The Mescaline Fairy

Discussion in 'Peyote & San Pedro' started by Humanity, Apr 10, 2007.

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    Feb 24, 2007
    31 y/o from estonia
    I haven't gotten around to doing Mescaline myself, but am growing ever more curious of it...
    Today I started reading a book - Robert Anton Wilson's "Cosmic Trigger" vol 1.

    Judging by the first 40-50 pages, it talks mostly about philosophy, conscience and how drugs can alter it... interesting stuff really ;)

    A short excerpt:

    "The strangest entity I contacted in those twenty-odd months of psychedelic explorations appeared one day after the end of a peyote trip, when I was weeding in the garden and a movement in the adjoining cornfield caught my eye. I looked that way and saw a man with warty green skin and pointy ears, dancing. The Skeptic (how he refers to himself - Humanity's note :)) watched for nearly a minute, entranced, and then Greenskin faded away, "just a hallucination..."

    But I could not forget him. Unlike the rapid metaprogramming during a peyote trip, in which you are never sure what is "real" and what is just the metaprogrammer playing games, this experience had all the qualities of waking reality, and differed onlin in intensity. The entity in the cornfield had been more beautiful, more charismatic, more divine than anything I could consciously imagine when using my literary talents to portray a deity. As the mystics of all traditions say so aggravatingly, "Those who have seen, know."

    Well, I had seen, but I didn't know. I was more annoyed than enlightened.

    But that was not to be my last encounter with that particular critter. Five years later, in 1968, the Skeptic read Castaneda's The Teachings of Don Juan, dealing with traditional Mexican shamanism and its use of the sacred cactus. Castaneda, an anthropologist, saw the same green man several times, and Don Juan Matus, the shaman, said his name was Mescalito. He was the spirit of the peyote plant. But the Materialist had seen him before he ever read a description of him

    A fairly plausible explanation is that Mescalito is an archetype of the collective unconscious, in the Jungian sense. He has been reported by many others besudes Castaneda and me, and he always has the same green warty skin and is often dancing."
    {end of excerpt}

    So my question is much more simple than the reading above... has anyone else had contact with Mescalito?
    This sounds like a mystery, gang... comon Scoob :crazy
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    Jan 27, 2006
    I have never had a high enough dosage to hallucinate (see physical things that are not there). Nor has ever used peyote as the source (only San Pedro and Peruvian Torch). The slight alkaloid difference in the plants are said to make a slightly different experience. Swim hopes to see for himself in about... 5 years.

    Small doses create very profound intellectual (yet gentle) effects. Meditative thought is expanded greatly.

    When thinking of the possibilities of thought with the help of a stronger dose from peyote, I am not limited by boundaries.

    All in all, I recommend seeing for yourself. :)
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    Feb 1, 2005
    Whether from San Pedro, Lophophora Williamsii, or a laboratory that reduced 3,4,5-trimethoxy-b-nitrostyrene with LiAlH4 - if one ingests 500mg of mescaline in a shortish period of time, the other alkaloids present in the plant material will fall at the wayside. If "Mescalito" is due to have a chat with you, it will happen. No matter what you may say to avoid it! LOL.