Experiences - The smoking of Fentanyl-Duragesic patches? Help? Tyvm

Discussion in 'Fentanyl' started by themidnite1, Jul 26, 2006.

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    Jun 23, 2006
    Please, let SWIM aplogize if:

    1-this is the wrong place to post this and/or
    2-it is a post that has been done. I know this has been posted before but will explain.

    I saw a post that still exists about smoking the gel from a patch. However, the You who made the post, was quite vague, and also banned. Otherwise, perhaps I would contact them directly. If by some chance You who made that post is still around please private message SWIM.

    Okay, here is what I know so far and is attempting for about the 4th time still with no results as listed in said post.

    I took a 25mcg Sandoz (generic Duragesic jelly patch, made by Duragesic), and squeezed all jelly onto a spoon. I will let this "dry out" in a warm, semi-humid (no choice there) environment. The aformentioned post said I could use a lighter to SWIM guesses "speed up" the process, but earlier attempts showed no use in that. The You who posted only said "it takes a while," where I think You should have given at least SOME type of better time period (duh; what's "awhile"?).
    SWIM usually gets too anxious of course, and messes it all up.
    After the alcohol is evaporated, a person is left with a type of gel "film" that can actually be lifted off of the spoon in one piece. What I am expecting/needing/waiting for is what SWIM hopes is the next part, this "film" changing into a something SWIM can scrape into a powder.
    Said powder then would be carefully smoked, using a homemade pipe (toilet paper roll with hole cut into it, tin foil taped into the hole which creates the bowl, then a pin used to make air holes. GO MCGUYVER! :D ). Then a nice layer of fresh cigarette ash to allow melting if needed, and to keep SWIM from accidentally sucking a glowing particle into My mouth or lungs. Has happened, not a nice feeling. Oh, and BTW, if You is into crack, I have found this is the absolute BEST way to utilize the drug. I have tried the traditional glass tube with the bronze brillo too. But SWIM guesses it is much easier to carry the tube around. This would be for home use only (obviously) and it does work fantastic, no hot glass to burn you, and I believe the substance goes farther.
    Okay, was there a question here? Yes. I would like to know if You has ever tried this fentanyl smoking method mentioned above before I got off track, and if so would enjoy any and all advice besides to not do it at all. I am well aware of all risks, and has a valid script for the patches. Can wear one, eat another and take over 100mg of Hydrocodone at a sitting and be VERY fine.
    So, from You any more suggestions? I am tired of wasting good patches. Any type of time limit? I am going to wait 12-24 hours or more as I have a good supply of all else so can wait this time. Any other methods etc. Sorry, I am f**ked up rite now and feeling good.
    Take care and be safe and love to all. And My thanks once again for this great place!
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    opps! i meant my dumb-ass dog-played around w this method but all he ever ended up w was the film,which he could never get to turn into powder. N then when he got sick of wasting n dicking around w wasted patches, he'd put some h20 in a spoon w the "film fent" n then snort it w a water chaser! So.o.o. how does he get from film to powder?
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    Oct 12, 2013
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    can the gel from the patch be made into crystal like they do with cocaine made into crack. cooking it with a spoon water, baking soda and cooking with a lighter? smoking method was with a soda can and cigarette ashes. Just wondering thanks.