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the quest for meth

Discussion in 'Methamphetamine' started by sabe, May 14, 2005.

  1. sabe

    sabe Newbie

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    Mar 6, 2005
    meth in its pure form isnt a poison.and if used with moderation and common scence will not drain a persons vitality to zero.is it the impurities in street meth that rot teeth,send joints askew,and make long term users look like corpses risen from the dead to feed off the brains of the living?

    you see them.balding,jaws jutting,toothless and pocked with sores.why?is it the meth?is it the impurities? is it the addiction?why does this drug have such a devastating effect on long term abusers?why do people cling to meth over families,friends and health.the truth is meth, in itsself isnt a poison.it must be something deeper ,something lurking in the subconsious shadows of the users mind that shepards them into the realm of (the walking dead).

    the quest for meth:yes,its a quest for immortality! the user feels omnipotent,invunerable and charismatic.such high hopes.such a harsh come down into reality.they find that when they come off the high that they are still inadequate,ugly,and without social skills.(this not being the case in the first place,as most who turn to meth if given a proper support structure would do just fine in the real world).

    meth is at first used as a crutch to help one withstand the pressures of day to day living.it then ,because of a subconsious tripwire becomes the reason for living.(THE QUEST FOR METH)and so it goes. they use and abuse,rot away and are replaced by a whole new batch of eager immortals ready to turn themselves into night wraiths,always hungering for that magic juice called meth.

    its been called The Devils Drug.i guess this means that da debil made dem do it? lol,baby da debil dont do meth.he dont cook it either.its man made,and consumed by man.(as a species).the poison is the mind of the user.(if its pure meth and not contaminated by impurities).such as lead,phosphorus,iodine,dog poop,and monkey vomit.all of which could be present depending on the hygien of the madhatter.yes,impurities will fook a peep up,but with the pure form of the substance its more likely that thier own mind consumes its own self ,and fixates on the drug.

    so the devil most likely refers to the self serving nature of the addict.the walking dead that we observe stumbling and chattering profusely ,with unkempt hair and rotting teeth are not byproducts of pure meth,but products of thier own depraved minds.(choose your path ,stable citizen,or degenerate.)its up to the individual what meth will cause them to do.a degenerate will eat his or her own vomit whether on meth or not,its just that if on the drug its easier to blame thier shortcommings on meth.where as with a stable citizen meth can be used as a useful tool to achieve a positive responce to an undesirable condition.

    in moderation the use of meth and other amphetamines produces positive results.its the individual addicts without care,or control who give the substance a bad rap.to bad for the many who need these drugs to quiet the primal instincts which drive them to wander and search the horizon for pending danger.
  2. Nadia Snow

    Nadia Snow Newbie

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    Jan 31, 2005
    anything abused & used in excess, depended upon for a certain result, results in an outcome of lament, & suffering. someone read the dhammapada. 4 noble truths. its not the substance its how its treated. methamphetamine is a prescribed pharmacuetical used to treat ADHD as well as narcolepsy, etc. it goes by the brand name DESOXYN. the devils drug is how society preceives meth b/c the majority of people become addicted psychologically. it doesnt have the same unbearable physical withdrawals like opiates (herion) herion is the devil's drug? whats heroin called? junkie's drug of choice? sorry lost my creativity lol any ideas?