Combinations - The Loss of God...A Horror Story

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    The following is from a manuscript of short-stories that I found buried in the dirt in a forest reserve...the authors name is SWIM and it is written in the first is the story of a 3 day marathon (that was actually set in motion 2 weeks before the actual "event" of the story. It is the Story of Jesse Parker (I assume this is a fictional charachter) and 4 friends venturing to a college town in Ohio and camping in the forest surrounding the town....then finally a rave in town as the conclusion....Its a really messed up story...Something I wouldn't ever want to experience. The combination of drugs is stretched out over 3 days and includes Marijuana, mushies, LSD, Mescaline, MDMA powder, and the drug that ruined it all: Methamphetamine. Its a good story. It is rather long but worth the read. The people in the story are fictional and half crazy to boot. So here is SWIM's story. (I hope this story doesn't break any rules...delete it if it does...)

    "DAY 1

    What time is it? Day or night? The clothes are walking around the room again. No people, just clothes. I think the television is on but I’m not sure. Is someone knocking at the door? The DEA, the narcs…the demons…its them they’re outside the door…pretending bible salesmen…Jehovah’s witness…sick fuckers. They’re here to claim me. Is someone yelling for me…”Hey open the door, Jesse! C’mon. We need to talk…It’s me Evan!” Are they talking to me? Is that my name? Am I Jesse? Jesse Parker?
    I had been awake for days, weeks. I was out of my mind with paranoia and amphetamine psychosis. The boys upstairs had been cooking meth for months and I moved into the basement three weeks ago. I started running the speed up from the house in West Dayton to Englewood to try to sell as much as I could around my old haunts and hang-outs. In exchange, they gave me free uncut drugs to use as I pleased. I had been going non-stop and was finally completely insane.
    “Jesse open the fucking door!” They were yelling for me upstairs. I hesitated opening the door, still unsure about who it would be if anyone at all.
    It was Evan, thank God. “Man what the fuck is wrong with you?” He took one look at me and didn’t say anymore…I guess he could see the confusion on my face and in my eyes…I was spun-out.
    “You know we’re goin’ to Athens today, right…remember? We’re going camping and then to that rave Saturday night?”
    I thought for a second and then nodded my head “yes”
    “Well before we go, I need you to do me a favor. I need these ephedrine pills popped out of the blister-packs while I run down to the store for some more uhh…ingredients…can you do that for me.?” Evan asked, one eyebrow raised.
    “Um…yeah, that’s fine…well what should I put them in once they’re out the pack?”
    “Oh here, put ‘em in this and then when you’re done bring them up stairs and set ‘em on the table…alright?” He handed me a small black bucket. “Oh yeah when you’re done with these try to get some sleep before we go…we can’t have you all fucked up until later tonight.”
    I closed the door and sat back down in front of the television. I flipped the on button and put on an episode of “The Simpsons.” There were hundreds of the ephedrine pills each individually in their own blister…twenty or thirty pills per sheet and maybe 20 sheets. My fingers were really hurting when I finally finished maybe an hour later. I took the bucket upstairs and put them on the kitchen table like Evan had said and returned to my dungeon where I laid down on the mattress in front of the television. Very much wide awake I only got about ten minutes of sleep but it was enough to slightly re-humanize me and I was set to go.
    Danny came down the stairs and asked if I was packed and ready to hit the road with them to the Ohio University campus.
    “Yeah, I’ll bring my stuff up in a second.” I said
    I hadn’t been outside in days and the sun hurt my eyes when I carried my bags to the car in the alleyway behind the house. Danny and Evan were both standing by the car trying to fit everything in the trunk. There were two tents, rucksacks, flash-lights, a hatchet, a box of starter-logs for the camp-fire, and other miscellaneous items. I sat in the back seat on the driver’s side and waited for every one else to get in the car. Danny’s girlfriend Alexia came out and sat in the passenger seat in the front. Amanda, Evan’s girlfriend, came out then and stood beside the car and waited for Evan to get in the back beside me and she took the seat beside him. Danny was driving. Evan was holding a trash-bag full of empty chemical containers that we couldn’t dump in the house trash for sanitation to pick-up so we had to make a quick stop before we got on the highway.
    “Where do we wanna drop that shit, Evan?” Danny said looking in the rear-view mirror at Evan.
    “Go over to Toy ‘R Us and pull around back to the dumpster,” he answered.
    It was I who would make the drop off. The car pulled around back of the store and I leapt out with trash-bag in hand and ran to the dumpster. I tossed it in and quickly got back in the car as we sped off to state route 35.
    The drive from West Dayton to Athens was about two or three hours long. I’ve always loved road-trips and even though three hours wasn’t long I still enjoyed the scenery once we got out of the city and more and more into the country-side. Evan, Amanda and Alexia had fallen asleep—Evan’s head was resting on my shoulder—and it was just me and Danny awake for the ride. However we didn’t say much of anything to each other…just off in our own little worlds…thinking about what the weekend would have in store for us. The only thing Danny said the whole time was when he looked in the mirror back at me and saw me admiring the farm houses and the hills. “Isn’t this cool, man. I’d love to have a house out here away from all the bullshit of the city, you know it?”
    “Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I like it out here…you don’t here any gun-shots or police sirens every night.” I replied.
    “Ain’t that the truth!?”
    Athens was a small college town at Ohio University where Amanda was a student learning to be a film maker. I had been there before a couple years ago with a bunch of drinking buddies for Saint Patrick’s Day. The whole town was partying all night long. It was pretty fun. I always liked Athens.
    When we took the Athens exit off the highway, suddenly every one in the car woke up and were looking around for the road to the dorm rooms. We parked and slowly crawled out of the car. Amanda’s room was on the thirteenth floor so we waited for the elevator which took forever to open up.
    The room was actually bigger than I expected it to be; there were two beds and a small television, a tall desk with a computer and several books (Ginsberg, Nietzsche, Baudelaire, etc…). Where the keyboard was supposed to be I saw tiny flakes of methamphetamine with a razor-blade and a library card. I sat down at the desk while Amanda was going through her clothes and packing some up for the weekend. Danny was going through the drug kit seeing what all we had; there was about 10 capsules of mescaline extracted from several San Pedro cacti, a half-sheet of LSD blotter, a half ounce of methamphetamine, an ounce of home-grown mushrooms, 2 grams of molly powder (pure MDMA “ecstasy”) and two ounces of hydroponic “NYC Diesel” marijuana that Danny had grown himself in his bedroom closet back at the house.
    Alexia plucked something from the bag and walked over to me at the desk. She placed a capsule of mescaline in front of me. She swallowed hers’ and gave me the water bottle so I could swallow mine. I hesitated because I was still on edge from doing all that speed but I swallowed it down like candy. Evan laid out five lines of the speed and we all snorted one. (“OH YEAH BACK ON TOP WITH CRYTAL EYES!”)
    Back into the car. We speed off to the other side of town to the “Athens Market” so we could get some food and paper-plates and lighter-fluid, etc. We had to hurry…we wanted to get to the campsite before night-fall and I wasn’t sure if I’d make it till then…mescaline takes one and a half to two hours to take effect. It takes about an hour on the back-roads to get to Zaleski State Park from downtown Athens. It had already been about forty-five minutes since I ate the capsule…it was going to be close.
    Just as the sun had gone down behind the trees, Evan rolled a joint and placed it in Amanda’s flannel shirt pocket to save for when we found the campsite. Danny somehow got lost back in the woods on the park grounds after he checked us in at the main building…we drove around for a good hour. Finally finding our site, we pile out the car and stretch our legs. Alexia and Amanda strolled down the dark dirt road looking for the bathroom that we passed about fifty yards back while Evan and Danny and I unloaded the trunk. We set everything on the picnic table and closed up the car for the night.
    Meanwhile the mescaline had hit me. Even though every thing was extremely dark aside from the moonlight and the three flashlights Danny set on the table, I saw a blue tint around everything like I was seeing things through blue sunglasses. Evan and Danny were setting up their tents when I grabbed the hatchet and took off running into the dark forest.
    The forest was quite scary once I got away from the campsite. I had the terrifying feeling that if I did not hold tight to a large tree I had found that I wound be consumed by the darkness. Eventually I had decided to make a run for it and hoped it was in the right direction…toward the camp. Surprisingly I made it back, with twigs and leaves stuck in my hair and on my clothes and tangled in my shoe-laces. Every one looked at me for a moment like I was a monster crawling out of the darkness. I was still clinging to the hatchet.
    I sat back into a folding chair and realized that the guys had started a fire. The tents were both set up and the girls were at the picnic table eating sandwiches. The whole scene seemed very strange…it was so quiet…no one was talking. Then Alexia and Amanda walked over to their chairs and sat down.
    “Y’all ready to smoke this joint?” Amanda said pulling the joint from her shirt pocket.
    “Fire it up!” Danny replied.
    “Jesse, man, are you alright? You’re looking kinda…uhhh…funny!” Evan asked.
    “Oh, I’m good,” I answered. “Just pretty…hmmhmm…high.”
    In fact I was tripping my balls off having combined methamphetamine psychosis with mescaline and was now participating in the smoking of very potent cannabis. I looked at Danny and saw that his dreadlocks had became snakes moving about on his head. The blue hue had turned to green, faces were appearing in the flames of the fire. I suddenly felt like I was sinking into the ground. Oddly enough I found this to be sort of funny and started laughing. Smoking the joint had intensified the effects to a whole new level. I noticed that Amanda was looking at me as I still held fast to the hatchet in my lap. What was she thinking? Was she able to hear my thoughts? Was she plotting against me? Those evil eyes glaring at me from the other side of the faces in the fire. I was under surveillance…the forest had many eyes and they were all fixed upon me...watching, waiting for the perfect time to strike.
    Then I recalled that Alexia had eaten a mescaline capsule as well. I looked over at her and her head was lying back looking up at the stars and the moon. I looked up as well and suddenly found myself calming significantly and felt the paranoia fading away. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Evan and Danny and Amanda had retreated into one of the tents. They were passing a speed pipe around by flashlight. I didn’t care and gave them little thought. However, feeling suddenly wonderful, I walked over to the tent and asked for the mushroom bag. Danny handed it out to me and I went over to the cooler to get out the slices of turkey meat and the white bread. I stuck four or five mushrooms between the meat and bread and ate it up. I thought Alexia might like one but she didn’t acknowledge me when I asked her so I took the bag back over to the tent and gave them to Danny.
    I sat back down in my chair and studied the fire and the coals. It was beautiful and mad all in the same moment. Danny and Evan emerged from the tent with wide crazy eyes and were unable to sit down from being so sped-up.
    “Wasn’t Amanda with you guys?” I asked
    “She’ll be out in a minute, she’s changing clothes,” Evan replied.
    I gazed back into the fire as Danny wandered up the road and Evan gathered more wood for the fire and built it up higher than it had been all night…the flames must’ve gotten up to three or four feet. It was incredible. The green hue had now changed to orange…the mushrooms were kicking in and the stars began to vibrate and jump around and were colored like Christmas lights. This was a night for many moons…angels.
    I thought to myself “Wait! I know that sound…am I hearing music in my head. It’s Jimi Hendrix!” Suddenly Amanda emerged from the tent holding a stereo. This caused Alexia to snap out of her trance and stood up smiling swaying her hips and arms. She and Amanda began dancing around the fire in circles…two beautiful hippies, dancing and singing to The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

    “I don’t care
    If all the Hippies
    Cut off all their hair
    I don’t care, I don’t care…dig”

    It was a beautiful scene. Evan joined in singing and dancing with Amanda and Danny quickly returned to dance with Alexia. Meanwhile I sat in my chair singing along as I rolled a gigantic joint sticking two papers together making it eight or nine inches long and lit it up. As Danny passed by on his way around the fire I handed the joint off to him and it went around and back to me again. It was so much fun. It was around 1 o’clock in the morning and we were wide awake and having so much fun…the animals in the surrounding forest area had to be just as happy and “stoned immaculate” as we were from all of our great vibes and fumes. It was madness and it felt great.

    DAY 2

    It was 6:00 am—the crack of dawn—and I was sitting alone in one of the tents smoking a pipe-full of speed and watching the little stick figures crawl out of my skin and drift away like smoke through the top of the tent. Much time passed before I emerged from the tent.
    “You wanna come along with us up the road to the hiking trails? We’re gonna go walk for a while until the time comes to get ready for that rave tonight.” Danny says.
    “Hell yeah I wanna go,” I replied with enthusiasm
    Danny nods his head and walks over to his tent to get a few supplies.
    “Jeeeesssssseeee…Jeeessssseeee Paaarrrrrkkkerrrr…” I hear Evan teasing me from the picnic table. I walk over wide eyed and smiling.
    “What’s up?” I say.
    “Stick out your tongue,” He was holding a tab and a half of the blotter acid with tweezers. I hesitated at first because I knew if I ate the acid my mind would be short-circuiting and all out of whack for the rest of the day. But I figured ‘why not, it might be fun.’ I stuck out my tongue and he placed the blotter in my mouth.
    Before we all got into the car to go up to the hiking trails, we packed a large pipe of the NYC Diesel and smoked on it for a minute. Smoking this caused the acid to kick in much quicker. I could feel my brain start to buzz and pop as my sight faded back and forth between blurry and clear.
    We got in the car and started up the road. The trails were only about 15 minutes away…we stopped at the parking lot on the opposite side of the road facing an old and giant furnace like structure. Once out of the car I began seeing spots sizzle in front of my eyes, colors were shifting and changing, my friend’s faces were warping out of shape, there was a feeling in my arms that I related to ‘feeling like a cactus’. The sun was out and shining down on us from a cloudless sky…the sky itself was an ocean above us. The trees towered overhead like sky-scrapers. A sudden rush of fear and panic came over me like a storm. “Oh no…I’ll never be sane again” I whispered to myself.
    Crossing the road and entering the bottom of the steep hills and the thick forest, we started on a trail that followed a creek up about a half mile. Evan and Danny had taken the lead followed by Alexia and Amanda. I was hanging back from the group silently freaking out and trying not to run screaming in fear off away from the group and no doubt get lost.
    “Hey look at this…” Danny says looking down to the side of the trail at 4 grave stones. “The date goes back to the civil war days.”
    “That one was a still an infant…that’s sad,” Evan added.
    We start walking again and I am driven even more insane. The madmen were finally closing in for the kill. I was convinced that the ghosts of those people in the graves were following behind me and plotting to possess my soul. I kept looking over my shoulders hearing footsteps and whispering behind me. I didn’t know what to do, I was afraid to say something to the others for fear that they would laugh at me and condemn me for being crazy. The terror I felt was as constant as the wind, however I saw no wind or breeze moving the leaves or the clothes and hair of my friends…the air was calm but I could still feel the wind. The trees were growing arms and grew taller towards the sky as they towered over me ready to pounce and close in over top of me, sealing me in this forest of evil forever.
    The trail came to an end at a mystical cove of bluffs and a rather deep creek. The bluffs were covered in moss and fungus and scattered flowers. I leapt upon a large boulder and marveled at the steady flow and clearness of the water.
    “Isn’t this great guys!?” Danny said. “The fresh air, this beautiful cove, the sunshine…Don’t you just feel free!?”
    The water was sparkling and the five of us sat around for a while exploring the cove and creek-bottom and all the rocks and boulders.
    Evan and Danny found a new trail and we started walking again.
    We began to see the road running parallel to the trail. “You guys ready to go?” Danny asked. We stepped out on to the road and I was feeling somewhat relieved.
    “Hey, wait a minute! This isn’t the right road!” Danny said suddenly.
    “What?” I reply. “You gotta be fucking kidding me!”
    “Back in into the woods, I guess.”
    Very upset, I re-enter the forest with the others trying to find our way back. The acid was ruining me quickly…I was falling apart inside…trying to mask my growing hatred for my companions for doing this to me. Completely insane.
    We had to climb a steep hill littered with dead leaves and spider webs. It seemed to keep climbing all the way up in to the sky and I was panting and breathing so hard…my body ached. I was utterly miserable.
    Finally we came to the top of the hill and rested for a few minutes to catch our breath. Evan asked “How’s it goin’ there Jesse?”
    I don’t recall exactly what I said but it had something to do with having a strong urge to climb to the top of a water tower and pick people off with a rifle.
    “Whoa!” Amanda exclaimed with wide eyes.
    Evan was smiling a sly look on his face. No one had any idea that I was on acid aside from him. “He’s just feeling that blotter,” he said to the others. Danny thought that was funny. But this was definitely not a laughing matter. I was in horrible shape…ready to kill myself or someone else.
    We began walking again down the other side of the hill. Off the trail. We found a trail that was thankfully the original trail we started on in the first place. As we passed the civil war graves again I was convinced that I was being stalked by ghosts plotting against me…I could hear their foot-steps behind me…they were whispering to each other. Waiting for the perfect time to pounce and make the kill. I was completely terrified.
    As the car came into sight at the edge of the forest, we passed an old man who smiled and asked me where all we walked to and if we had fun. I answered “Up and—lost and—there—over there—um…just—everywhere!” I turned and walked quickly but soon noticed that I was all alone. I could see the car…but where was every one. I was all alone which was a very bad thing…I looked behind me and the man was gone…nowhere in sight.
    Suddenly I hear Alexia yelling for me. “Jesssseeeee…where the fuck are you?!” I walked on and I caught sight of her standing by the side of the road. I could see the others opening the car doors and getting in…I was consumed by hatred for them and spoke not a word as I got into the car. Freaking out. In pieces.
    In the car Alexia tore off a tab of the blotter and placed it on her tongue and smiled back at me as Amanda rolled a joint. I just turned and looked out the window.
    Back at the campsite, everyone was in their tents changing clothes and preparing for the rave. However I was sitting on the picnic table marveling at the waves in the grass moving like water.

    In Athens, before we went to the warehouse for the rave, we had to stop at the dorms and pick up Wiley, a friend of Evan and Amanda. Wiley is a cool, intelligent, artsy type guy. His room was much smaller than Amanda’s had been. We were all 6 of us crammed into this room. The acid was still going wrong. It didn’t help when we smoked multiple pipe-loads of methamphetamine. Claustrophobia was setting in and burned the already shattered pieces of the day with a new wave of psychosis. I became very quiet and inward, but I couldn’t stop inhaling more drugs. After the speed came the snorting of the MDMA powder in the hope that it would make me upbeat and happier. Wiley rolled a blunt of his own marijuana and, obliged, Evan offered him his choice of drug from our bag of tricks. He opted for the mescaline as it is a rarity in the modern drug culture.
    Wiley showed us a new art-work he had just completed named after a Marilyn Manson song “All tied up and dried up forever, all fucked up and dead to the world.” It was a collage of BDSM bondage and dominatrix photos. Women tied up and gagged, getting fucked in the anus. Men being hung by a rope while multiple women perform oral sex on him with his hands tied behind his back. Whips, chains, paddles, ball-gags, skin-tight latex, clamps, hard-core pornography, and so on and so forth. The way he had all the images arranged on the poster were quite clever. I thought it was neat.
    It was now night outside. On our way out of the dorms Evan must’ve sensed that something was wrong with me because he hanged back from the group and talked with me as we made our way back to the car.
    “What’s wrong, man?” he said. “I thought you were having fun…I brought you out here because I think you’re a cool guy and I don’t let just anyone in on my operation. I brought you out here because I wanted you to have fun with us after all the work you did for me trying to sell these drugs off. What’s wrong?”
    “Oh dude it’s just the acid that screwed up the day.” I said. “I love Athens I really do. I had a lot of fun last night. It’s just the acid today mixed with having been awake for too many days. I’m completely fried. I’m nervous because I haven’t ever been to a rave and bein’ in Wiley’s room made me claustrophobic and—well a lot of the things.”
    “Hey man don’t worry about the rave…it’s all good people, good music, and good times; perfect for a tripper like you!”
    “I hope so. I was having a really hard time out there today”
    “I can get you into a lot of raves all year round if you like this one tonight. I’ll introduce you around to everyone and the D.J.’s and all…it’ll be good, dude, trust me…alright? C’mon lets go!”
    We joined the others in the car and drove over to a warehouse out by the highway about ten minutes away from the city. There were already many cars in the parking lot and several more in the parking lot next door at a closed grocery store.
    There were two guys at the door doing pat-downs to make sure we weren’t carrying in any drugs. Well, they weren’t doing thorough searches…just a slap on the arms and legs so the police couldn’t say there were no pat-downs and they can’t break up the party. The “bouncers” were stoned themselves. They were just rave kids themselves. They even told us that they weren’t concerned at all about the drugs. In fact, Evan knew the guys and they knew that he was the party’s in-house dealer and welcomed us with open arms.
    Inside, the party was already jumping; people were bouncing around and dancing quick and sweaty with neon-green glow-sticks wedged in between their fingers. There was a guy and girl couple with glow-sticks on long strings that they were swinging around…they had a big space all to themselves so no-one would get hit by the swinging sticks. People were gathered around watching them twirl.
    There were Christmas lights strung up on the walls. The main lights of the warehouse were replaced with colored lights of blue and green and red so the floor was amazing lit up with color combined with the Christmas lights and all the beaming colored strobe lights: blue, red, orange, purple, pink, green, yellow, etc. All shooting around us fast and blinking. It was a very powerful atmosphere. The music was cranked up extremely loud and unforgiving by the D.J.’s performing that night; 4 in total. They stationed themselves at the far side of the room in a corner. On the opposite side of the room was a portable toilet flanked on each side by stacked cases of bottled water. Quite frankly it made my trip even worse if that was possible.
    The six of us split off from each other and began circulating in the crowd. Evan showed me around and introduced me to the various people. Mostly people he knew that were buying speed from him. First was a guy named Joshy.
    “Joshy, man, what’s happening!?” Evan says
    “Not shit, man.” Joshy answers. “Hey dude can you do me a twenty?”
    “No problem…this here is quite nice…enjoy. Oh hey I want you to meet my friend Jesse. Jesse Parker…Joshy Hoffman.”
    “What’s up, man…nice to meet you!” I say.
    “Yeah you too…I’ll be seeing you around, tonight!”
    I was introduced to nearly everyone. I met the two glow-stick twirlers, Michael and Celeste, as well. Celeste had such a beautiful aura around her that glowed blue. By now they were both sweating profusely from all the dancing. They were nice people. Evan sold them some of the ecstasy powder which they snorted from the end of a key. I looked around the room and spotted Alexia dancing in the crowd. She spotted me and smiled wide and filled with glee as she waved to me with great enthusiasm.
    Everyone present had to probably be between eighteen and twenty-five years old I would guess; all very nice people, laughing and talking and dancing and tripping and having so much fun. Placed smack in the middle was I, Jesse Parker. Still out of my mind but doing my best to be happy and sociable when all I wanted to do was just sit in a corner by myself and try to think my way out of the negativity of my current cynical state. But to no avail.
    I found a corner in the room in the darkness where I sat down on the floor. To the left of me was the “port-a-john” and to my right was a stack of bottled water boxes. I spent most of the evening there in the corner hiding from the other people and indulging the demons that were bred from the horrible psychosis of the days acid adventure and meth follies…
    Occasionally someone would walk over to me and ask if I was okay; I usually answered simply “Nah, I’m fine…rough day!” and sometimes I didn’t answer at all. I remember a woman came over to me and asked “Excuse me…Hi! I was just wondering—you look like someone that would know—You know where I can get some drugs around here…I’m not a cop or anything I just want to get high…like coke or tweak or X or acid…I really want a buzz. Could you help me out?”
    “No!” I firmly replied. God damn, man, now this shit. I look like I would know?!? What the fuck. My current self-image this night is nightmarish and horrid…and yet she still asks for some of what I got…Fuck no I can’t find you any drugs.
    Hours passed and I still sat motionless and miserable…Sometimes I’d raise my head to watch Celeste twirl her glow-sticks around in giant circular motions…even fearing that she may accidentally hit me with them. Generally I was sickened by it all. I hated everything this night…this whole day for that matter…No, the last two or three weeks. Insanity isn’t fun. It’s not a thrill…its not a weekend escape…to think that is just idiotic.
    Every hour or so Evan would walk over to me and hand me a folded piece of paper filled with Meth which I snorted and dabbed on my tongue…that’s how out of my head I was…I knew the drugs were the cause of my current misery but kept doing them anyway…further prolonging the possibility of sleep…driving me farther out of my head. I didn’t want to acknowledge that it was the speed that was messing me up so bad. I knew that it was but I didn’t want to admit it to myself.
    Towards the end of the night (what time was it anyway…who cares!) Evan walked over with the same woman that was asking for drugs and asked why I didn’t tell her to “find Evan” was okay, he understood why I didn’t and explained to everyone that asked about why I was in the corner and quiet and alone that I was on the ass-end of a very bad LSD experience and had been awake on speed for 2 or 3 weeks. “Oh, okay…that makes sense!” was everyone’s expression. So they left me alone…
    As the party winded down people began gathering in little groups on the floor around tiny mirrors sniffing a line of speed and then passing it down to the next person. Evan gave me yet another packet that I promptly snorted. Still sickened by the scene around me, I stood up for the first time and sought out to find Danny. I found him bouncing around at the other side of the room by the D.J. booth with Alexia (who was very much so on acid herself).
    “Danny, can I get the car keys off you? I wanna go out to the car and lye down for a while.” I asked.
    “Man, you look like Hell, Jesse!” he replied “We’ll be out in a bit…we’ll be ready to go here soon.”
    “Well I’ll be outside…I need some air.”
    He handed me the keys and I ventured past the now missing “bouncers” (if you can call them that) and went outside. There was more air out there. This baffled me while I was gasping for air because the air inside was so tight and hot and heavy…outside it was cool and open and good…but my lungs had to adjust. I opened the car and layed down in the back seat trying to get comfortable but it was impossible. I didn’t even have the energy to cry. It seemed like only a few minutes had passed when suddenly the doors all opened and I hear Evan say “Dude, get up we’re leaving.”
    “Where we goin’” I asked.
    “We’re gonna take you to Amanda’s dorm and let you sleep it off there.” Danny answered dryly.
    “Yeah, we figured you’d be happier in a bed where you can sleep…you don’t have a tent so we’ll just come get you in the morning before we go back to Dayton.” Evan elaborated.
    “Okay…” I said sorrowfully.
    Evan walked with me up to let me in the room. “Get some sleep man…try and chill out man…you’re fucking losing it! I hate seeing you like this.”
    “Hey don’t forget about me tomorrow!” I said.
    “It’s all good man we’ll get you. Oh and here,” he handed me a folded paper of meth. “For the morning!”
    “Sure as fuck ain’t doing it now!” I said
    “Make sure you don’t…you need the sleep, man…seriously you look sick and nasty.”
    We said goodbye and I lay in the darkness staring at the ceiling…praying for tomorrow to come so I could feel better…the acid was nearly gone by now, but I was still miserable…thanks to the speed, I’m sure…

    DAY 3

    I awoke to sun light beaming through the blinds on the windows in layers. I looked around the room…I was still alone. Feeling much better and recharged I smiled. I felt like a human being again…I could think clearly and I was peaceful. What did I do but unfold the paper and crush the shards of meth on the desk. There were 3 lines…I snorted one and left the others for later. Sitting back down on the bad against the wall…I thought for a moment on what I could do to pass the time. I noticed the television and figured how to work the VCR. The movies in Amanda’s collection were few but decent none-the-less; “From Dusk ‘till Dawn,” the Beatles “Yellow Submarine,” “Nature of the Beast” (with Eric Roberts…amazing movie) and a few others…
    I watched them all and a couple of them I watched twice. Still my companions were a no-show. I snorted another line and walked to the bathroom down the hall. There were students all around wandering the halls and I was afraid that someone would say something to me…because I figured that I wasn’t allowed to be there. No one said anything and I made it to the restroom where I stood at a urinal and pissed for what seemed like several minutes. Walked over to the sink and splashed my face with water a few times before gazing into the mirror and stepped away from my thoughts for a moment. I had lost so much weight since I last saw my reflection in the mirror…my eyes were still sagging regardless of the sleep. Colorless and dry yet I felt moist. I splashed some more water on my face and walked cautiously back to the room.
    It was during the second run-through of “Nature of the Beast” that my four friends opened the door and walked inside. “Did you get any sleep?” Alexia asked.
    “Yeah…I feel much better. What the hell took you guys so long…its five in the afternoon?” I asked.
    “We chilled for a bit and took our time packing everything up…sorry!” Danny said caring little for my loneliness.
    “Well I do feel a lot better than I did last night. Thanks for bringing me here, man. It really helped.”
    I snorted the final line as Danny and Alexia and I said goodbye to Evan and Amanda. We were going back to Dayton and I can’t say that I was sorry to be rid of the place. I was glad to get home and relax.
    The drive seemed to take forever but we found our way eventually. Snorting more speed and singing along with Danny’s Sublime CD on the stereo. It was over. Finally. So long Athens…she was brutal but I still made it out alive…maybe not in one piece but I made it out regardless…Back on the run again….finding more adventures…some good some bad…but we get through…we always do…I still remember—and will always—the dreams and the nightmares…

    THE END"
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    i thought that was an excellent story. whoever that story was about it sounds like they should stay off the meth....
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    wow great story. I has some like that but I am a heroin user so his are less cracked out