below with exhalation resulting in a pretty well expected large cloud. Recrystalisation this time was in the same manner and pattern as before, except that there were 3 singular points of origin that spread toward each other only to stop very abruptly in a very clear and distinct straight line between the areas meeting. White residue forms around the top of bowl and along stem although not all covering immediately, quite sparse and thin; Still not entirely covered and still quite thin after her third big hit. Settling of vapour, recrystallising inside the pipe in places along the stem resembles the growth pattern of a bacterial colony in a petri dish, patchy and inconsistent with outer edges resembling the formation of a growing crystal, or frost in winter on glass. (she is assuming this would be due to moisture left inside pipe after cleaning? most efforts appeared to be focussed more towards the bowl)

    The bowl my neighbour just packed and has now had four rips from, Does not have the strange taste she had from some she smoked yesterday. While it is obviously a good thing she is getting the phetty taste she thinks the shabs should have, She is possibly very slightly disappointed that she doesnt have the chance right now to re-examine the taste and attempt to describe it as best she can. All she can say is that it was different enough for her to spend a fair amount of time looking for information about the taste of the vapour of msm and other known and recognisable adulterants. She can remember thinking it tasting as though there was plastic melting in it, although the strength of the taste was more moderate rather than strong and obvious. She said the first taste she had of the new bowl's vapour was in the first melting down. She allowed the bowl to fill to about 3/4 capacity/vapour density as the shabs was heated and rolled until it had all only just melted, and lightly blew the small puff out before inhaling the rest of the vapour before recrystalisation occurred. She said the taste of the first vapour was extremely strong, unlike the strange taste she couldn't identify yesterday. More like shabs only it was actually quite a shock to her when it first entered her mouth, could have almost had the ability to makes her mouth water, like there was a sourness to the bitterness. There was and is no irritation issues, nothing that burns her throat or airways or makes one cough. Is pretty standard on the lungs, No real problems aside from the one she always has (which is that she cannot inhale fully/deeply. For reasons still unknown to her she is unable to inhale from her diaphragm, But must instead raise her shoulders upward and use the thoracic region to get her lungs as full as possible. Her lung capacity always seems to diminish smoking the shabs, There is an uncomfortable tightness that feels as though the 10 or 15cm area from the top of the abdomen and bottom area of the ribs is bound in something very tight. This goes away as she is coming down.)

    !!!!!!Point of this unintentionally long story !!!!!
    (meh, my neighbour is high and she has a propensity to be very thorough and explanatory, She gets a very simple enjoyment from language and different words and quite often needs to be ever so kindly asked to get to the bloody point already or god as a witness she will be taken to a make-shift hospital in a bad neighbourhood to have her brain transplanted with a jar of sweet dill pickles by a land mine victim with only 6 fingers and no indication of an ability to see)

    What does msm vapour taste like?
    Has anyone been able to come to learn and subsequently been able to identify any other commonly known adulterants by taste and if so what did it taste like?
    Does the pattern of recrystallisation fit with the shabs, or does it appear to be that of another substance?
    If the melted puddle never really darkens, Why would there sometimes be a dark residue in the pipe - considering other times there is a more opaque kinda white residue?
    And unrelated to main topic, does anyone ever experience the same breathing difficulties I explained earlier and if so have you found it to be something that will always happen, or have you found a way to reduce the feeling/problem by altering your smoking method (smaller hits, something to do with posture) and have you found methods for relief?
  2. -Amph-

    -Amph- Silver Member

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    Nov 7, 2010
    swim doesn't even remember the beginning of the post, and the middle is fleeting. Swim doesn't know what msm tastes like, but he does know that the melting and recrystalizing you have described is that of methamphetamine. The opaque white residue is junk. Scrape it down back into the bowl and smoke it. The black residue is burnt junk, and is just an annoyance that can be cleaned with a cotton swab. Swiy has some straight shit,don't worry. Just be safe and be sure to get some sleep eventually.
  3. idoggy

    idoggy Newbie

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    Jun 29, 2010
    i don't even have to read your essay/dissertation to know u got good stuff period. that kind of lengthy post = pure sht
  4. Medmoment

    Medmoment Newbie

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    Jan 4, 2013
    Ok god damit! Finally!!! I've been reading posts and posts and posts upon threads on the differances, the likes, the processes, and all of the above for the better part of the last 10 hours. Btw this is my first post. I had no desire to put my two cents in until just now. I've had a friend purchase some meth last night. There's absolutely no reason to explain what it looked like nor how it reacted when smoked because "far quit" just finally. and very well I might add, explained in (perfict detail) the exact same stuff my friend smoked last night and this mourning. It couldn't have been more spot on. This is why he poses an excellent question and warning. How could anything sound more like really good shit than what he explained and what my friend is still obsessively trying to figure out. NO this was NOT Meth. This was msm or something some brilliant ass hole or ass holes figured out. It tasted like meth, it looked like meth, it smelled like meth, it cracked back like god dam meth, and smoked a little unlike meth. The clouds weren't as thick after the first couple hits. But everything about it was and would be described as really good shit. It made him lethargic, weak, tired, irritated, depressed, cloudy, and really really pissed off. It's so close to the real thing that he almost tricks himself in to having the seat amount of hole that it is. Hence foolishly spending a gross amount of time trying to find this post. It's sad and disappointing that the cut can get this good now. 10 hours between sleeping and eating btw. Not cracked out like I sound now. Sorry for the rant I'm just pissed because my friend got ripped. Great explanation of the process though thank you! I'm sorry to say. She probably had more of a placebo effect than anything else. If you have to ask over a d over its hard to sink in but it's not real shit. All of us who do know the differances sadly can tell right away that its not the real thing. Be careful.

    Medmoment added 9 Minutes and 26 Seconds later...

    Sorry nothing I said had anything to do with the taste and I didn't proofread it before I posted. Lol pretty confusing spelling in every sentence. I just wish I found this thread yesterday.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2013
  5. codris


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    Sep 8, 2012

    That is from not eating!!!!!!!!! and possibly dehydration cramps (unlikely)

  6. j8Jr

    j8Jr Silver Member

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    Dec 28, 2012
    When I see posts like this, I wonder why people are trying to figure out ways of identifying different cutters using very subjective methods like the taste of the vapor or visual cues such as crackback patterns WITHOUT posting pictures of the patterns they are seeing.

    I would spend more time researching methods for removing cutters and adulterants from your product. Maybe find a supplier that doesn't cut it's dope. I haven't ran around the all night playground with the seductive devil that is crystal meth that long. Every bag I get, no matter where it comes from, is crushed down to a fine powder and washed before it gets smoked PERIOD. I can take a look at what comes back in my solvent dish after 20-30 minutes and tell what was cut into it and in what amounts.

    There is a vast amount of information on all of these topics that pop up once a week in pages past the front one, but no one has the patience to really dive in and do the reading. Learning about dope and reducing the harm it can cause were at the top of my list when I first jumped into the melting pot of the crystal kingdom.

    Once the people I partied with who were connected to the supply learned that I was not stupid and would know when I got garbage from them, the garbage stopped showing up in the bags. They now knew if they didn't play straight, they would lose a customer, and probably get some really negative reviews around the underground. Most of the people involved with the street distribution of methamphetamine to people who are not involved in the business will take advantage of a tweaker as long as the tweaker keeps paying.

    The long standing members on this forum who could take the time to thoroughly answer all of your questions skim posts like this and don't even bother posting a few links and "Use the search engine."

    If you are experiencing trouble breathing and tightness in your chest, it's time to take a little break from the pipe. Get yourself healthy, take a little time to do some research, and see how few questions you end up asking on these forums.
  7. gmaster

    gmaster Newbie

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    Apr 16, 2013
    LOL I HAVE THE SAME SHIT AND I FEEL LIKE IT'S NOT METH!!!!!!@ BUT I'm fuckjing jittery like a cartoon character I mean like holy fuck I do not have that euphoria and everything from crackback, burning method, taste (unpredictable) is the same is the OP I am kindof shaky and rocking in my chair right now. I want the people reading this to know that us 3 are not crazy but what this shit may be some sort of closely related molecule to meth or a different/bad/unfinished cook of some sort but I do feel ALOT of time going by as others have described... I went upostairs for something random and was positive I was tweaking up there for an hour doing something pointless... but I came back to my computer and it had ONLY BEEN 8 MINUTES!!! WHAT THE FUCK DID WE SMOKE?? its kindof halucinogenic in a way and I do feel like it has the potential to harm or at least I know it can create panic and behavioral changes (trust me its not in my head) so while doing this you must be cautiously aware of the fact that you are a guinea pig (probably for government-funded research chemical trials on meth heads) and I am experiencing the EXACT same chest sensation as the OP so I'm hereby naming this stuff:


    note: If you obtain compound777 beware that you are about to tweak in a way that is similiar to not really knowing what happened in the last 12 hours... "WHAT?!? It's 11 A.M.!!! holy shit man what is this"
    and on that note I am going to go idk wtf and then trip out at how long OR short it's been

    oh yeah smokin this shit with a couple water drops in it makes it taste sweet