Tapering - The "Vaped-Weed" Technique

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    I've tried tapering my dose many times to stop smoking weed. Smoking like .1g less per day. Never works. I always cave and end up smoking more, because I have it.

    However, I have almost without noticing, used a very good method to taper off a couple times. I vape my weed with a SSV, and I usually dump my bowls before they're completely vaped. I keep a dish with all of my vaped weed in it. Then when I run out of weed, I just keep re-packing the vaped weed. The potency diminishes over the days that you use it, but it still provides relief when you need it. I also found that the very nature of having "a bowl to vape" really takes the edge off. Especially when you can vape multiple bowls in a row, it just occupies a lot of time while getting some cannabinoids into your system.

    I combine this with peppermint tea (dopamine) and some tea mixes with chamomile (GABA) and lavender (serotonin) throughout the day, and I find that I'm quite satisfied. I'm not restless or irritated like I would usually be. Quite calm, in fact. And sleeping well.

    Don't forget to eat a fuck load of aged cheddar cheese - there are so many things to be said about this that can help with the marijuana withdrawal. The #1 thing is the free form amino acids. When we're high all the time, we're munching all the time, and getting a lot of "free glutamic acid" which ends up being turned into GABA and making us feel all warm and sedated. It's an addiction, and we ARE ALSO WITHDRAWING FROM THAT when we stop smoking weed, because we don't feel the need to eat as much. That's a HARD withdrawal, as hard, if not harder, than the weed itself. And we often don't even recognize this aspect. Cheddar cheese has a ton of protein, and as cheddar cheese ages, the proteins split apart. This causes the "sharp" taste, but it also gives us a lot of free form glutamic acid without eating a lot of food/carbs (and without consuming synthetic forms of it: monosodium glutamate, which comes with it's own issues). The fact that the amino acids are free form, also means that you're basically dosing up on things like tryptophan and tyrosine without them being bound to proteins, which means more serotonin + dopamine.

    If you're having night sweats, try taking taurine. When we're deficient in taurine, our bodies can't convert excess glutamate into GABA, and we end up with many uncomfortable symptoms including night sweats. When we're high all the time we might not even notice this, because CBD basically acts like GABA, and will "balance" those effects, although improperly.

    If you're restless at night, try putting on rose essential oil. It's the most powerful dopamine enhancing/sedative oil I've ever used. One drop before bed and one drop in the middle of the night does it for me. And that's a 3% dilution. Powerful stuff.

    Well that's my two cents. Doesn't all fit under the thread title but whatever. Mods, feel free to edit it as needed. Happy withdrawing :)
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    thanks for sharing these tips.

    this post of full of information i never would of taken the time to figure out.
    i never would of thought cheddear cheese could be tied to marijuana like this,but its not surprising.

    as someone who does get really bad night sweats if i go 24 hours without smoking,i may have to refer back to your post sometime.

    so thanks again for taking the time to share your tips.

    as for the vaped weed.
    my husband came across a new dealer not long ago,and i swear he was selling him vaped buds.

    the stuff looked great.but hardly any smell,taste,or effect!!

    i was sure the guy was vaping his buds,then reselling them!
    what a shitty thing to do.
    i told people i knew the guy was doing this,and havent been back since.